Monday, April 14, 2008

xoxo They are my loves xoxo

Every girl dreams of finding that one person that makes her heart go pitter-patter.  I was no different then any other girl. I wanted 'that' guy that made me spend hours getting ready, get goose bumps when I saw him pulling in the driveway, or get butterflies in my stomach when he would call. I met Travis on October 3, 1997 (wow, that was a long time ago).  I knew from the minute I saw him that I wanted to be his girlfriend... for a long, long time!  I was a senior in high school, and he was just out of high school.  My days revolved around him, what he was doing, and I did everything within my power to be by his side every moment.  He made me smile, laugh, and I knew early on just how much I loved him.  

I'll never forget the night I met him.  We were introduced by a friend of mine. We met at the County Fair (I know... how country, right?).  He was there with the dairy cow exhibit. My friend told me he was a country boy, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. He was dressed in his Wranglers, a cowboy hat, and a green long sleeve Copenhagen Skoal shirt. Not an outfit I probably would have picked out for a 'first date' but hey, it obviously worked huh?  It wasn't the outfit that caught my eye, it was the cow poop on his boots, and the leg of his jeans.... yep, you read that correctly!  If you've read my blog for anytime at all, you know my husband is a cow lover, then a Jennifer lover. He grew up on a dairy farm, and his heart has always been in farming. He is now living his dream, on the same dairy land that he grew up on. Pretty cool, huh? Back to the poo, it wasn't what caught my eye.  It was his shy smile, and his beautiful eyes. 

We dated for what seemed like forever, to me.  We had our fair share of fights, disputes, but we also had our fair share of laughs, good times and memories I'll never forget!  Being the country boy that he is, we didn't do the normal wine and dine dates.  Nope, you could find us at the local party around a fire, doing what most young people do, looking (for what we now call) trouble. We were just young, and had no cares in the world! Most weekends were spent in his small town, with his buddies and their girlfriends.  Those of you that read my blog from those neck of the woods know that nothing beats a good 'ol classic country song, and a dirt road.  Oh, the memories we've all shared!
I once was his girlfriend, five years later his fiance, then in October 2003, I became his wife. The journey has been amazing.  Sure, there have been bumps in the road, maybe even a few flat tires here and there but one thing is for sure, we love one another.  Travis is completes me. He's the one that can make me smile when I look out the window at him feeding cows, or working on one of his many projects.  Having him around is such a peace to me.  When he's not here, I feel lost.  I feel as if I am unable to function.  The touch of his hand, a reminder of his love. The way our hands fit together, perfect match! His commitment, faithfulness, love, humor, and touch make me love him more everyday.  I love his quiet personality, the half smile he gives me when he doesn't totally agree with me.  I love the way his eyes light up when I can really make him smile.  I love to watch him with the boys, he's a wonderful Daddy. I love the way he keeps us afloat. He's a hard-worker, a provider.  He starts everyday with the plan of making things perfect for us.  That is his outlook, his goal, his dream. We fit, we're comfortable, and I can't wait to grow old with my love. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is my rock, my shoulder to cry on, and my best friend.  

Babe...I love you more then I could ever explain to you.  You've given me more then I deserve, and you have given me the greatest two little blessings I could have ever dreamed of. I thank you for all your hard work, your dedication, and the love that you give to all three of us.  You want to make us smile, trust me when I tell you... you do!  I pray that God continues to bless our family, and that you and I share a lifetime of dreams, hopes, and love together.  Until the end, I LOVE YOU forever!! You are my sunshine xoxo, Jen

~My boys~

Little did I know how much our lives would change once we married.  Our love grew stronger, and we decided to start a family. I realized that being a mom would be a blessing, but what was ahead in my life was nothing like what I had dreamed about, it was better!

Where do I even begin with the two of them?  They are truly my heart in every way possible. The laughter, the joy, the warmth that they bring to my life.  I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I never understood the love that I would feel for one small person. They can make me melt just by sleeping so peacefully. Their giggles warm my soul like a ray of sunshine. I could never imagine my life without either of them. They both bring different cards to the table, and for that I am thankful.  

My first born, Carter, Born August 19, 2005 (5 days early).  He's a very energetic, sometimes mischievous, always helpful, loving child.  He's not much of a morning person, but give him a few and he's like a little ball of excitement until late at night. He has more energy then a wild bull in an arena!  He may be rough and tough, but he has a very tender heart. He loves to make people smile, he loves to sing and dance, and he loves to mimic his Daddy.

I truly believe he will grow up to be a very caring and compassionate young man.  He loves peanuts, country music, hunting with his Dad, and popsicles!  I love to watch him interact with Tucker. It amazes me that at such an early age, there is already a very distinct bond between the two of them. He asks for a baby sister, all the time. It makes me wonder if he knows something that we don't!  He actually told me he would just pray and ask Jesus for one! :)  He loves mud, dirt, sticks, frogs, but can not stand lizards! Weird, huh? His imagination is like an open book that has no end. Each day he comes up with a new adventure, story, or plan. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll tell you a baseball boy, or a cowboy.  He is a four year old movie buff.  LOVES to watch movies, and he has since he was very, very young. His favorite of all time is Smokey and The Bandit!  He pretends he is the Bandit... hat and all! I can only imagine him growing up, driving fast, and being a lady's man!  Carter is a pure joy. I love him with every beat of my heart.  

Carter-bug, You amaze me each day when you wake up.  You have such a forgiving, caring spirit about you.  I thank you for bringing me through cloudy days with your shining personality. You will never know the love I have for you. I look forward to each day, miss the ones that have already passed, and dream about what you'll grow up to be. I know God has great plans for you. I pray that you will seek God first, follow His guidance for your life, and that your life will be filled with blessings from above.  May you never face hardships, or unhappiness.  You are my heart, I love you sweet boy!  To the moon and back... Momma.

Then there is that sweet little, chubby, redhead, round faced fella we call Tucker-bear. Tucker joined our family on March 4, 2009 (6 days early).

He is our second blessing, and a momma's boy! I love it, especially now that Carter is all about being with Dad! Tucker is more shy, yet just as lovable! He loves to eat, anything! His eyes sparkle with that bright blue color that everyone wishes they had. He has a quiet personality, but if you work long enough you can get him to open up and smile, giggle, and light your day! 

He loves his furry blankets, and you better have one if you plan on him going to sleep! He's a better sleeper then his big brother, most of the time! :) There's still so much that we are learning about Tucker-bear. He's keeping up with Carter, and already wanting to be around him all the time.  Tucker is my more laid back little guy. He's an outdoorsman already! When we go outside he is so content.  Travis has surely gotten himself two little hunters to follow in his foot steps! 

Tucker has a very sweet smile, cheeks that everyone wants to pinch, and a chuckle that just melts me!! He loves for the dogs to lick his toes, hear the cows moo, and to chase the cat. He's sure to bring much excitement and many laughs to our family in the years ahead.

Bear-bear, I love you. Your sweet smile, and sparkling eyes tell me that you love me. You are growing so fast, I can't believe you are almost one. I can't wait to see you start walking, I'm sure you and your big brother will keep me on my toes. Your life is something I look forward to each and every day.  I love to hold you and rock you to sleep.  There's something so sweet and special about the way you love on your blanket as you are falling asleep.  The way your face lights up when I open your door in the mornings, makes me know how truly blessed I am.  I love you more and more!!  xoxo Momma

These three consume me. They make my days happier, my heart more full, and my cup truly runneth over!  Thank you Lord for bringing me to this point in my life. Thank you for my husband, and my children.  I pray that you will lead and guide me to be the wife and mother that each of them deserves. Watch over our family, and may your blessings be upon us.  

Much love...

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Noelle said...

I'm just reading through your blog for the first time. I loved this post about your family. Your love for them--and your ability to express it--is inspiring! What beautiful family :)