Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's happening Higginbothams?!

I feel like I've not updated in awhile as to what's going on with us.  Travis just returned home from his nine day bear hunt to Shoal Lake, Canada.  As always, he had a super time and came home wanting to move us back to Canada.  I believe with all my heart that if I said, "fine by me", he'd be packing us up tomorrow and heading north.  He knows with all his heart, that will never happen.  For two reasons.  1.)  It's entirely TOO cold for this Floridian to live anywhere but here. Our 72 degree weather gets me sometimes!!  & 2.)  I'm not going if my momma's not going!  And, I don't see my mother moving thousands of miles away to live in frigid land either!  So, sorry Trav but you'll have to just keep taking your little trips and we'll miss you while you're gone and welcome you with big hugs when you return.  :)

I must be honest.  Leading up to Travis' departure, I was very anxious, nervous, and scared to death as to how I would handle two children for nine days by myself.  I prayed diligently for weeks prior asking God to give me the strength to get through those nine days.  As we all know little Tucker has been quite the Mr. Fussy Pants the past two months, and I was fretting how I would deal with not getting the slightest of breaks with Travis being gone.  The Saturday that Travis left, I woke up in a good mood and told myself that I could do it and we'd be just fine.  Let me tell you, nine days passed and I couldn't have asked for better kids. Tucker didn't whine at all, and Carter was the greatest little helper you could ever imagine!!! :)  Thanks kiddos!!!!!!! I wasn't the only one that had been praying for a smooth week, I think everyone that I talk to on a daily basis had also been praying that my children would survive the week with just their momma! 

What else is going on, let's see.  Like I said, things are calming down.  Sweet little Tucker is turning in to a little chubsy wubsy cutie pie that smiles and coos all the time.  He isn't as whinny/colicky as he was.  Actually, in all honesty, I think it's over... PRAISE THE LORD!!  He's doing much better.  Sleeps great, wakes once every night around 4ish.  Wakes up between 7 & 8.  He's getting serious about his fruits & veggies too!  I still only give him about a 1/2 jar each day (at night).  The kid is LOVING the pears!!!!  It's so fun to go through all these little milestones again.  It seems like forever ago that we had a baby in the house.  His smiles are so contagious and his coos are just the most precious thing ever.  To watch him try so hard to make a sound just makes me smile.  

Carter is doing good... winding up his K3 school year.  I got a letter in his bag from his teacher saying how the year was coming to an end and how blessed she was to have each student and to watch each of them grow and learn so many things in one short year.  As I read her letter, my heart started to ache.  My baby is no longer a baby.  There is nothing about him that is even remotely babyish or toddler for that matter.  I have myself a little boy!  Carter has really started to memorize songs, and there is nothing sweeter then to be riding in the car, or to be in another room and here his precious little voice start singing "Jesus Loves Me!"  Each time he does it, I stop what I'm doing or turn down the radio so that I can listen and thank God for the little blessing in my life.  

The past two months have been very trying, emotionally for me.  The changes have been a bit stressful for me, and trying to keep things exactly the same as they were has proven impossible. As I hold sweet Tucker, I can't believe that just in a few short days he will be three months old already,  and before I know it he too will be in preschool. Each day he smiles a little more, laughs a little louder, and babbles more and more.  I cherish each and every day with my sweet boys, all three of them.  

Our garden.... it has really started to produce!  We have squash, & green beans coming out our ears!  Last night we put up some of the squash and green beans.  I'm becoming quite the little kitchen gal!  Speaking of, I (yes, you read that correctly) I cooked dinner.  And a good dinner it was I might add!!  We had roast, mashed potatoes and green beans (fresh from the garden).  I was so nervous about my roast.  I called my sister for some reinforcement as to what exactly I was supposed to do.  Seer the meat, then take it out and make gravy she said.  Umm, what?!  You want me to make grave?! ME?!!!!  Umm, isn't there some package stuff I can sprinkle in there, add water and whala!  We have gravy?!  She told me that I needed to just add flour and stir.  So, I hung up the phone with her and I attempted to make gravy.  Low and behold my fellow bloggers, I MADE GRAVY!!  And it was rather tasty too!!  I put the roast in the crock pot, added my new lovely, tasty, beautiful gravy and set that sucker on high and left it!  When dinner time came, Travis took the roast from the pot and started to cut it.  Let's just say you didn't need teeth, Tucker could have eaten that roast.  I cooked it till it just fell apart, which secretly is the way I like it best!!!   We fixed our plates and sat down.  Carter said the blessing, and as always Tucker Bear decided it was time to wake up.  When I made my way back to the table Travis says to Carter, 'tell momma what you said".  Carter replied, "this stuff is GOOD!"  I just had to smile.  How sweet to have him say that, when usually what I hear from him when he sees me in the kitchen is, "Momma!  Daddy does the cookin'!"  I'm going to prove them all wrong.... I WILL LEARN TO COOK!!  It may take me ten years, but I will feed my family.... one day! :)

One other little new happening with us.  We all know that I love pictures.  I love taking pictures, and I love the story that pictures tell.  I have been asking, ah who am I trying to kid, I've been begging for a new camera for ages.  Finally, I have in my hands the lovely Canon 40D. It's not top of the line with all these extra 'look at me' features, but it is a step up from my XT. I'm very pleased with it, and hope to have some new pictures up soon!  One little mishap though.  Last Thursday my old camera (God bless her sweet soul), was on the counter with my flash attached to it.  I was in a hurry heading out the door and when I grabbed the diaper bag and swung around to head out, I knocked the entire thing off the counter!  Yep... crash, bam, boom!! There went the camera & flash.  Camera seems to work okay still, but the flash well she's seen her better days.  I'm headed to the repair shop today to see if it can be fixed or not. Hoping it can since I don't think a new one is in my near future anytime soon! :)

We have a busy summer ahead.  June will bring four birthdays, as will July.  Each and every weekend in July is usually filled with a birthday party.  :)  Fun, fun!!!  Then comes August, and our little boy will be turning 4!!!  He will also start pre-K in August, how exciting yet very bitter sweet for me.  And, we are looking forward to a trip to Disney come October!!! So, our life will not be slowing down anytime soon.  :) 

So, that my friends is an update on us.  Hope all is going great with each of you!!!!  Blessings to you and yours!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm not perfect

If I have ever come across as if I think I'm perfect, please forgive me.  I am far from being perfect in any way, shape, or form.  I try my best to be what others expect me to be, but I fall short too many times.  Every day and night as I say my prayers I have to ask God to please forgive me and make me a better person.  I ask daily that He make me a better mother & wife.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about today, I thought of how forgiving our children are.  Children are the most loyal, compassionate, forgiving creatures walking this earth. Granted, like us, they have their moments but think about it, they are always willing to play with you, share with you, offer a hug, or just giggle to giggle, and they aren't ones to hold a grudge.  As parents we need to giggle more often. Last night, my nerves were wearing thin (I've been flying solo in the parenting area since Travis has been gone...6 days now), and I snapped at Carter.  I hurt his feelings, and I knew that I had and before I could apologize to him he came to me and said, "I'm sorry momma, I love you!"  Now if having your three year old look up at you, wrap their arms around your legs and tell you that doesn't melt your heart, then something must be wrong with you.  I felt so bad for losing my patience with him, all I could do was tell him I was sorry too and that we had to be a team to get through each day.  He gave me a big thumbs up and the rest of the night was smooth sailing.  

I'm so grateful that my children love me regardless of my failures, my imperfections, and even during my worst moments.... they still love me.  Little children, love like God intends for us to love one another.  God loves us regardless of what we do, and most importantly He is a forgiving God!!  Why can't we as adults be like the children?  Say I'm sorry when we should, admit when we are wrong, and remember to say I love you?!  Adults can learn a lot from these little three foot tall beings running around.  They cherish each day, they find the good in everything, and they make the best of each and every moment.  Seriously, have you ever seen a child make a mess in the bathroom and get upset about it?  Nope, they just laugh about it and go on.  I personally get to caught up in little things that I should just laugh away.  

My point in this entry is about forgiveness.  It was brought up in the worship service this past Sunday in church and it has been on my mind every since.  Forgiveness is a key point in living a happy life.  If we can't forgive others, how do we plan on them forgiving us?  Life is too short to live knowing that you have wronged someone or just need to say I'm sorry.  Even to our children.  Like I said, regardless of my imperfections my children still love me and in their eyes I am perfect and for that I am grateful.  There is nothing like the love my children bring me.  

So my question is this, is there someone or something in your life that you need forgiveness for?  If so, make it right today.  Don't let the day end without making things right.  We never know what tomorrow brings so lets do it with a cheerful, joyful, and clean heart!!!

I came across this quote earlier today and it went along great with this post (in my opinion).

"They don't have very long memories, so every morning seems like a miracle."  -Brian Andreas
WOW!  Now that is a way to live.  Wake up everyday and view it as another miracle, because it is!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Memory Monday...

So I've decided that on the Monday's that I'm swamped and don't have forever to sit here, for whatever reason that I will look back to the date one year ago and pick a picture from that day or that week.  

These two pictures were taken last year at my moms while we were fishing.  When I was looking back through these this evening, it brought a smile to my face as I remembered Carter running to the ice-cream truck.  He enjoyed that spider man ice-cream more then anything!!!  

The ice-cream truck doesn't come down Cow Bird Lane... so we've started buying ice-cream! ;)

Hope each of you had a wonderful start to your week!

God bless!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....

I'm a little tea cup, short and stout....

Well he may not be an actual tea cup, but he sure is short and stout! :)  Our little Tucker is growing quite nicely!!!  

I purchased this tea cup a year ago with all intentions of one day taking pictures of my own little one in it.  And so, the day came!!!  

He wasn't too completely thrilled about it but I was able to get some cute shots.  Thanks to Trav for standing by to catch him as he started to wobble to one side or the other.  Hope you all enjoy these cute shots of our little chunky monkey!! 

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother is...

A mother is your way to life.  A mother is your protector.  She is a teacher, your nurse, your run to.  She can be your best friend, or your critic. She is the one that holds you in the middle of the night when you are scared, the one to pick you up when you fall, the one to dry your tears and the one to help you dream your biggest dreams. She's an example for you to follow, she's the one that keeps your best interest at heart.  She loves you regardless of your faults, your attitude, your ways.  She cares far more then you realize as a child, and the love she has is a love that could never be broken.  There is nothing sweeter then a mother's love for her child.  She is one of the greatest blessings you don't realize that you appreciate so much until you become a mother yourself. 

I shall not sit here and lie, I'll be honest and say I was a stubborn kid (still can be, LOL!) and I gave my dear mother a run for her money so many times.  I'm sure she had her days when she could have threw in the towel and been done with me, but praise God, she didn't!  My mother is a woman of amazing strength, and courage.  She is a mother that prays for her children, and that has become one of the greatest feelings in the world to know that my mom prays for me on a daily basis.  Regardless of the paths our lives took over the years, momma was there.  She kept us going as a family.  She raised three small children and never complained.  She made do with what she had and pressed on.  She was a woman of faith, and would always seek God's will for our little family.  Momma made our lives special even though she has moments when she thinks that she didn't.  Looking back at my childhood, I'm so grateful for the mother God gave me.  

Through the many arguments, the disagreements, she continued to love this hard headed, stubborn child with endless love.  I brought tears to her eyes, but she still loved me.  I said hurtful things, but she still loved me.  I am still amazed by the love that God allows a mother to show to her children.  The instant that she holds that tiny little person, her heart and soul are forever connected to that little tiny being.  My momma still has that burning, aching love.  I remember back to when I was pregnant with Carter and mom first found out, without saying I knew that I had sent her love as a mother to a completely new level.  Then, there came the announcement of sweet Tucker's arrival and once again the love went even higher.  See, she not only loves me with an undying love, she loves my children as much as she loves me.

As I welcomed my first sweet baby into this world, in the days ahead of me, I sat many a night in Carter's room rocking him and thanking God for this precious little person.  It was in those wee hours of the night, that I realized the way my mother had loved me for the past twenty five years of my life.  Those nights I thought of the many prayers my mother had prayed for me and my journey through life, and I started right then praying for my sweet baby.  Then, as I held Tucker and my heart poured with more love then I ever dreamed possible, I thought once again of all the love my mother had given not only to me, but my brother and sister as well.  

I can never repay my mother for being the wonderful, loving, Christian woman that she is.  I am forever grateful for her and the home she provided for us.  I pray that God blesses her in a very special way for taking care of us.  My mothers ways of raising a child, are ways that I now see myself raising my children.  She didn't do so bad with me, so I'm hoping I don't do so bad myself! :)  My children are truly my purpose on this earth.  They are my heart.  I know they are still so young, and we've not hit the rough roads yet, but I've learned by watching my mom that as long as I have faith, and believe that God will see me through.  I want to be a mother that prays daily for my children.  I want to be a mother that my children grow to respect and honor. Most of all, I want my children to grow up as I did knowing that their mother loves the Lord.  It is my prayer that their lives will honor God and that their families one day will also love the Lord and live their lives for Him.  

Momma... I know you are reading this, and I'm sure by this point there are tears streaming down your face (sorry!), but I hope you know what a true, true blessing you are to my life.  I'm so grateful that you didn't shower me, Jason, or Jessica with material things of this world but with values that we could carry with us our entire lives.  You are a best friend to me, you are my support when I need to vent, and you are one of my most treasured gifts on this earth.  I thank you for your many prayers throughout the years, and even today, your prayers are appreciated.  Thank you for the DELICIOUS home made strawberry jam that you and Carter made for me.  Such a sweet, memorable, tasty gift!!  I love you with all my heart.... Jen

To my sweet boys,
God gave you both to me, and for that all I can say is Thank you!  You both are a joy to have in my life.  You fill my heart with gladness, smiles, and warmth.  I pray that God watches over each of you as you grow, and may I be the mother He intended for me to be to you.  It is my prayer that your lives be filled with all the love you can have, and may your days be ones you'll always cherish and remember.  It's not the material things of this world that can bring you happiness, but the relationships you build as you grow.  Always face the world with a smile, and bright attitude.  Keep God first in your lives.  You'll never understand the love I have for you until you become father's one day and at that moment you'll know.  I LOVE YOU very much!!
forever & always... momma

I also wanted to share a devotion that I received earlier this past week about mother's.  It is very touching.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  Many blessings to you all!


The Devotion (from
This is a bit long, if you don't have time now to read it, please make time to come back later and read it.  It really struck a few cords with me.  It opened my eyes once again that my I need my walk closer with God, and seek His will more on those days I feel like throwing in the towel.

Today's Truth  Psalm 127:3 "Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him" (NLT).

Friend To Friend  So much of who we are as men and women is rooted in the parent/child relationship. I believe that my role as a mother will greatly affect the kind of woman my daughter will become. I also believe that moms are the primary teachers in a child's life. Yesterday, we identified three steps we can take to be the moms God wants us to be:  

  1. Be a mom who loves God.  
  2. Be a mom who prays continually.  
  3. Be a mom who gives time.  
  4. Be a mom who encourages. 

Today, let's talk about being a mom who encourages her children. In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, we find the simple but life-changing directive, "So encourage each other and give each other strength" (NCV).  When we encourage our children, we deposit strength in them.  We need to be careful to keep their emotional deposits in balance.  Many kids are in emotional bankruptcy because constant withdrawals of criticism are made with few deposits of encouragement.  Our job is to study our kids and discover their strengths and weaknesses.  We need to understand that many times, their greatest weakness may very well become their greatest strengths.

As a child, I was very stubborn.  I know.  It is almost impossible to imagine - almost.  That stubbornness often got me into trouble, but it also made me the survivor of some very hard times.  We need to look for the good things in our children and draw them into the spotlight.  In other words, become their "encourager" and their "cheerleader."  Everyone needs a cheerleader.

When our son, Jered, was in second grade, one of the boys in his class was what I would describe as a "sandpaper person."  It almost seemed as if he worked very hard at being difficult and had succeeded.  None of the children in the class liked him.  One Monday morning, he came to school with both arms in a cast from wrist to shoulder.  The teacher explained that he would need a friend for the next six weeks, someone who could help him with homework, eat his lunch and go with him to the restroom.  Get the idea?  The classroom fell silent, no one meeting the teacher's eyes.  Finally, Jered said, "I'll do it."  After a few weeks, Jered begin to see this little boy in a different light. "You know, mom.  He's not that bad. He can play soccer and he is really good at math."  At the end of six weeks, the other children began warming up to this once ostracized boy and even volunteered to help him. However, the most amazing transformation was in the boy himself.  He had become sweeter and gentler.  He just needed a cheerleader.  Maybe that is all your child needs.  Be a cheerleader for your children.

5.  Be a mom who laughs.

Proverbs 17:22 "A happy heart is like good medicine, but a broken spirit drains your strength" (NCV).

Moms, we need to lighten up, or my daughter says, "Chill, Mom!"  Kids are fun!  Find ways to bring joy and laughter into your home.  Jered is a big hunk of a football player, but occasionally, I have to remind him of the fact that I can still take him.  He will make some irritating comment, tease me or poke me in the ribs.  I warn him and then I see the gleam in his eye as he takes one more shot.  I then begin chasing him around the house.  Jered inevitably starts laughing so hard that, when I catch him, he is totally helpless.  It is quite a sight to see!  Moms are the thermostats of the home and need to keep the emotional setting on joy.  Children get most of their first impressions of God from their parents.  I want my kids to know that God is a God of joy and laughter.  Kids need a mom who laughs.

6.  Be a mom who hugs.

Luke 18:15 "One day some parents brought their little children to Jesus so he could touch them and bless them" (NLT).

Children need moms who touch them in a loving way and demonstrate healthy physical affection.  The reality is that children not only need, but crave physical affection.  It is a God-given need that is meant to be met in God-given ways.  There is healing in a mother's touch.  Start early and never stop!  It is a terrible shock for kids to have the hugging stop just at the age when they need it the most.

One day, I grabbed our daughter, Danna, in a hug and kissed her cheek.  As I walked away, I looked back to see her wiping off that kiss.  She caught my hurt look and said, "Don't worry, Mom.  I'm just rubbing it in!"  I know.  She's good ... and has become an affectionate young woman.  Be a mom who hugs her kids!

7.  Be a mom who disciplines.

Proverbs 6:23 "The correction of discipline is the way to life" (NLT).

Kids want and need discipline -- whether they know it or not.  Knowing is our job as mothers. Discipline is a hedge of protection in the life of a child.  Part of our job as a parent is to tend that hedge, to keep it strong and in place.  If we are not careful, every day can dissolve into a never-ending battle for control.  As parents, we need to let go of what we can and hold our ground on what we can't.

Discipline principles:

1.      Be consistent 

2.      Discipline from love ... not anger.

3.      Pick your battles carefully.

4.      Don't expect children to act like adults.

5.      Teach kids that there are consequences to choices.

6.      Realize that every child is different.

7.      Don't discipline until you have control of your emotions.  This last point is major.  We are the adults who should be able to control emotions.  If we don't, neither will our children. Proverbs 29:11 says, "Foolish people lose their tempers, but wise people control theirs" (NCV).

Pick your battles of discipline and wage them with emotions under control.  Whatever you do, don't put the light out in their eyes.  Kids need a mom who disciplines.

8.  Be a mom who forgives.

Colossians 3:13 13 Get along with each other, and forgive each other. If someone does wrong to you, forgive that person because the Lord forgave you" (NCV).

We teach children how to forgive others by how we forgive them!  Forgiveness is part of every healthy relationship so when we practice forgiveness, we are modeling healthy relationships for them.  We also teach our children about God's forgiveness by how we forgive.  Be quick to forgive your child but be quicker to ask your child's forgiveness.  My children are very used to hearing me say, "I am so sorry!  I blew it.  Please forgive me."

One morning, I had to apologize to my daughter before she even got to school.  I got up tired and grouchy to find that Danna was not moving fast enough for me.  I didn't like the clothes she picked out to wear.  I didn't like what she was saying or doing or how she was saying and doing it.  I didn't like the fact that she kept her cool while I lost mine.  Therefore, I did what any mature parent would do.  I threw a tantrum and grounded her for it!  Yes, I have provided many opportunities for my children to practice forgiveness.  I pray that it has made them more forgiving of themselves and of others.  Be a mom who is quick to forgive!

Being a mom is the hardest job on earth!  It brings out the best and the worst in you!  I know that motherhood requires great sacrifice and limitless energy!  But to invest your time and best efforts into a child, to watch that child grow and develop, is to be part of the creative majesty of life itself!  Today, commit with me to seek God's power and plan to be a mom who really matters. 

Let's Pray  Father, more than ever before, I want to be a great mom!  However, I often find myself doing just the opposite of what I know is right when it comes to my kids.  Please forgive me.  Help me to apply the truths and principles of your Word as I walk in this high calling of motherhood. Bless my children, Lord, and help them to follow You all the days of their lives.  Amen.

Now It's Your Turn 

  • Review the principles from today's devotion as well as yesterday's.   
  • Choose one area in your role as a mom to focus on.  
  • What changes do you need to make?  
  • Today, celebrate your children.  Give them a call.  Prepare a special meal.  Write them a special note.  
  • Choose now to be a mom that matters.

More From The Girlfriends  A woman recently told me that it was too late to become a better mom because her children were grown and gone. While it is true that she cannot live those years again, it is just as true that she can make a new beginning from today.  Remember ... there is always someone in your life that needs your love and attention.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The BIG 3-0!!!  I can not believe that my husband is.... THIRTY!  The significance of that means that in just over a year from now, I'll be celebrating that same day.  So it's thirty, not really sure why some people stress that number.  As my little granny would say, "honey, with age comes wisdom!"  I'm looking forward to thirty in a way.  Prayerfully I can meet that day with the confidence that I do have more wisdom.  Why am I talking about me?  This post is about Travis.

Late last week, I asked Carter if he would like to plan a surprise party for Travis.  Of course he was all for it.  I told him he could pick out the cake and he insisted that it would be a Mickey Mouse cake.  You can only imagine the lady's face at Publix when I picked out a Mickey Mouse cake, and told her to put "Happy Birthday Daddy" on it.  Whatever makes Carter smile, is what I was after, and it worked!! :)  

We bought streamers, and ordered pizza and decorated the house with yellow, blue, and red streamers!  It definitely had a three year olds feel to it, but precious nonetheless.  Carter was so excited as we were getting ready.  He couldn't understand why everyone was not at our house yet.  We also made a very bright sign that said, "HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY TRAVIS" to hang up at the end of our road.  It was complete with Mickey pictures, and streamers.  If anyone missed this sign and it's bright vivid colors, we may need to see about having their eyes checked!

Around 4:00, Travis came pulling up in the yard and Carter ran out to meet him with a big birthday hug.  When Travis walked in, he was surprised by our decorations and Carter started telling him all about how we had a secret.  It was so cute.  The rest of the family started to arrive shortly there after, and we had a nice little family birthday party.  

Thanks to my sister, Jessica for all her help!  It was great to have an extra set of hands to get me through the day!  Love ya, sis!!!

Happy Birthday Trav!  I thank God for you each and everyday and could not ask for a better husband or father for my children.  You are a blessing to our lives!  I pray that God continues to bless us and that we spend many, many more birthdays together.  Thank you for always being my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, and the one to bring a smile to my face when I need it most.  I LOVE YOU!

forever & always...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A sister, a friend...

Last week I called Jessica on one of my off days and she just giggled at my whirlwind of a life, and then said she would be coming home for a visit soon.  Although she would never admit it, I think her thoughts were, "sis is losing it, I better go home for a few days to see if I can help her!"  Any mother can say they no where I was at that time, just one of those days of pure chaos and you just have to sit back and laugh at your own self.  Come on, I know I'm not the only one that has those days... fess up gals!

On Tuesday, I received a text from her that her e.t.a would be 4:25.  I was thrilled to know she was coming in town.  Granted she's only in Graceville a couple hours away, to know she'll be home with us is always a heart warming time.  I packed up the boys and we headed out to my moms to greet her and beg mom for some good 'ole southern cooking!  As always, mom cooked our favorite meal, tomatoes & rice, fried potatoes (home fries), bacon and pork chops!!  There is absolutely nothing like going home to momma's cooking!  Jessica & I both filled our tummies, would you expect anything less from the two of us?  :)

After dinner we visited with Big Granny & Big Papa and then packed up to come home.  Jessica came home with us, and Carter was beyond thrilled that he was having a guest!  Jessica was just excited to sleep in the most comfortable bed in our house, Carter's!  Carter on the other hand was going to sleep with her until he caught word that I had mentioned a pallet on the floor beside our bed.  He was all about sleeping in our room, even if it meant sleeping on the floor!

The next morning, we let Jess sleep and then bless her soul, she got a good taste of motherhood.  Not sure if I encouraged her or made her run in the complete opposite direction of the thought! :)  Just kidding, she'll be a wonderful mother one day.  Much more calm then her sister, and patience, well let's just say she has more then I do! 

When I think back to my days as a child, I think of the many arguments I had with my 'little' sister and how most days (as I'm sure all siblings did at some point), wished her away.  Luckily God didn't grant those requests of mine!!  My sister is one of my best friends.  I can confide in her, laugh with her, cry with her, and always know that she is praying for me and my family. There is nothing like having a sister, it's a relationship like none other.  She has such a sweet, humble, spirit about her.  She is an inspiration to me!  I enjoy each time that I spend time with her and our many laughs that only we would understand.    We enjoyed our visit with you Aunt Jessica!  We hope to see you again really soon!!  Your company was greatly appreciated and you were more help then you probably know.  Come back soon, you are always welcome on Cow Bird Lane!!! We, I LOVE YOU!!! 


Monday, May 4, 2009

2 months

Yes, I just typed two months!!  Tucker is officially two months old today.  Seriously, where does time go?  Why can't it just stand still so that we can savor these moments forever?

Little Tucker, well he's not so little weighing in today at a whopping 13 pounds, is quite the little fire ball.  I'm not going to lie, the past several weeks have been confusing, and a bit coo coo (for me).  I think we've been dealing with that "c" word no one likes to talk about, you know... colic. We've bounced, we've rocked, we've tried gripe water, we've tried white noise, driving in the truck, all to end up in the same place that we started in.  It's heart breaking for any mother that has ever dealt with colic, you know what I'm talking about.  To hold your child who is screaming and you feel so helpless.  Luckily, knock on wood, the past three days have been complete opposite of the past several weeks.  Our little butter bean has let his little personality shine.  

What a complete joy to wake up and see him smiling, or watch him try his best to giggle or talk. His smile is the sweetest, gummiest grin.  He gets so excited when you try to talk to him, that he works his mouth and his arms and legs as if throwing them around helps him work up the sound he needs to make a squeak.  After a couple of seconds you'll see him throw his little head back and out comes the most precious sound a baby can make, the first coos.  Watching him sleep, or lay in the floor, or hang out in the bouncy seat makes me wonder what his personality really will become.  My prediction is that he's going to be laid back, caring, calm...until you push the wrong button, and just a little love bug.  He's so huggable, I just see him being a very loving child.  Someone remind me of these words if it turns out to be the opposite, LOL! :)

As he changes with every passing day, I've started to see more of Carter in him.  Some of the pictures we have they look identical, especially in black and white pictures.  The cheeks, oh the cheeks are just so pinch worthy.  I catch myself all the time tickling his little cheeks.  Carter is fascinated by him, loves to give him kisses, and each morning his first words are, "let me see my bubba momma!"  There bond has already started and it's too sweet.

In just the few short weeks that Tucker has been in our lives, he has acquired a few nick names. My most used name is, Tucker bear. Then he gets called butter bean, butter ball, sugar man, and my granny can't stand it but I think it fits.... pig boy.  Bless his little heart, I mean it with all the love I have... my baby likes to eat, that's where that one came from! :)  My sweet little granny goes into quite a tizzy when she hears me say that.  I suppose it's not the sweetest name to give your two month old, huh?  I'll try to kick that one before he gets offended.  

Life is good as a family of four.  We are as adjusted to this new life as I suppose we ever will be, and are so grateful to have little Tucker bear with us.  He's a sweet reminder of how precious our lives are.  

Tucker Bear, 
You have already changed so much in just two short months, it's bitter sweet to watch you grow but I smile when I think of the joy you will bring in the months ahead.... I LOVE YOU!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Slippin' & a slidin'...and a surprise!

The Easter bunny brought Carter a slip & slide for Easter, and today was the first day he was able to use it.  Our weather has been so wishy washy here lately but finally the heat is here to stay! :) It didn't take him long to realize he had to run and slide.  He played on his friend Delaney's slip & slide last year and after about his second or third run he yells, "Momma, this is like Delaney's!" The things kids remember amazes me.  

I knew the water had to be freezing, but he insisted that he was fine.  He was fine, but there did come a point he stopped and told me he needed his jacket!!  I said are you sure it's not too cold? No ma'am Momma... I'm not cold.  Hmmm, shivering and chill bumps but he wasn't cold.  He kept playing and then said, "thank you Momma, thank you for my slip & slide, I LOVE IT!"  I'm glad he loved it so much.  Watching him play made me think back to the days when we thought slip & slides were the greatest things ever!!!

I was just about ready to call him in, and Travis pulls in the driveway.  He made a big loop and backed up to the porch.....drum roll, please.... I GOT A NEW DRYER, woo hoo!!!  I wrote a few entries back about my LOVE for my current washer and dryer (((since the sarcasm))) and finally the dryer bit the dust.  I was sad to see the old girl go (((once again, more sarcasm))), but the new girl sparkles like a diamond and dries clothes quicker then I can gather the next load to wash.  IMPRESSIVE! ;)  Now, I'm waiting on pins and needles for the washer to croak! Out with the old, and in with the new!!!!!

Good Bye, old gal!!! :)
Hello my new LOVE!!

Who would have thought a dryer would make a girl so happy?! :)