Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sick little boy...

It all started Saturday morning around 6 a.m. Carter woke up with a fever which was 102. He climbed into bed with me and fell back asleep until about 8:30. When he got out of bed, he seemed to be fine for a few hours. Around 11:00 I noticed that he had climbed up on the couch and laid down. This is so unlike him. He never just sits still, or lays down for that matter without much begging. When I looked into his little eyes, they weren't gleaming as normal they looked tired and sad. I checked his fever it was now to 103.5. Bring on the Motrin & Tylenol. I was hoping that this would only last 24 hours, maybe it was just a bug.

Sunday, Father's Day, our little guy was not any better. If anything he was worse. We were still battling a fever. He was very disappointed when Daddy left to go visit Papa without him. I asked if he would like to help me bake Daddy a cake, and he agreed. He climbed up in the chair and for about 20 minutes I thought he was going to be on his way to feeling better. As I prepared lunch, and baked the cake I noticed that he was quiet again. I looked and once again the little guy was on the couch, asleep. Bless his heart. It was pitiful. It really stinks when your little one is so sick and all you can do is offer love. As a mother we want nothing more then to take the hurt away.

Monday morning, I made sure to be up and ready to go at 8:00. The pediatricians office would open then, and if they wanted me there in 30 minutes, I would be there. I just knew it would take forever to get through on the line, but thankfully it didn't this time. I got right through, and they said they could see him at 9:45. Off we went. On the way there I tried to encourage him about going. He had a really bad experience a couple months back and has since hated going to the doctors office. As we pulled in the parking lot, he said, "I better momma, I don't see the doctor!" Ugh, it just made me want to hug and kiss him because he is so sweet and innocent. I was hoping they would tell me it was just a cold and it would have to run it's course. I was wrong, I wasn't expecting the diagnosis I got. My little munchkin was diagnosed with strep throat! So, we walked away with a prescription for Amoxicillin and were told he should be feeling much better by today.

Today he is no better. I called the doctor back and they wanted to see him again. He has now had a fever for five days. The doctor that we saw today said that he has an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection, and the strep. Poor little guy. Talk about feeling helpless. He's being such a trooper though. Taking his medicine without to much of a fight, asking for water, and the occasional tear falling down his cheek. I pray that the new antibiotic they gave him will kick in soon and my cheerful, smiling little toddler will be running around here!