Monday, August 25, 2008

Music to my ears

Pregnant. That's a statement all by itself, isn't it? I mean along with pregnancy comes emotions, changes, different sizes (and oh can they get ugly!), love one food yet hate another, that you actually loved weeks ago. It's all just a very small price to pay, to end up with the joy you get in 9 months. Unexplainable joy, I might add. I'm 11 weeks 5 days into this pregnancy today. It's been a slow start, a queasy start, but a start none the less. Everything, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I don't know why but this pregnancy I've been more hesitant about things. I guess maybe I know to much, and we all know that can be a bad thing. Anywho, I had my first ultrasound at 6weeks 4 days, which is very early. We saw the heartbeat, but to say we saw the baby well, if you can tell that's a baby from the ultrasound more power to you! Regardless, I've had the sickness, I've had the food aversions, the nose of a blood hound all the things that kicked in with Carter well they are here now too. I've had the normal "mommy" worries of whether everything is going as it should, is the heartbeat steady and strong, will this be a successful pregnancy. Gloomy thoughts I know, but anyone that has ever been pregnant I'm sure can say they've had similar thoughts.

By this point with Carter, I had heard his heartbeat numerous times, had an ultrasound and since I worked in the OB office I could pretty much hear the little thump thump whenever I pleased. This go around I don't have that luxury. I had the ultrasound, but since that was at 6 weeks, to hear it from the outside was impossible. At my 9 week appointment, we tried but no luck. So, I've patiently awaited todays appointment and wondered, would today be the day? There is just something about hearing that little thump that gives an expecting mother a peace, and a joy. Carter was with me as we waited for the doctor and when she came in, it was time. To hear the little one or not? That was the question. Carter watched very closely to see what this doctor was doing to his mommy. He's very protective for a three year old. It didn't take but just a few seconds to locate that little beat, that precious noise. As I smiled, and sighed with relief, Carter jumped down out of his chair and ran behind the table I was on and covered his ears saying, "I don't like it, I don't like it!" He doesn't like loud noises and it was a little loud on the doppler. What a special, special moment. To have one miracle, standing beside me and know that another is growing inside me filled me with complete joy & contentment.

I could listen to the little beat of my baby everyday and each time it would still bring a smile to my face. It is a peace, it is a comfort, it is forever etched in my mind. I am so grateful for this pregnancy, this child, this moment in my life and the many, many memories that lie ahead for me and my precious little family. Thank you Lord for your many, many blessings in my life. Today will definitely be a day I'll remember!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodbye Fay, nice knowing ya!

Tropical storm Fay that had her drenching way with so many Floridians is passed over Jacksonville now, and headed out into the panhandle. God Bless you all! :) The storm wasn't the worse we've seen as far as wind, but my goodness at the rain! It's heartbreaking to see so many homes being overtaken by the water. We knew we were to expect a lot of rain but even with 4 back to back hurricanes that blew through a few years back, we didn't get this much flooding. We were so stir crazy by Friday morning, that regardless of the storm just 'getting to us', we had to get out of the house.

We went to check on our new house that we are building. Water, it was EVERYWHERE! Yeah, sure I knew it would be but to drive up and see that we have a second pond, whoa! As we got farther down the road, we noticed that midway down the driveway it was a little wet. Wet enough to wash out the road. Bad thing was, the rain wasn't letting up the worst was yet to come. We drove around the hole that was starting and went to check on the inside of the house. The wind had blown the wrap on the outside of the house away and the backdoor was thrown open and rain & wind was steady pouring in. We jumped out to check the damage, and the walls were wet, and the ceiling was wet in a few places. The kitchen was probably the worst hit. Not terribly bad, but enough that it will have to be fixed.

The rain continues to pour. We've been without power for 12-13 hours by this point. To say that we have cabin fever, or that we are stir crazy doesn't even begin to explain our current mind set. Thankfully we weren't impacted as bad as some. We just have a very, very wet yard but the water isn't really standing but in the lowest part on the back. People down the road, not even 5 miles are scurrying to get their belongings up off the ground as the water is headed into their homes. People with livestock can't even get their animals to safety. There were cows & sheep just standing on what looked like an island in the middle of the yard. To see all of this made me think back to Hurricane Katrina. We weren't by any means affected like the people of New Orleans were and it breaks my heart just to see the destruction here, I can only imagine the shock they were in.

I'm glad to see Fay gone from here. She is quite the mess maker. I hope that we get a break from the rain, soon! And I pray for all the families that are still out of power, and are facing the water at their front doors.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Carter!

As the day comes to an end, and I think back to three years ago I'm once again filled with every emotion possible. The greatest gift God has sent into my life is 3 today. Today he wanted to go to school rather then spend the day with momma. How could I help but smile that he is wanting to spread his own little wings?! When he came home from school, there were more presents waiting for him, and is still asking where are the other presents? :) We had his favorite dinner, burritos & tacos from our local Mexican resteraunt and then it was off to see the cows at our new place. He's had a day filled with fun, as each and every day is for him!

The time has flown, and it feels like just yesterday that we were bringing him home & starting this big new journey. From each little milestone he never ceases to amaze me. Each day is a new adventure, a new memory, a new reason to smile, and most of all a reminder of how truly blessed that I am. I'm so grateful that I have a child that is healthy, smart, funny, loving, caring, & so completely perfect. He has shown me the true meaning of life and how precious each and every moment is and how it should be cherished. I pray God continues to bless him, and watch over him as he grows. I hope that in someway this will be a day he remembers!

To my little cowboy,

I thank God for each day I get to wake up to your smiling face. Your inquisitive little mind, your forgiving spirit, and your loving arms. You are the greatest little three year old I could have ever asked for. I hope and pray that you continue to grow strong, and remember how very much I love you. You hold a very special place in my heart. Happy Birthday cowboy! Yee-haw! :)

All my love,

Friday, August 8, 2008

Who needs a pool?

So, on Wednesday it was so stinking hot here that being outside for just a minute would make you sweat like a pig! I was on kitchen duty after dinner, while Travis & Carter man headed outside to play. Since I was actually feeling well, and not so completely nauseous that I couldn't move I did some extra cleaning while the house was quiet. About 30 minutes had passed and it was time for me to join my boys outside in the lovely Florida heat. As I headed out the backdoor, I look out and this is what I see.

My son was swimming in a water trough! I couldn't believe it, all I could do was just smile and shake my head. Carter was having the best time. It's funny how kids are so carefree, and are up for anything. Of course, Tater Porter & Cowboy (our two pups) were up for the adventure as well! I couldn't help but think as I watched him play in that water trough, how it's the little simple moments like these that we must cherish as memories! Then there is also the thought of how many other people let their kids swim in a water trough?!

Hmmm...let's just stick with the fun thought of a day I'll remember!

Friday, August 1, 2008

And then there were FOUR!

So, I'm late at posting this. I've not been feeling my best lately. We found out on July 1, that we, well I, am expecting our 2nd child! I am due March 11, 2009. We have had our first ultrasound at 7 weeks and everything seem to be going as planned. We saw a healthy heartbeat, and can't wait for another ultrasound to see the baby growing bigger. Carter is excited, he doesn't understand why he can't see the baby. He tries shinning a light into my belly button to see if he can see the baby. It's too cute.

I have mixed emotions about all of this. Yes, it was planned but I'm just anxious, more scared then I was last time for some reason. I can't wait to find out if the little one is a boy or girl. What bedding will I pick out, what will the name be, how will I handle two...I can barely handle one?! :) As God has taught me in the last year, be patient and He will see me through.

So, not only do we have a new member to the family which is great news. We are also building our new home. It was scheduled to be ready in December but things seem to be coming along a little quicker then expected. We haven't been given an exact move in date, but we are hoping maybe late October?! How exciting, new house, new baby?! That leads me to this, God is so good to me and my family. He pours out His blessings each and everyday to us. If you stop and listen, or even look around His blessings are there waiting for us to see. I am so grateful for each and every aspect of my life. I am blessed to have such a loving, supportive, hardworking husband. I have a healthy, almost, three year old, and another precious life growing inside of me. I can't wait to share this little one with the world, and for us to be a family of FOUR!!!