Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Thank you Jesus..."

Changes, something that I've come to realize is impossible to live without.  I've mentioned here on numerous occasions how I was so worried about the change we were going to face becoming four.  I've also mentioned how the change really hasn't been that drastic, everything has just become the norm just with one more person.

One thing that has changed that pulls at my heart a little is bedtime.  Granted I'm usually feeding Tucker when it comes time for big brother to go to bed, I still offer to take Carter to bed but he assures me that his Dad can do it.  I don't doubt that, it's just hard stopping something that I've done so consistently for the past three years.  One thing he makes sure of though is that he lets me and little brother know that he loves us and to have sweet dreams.  

Thursday night they headed off down the hall to bed.  A few minutes later, I followed to the room where the computer is.  As I sat here typing I could hear them still talking.  I walked to the door and placed my ear as close as possible to hear what they were saying.  Prayers.  Now let me just tell you, if you've never heard a child talking to God... WHOA!  What a precious, sweet sound.  Instant favorite memory, I must say! :)  To hear my little boy talking to God and thanking Him for the things that he is thankful for is a pure joy and makes this momma proud.  

This is what I heard, "Thank you Jesus for my Momma, my Dad, Tater, Cowboy, for my night night, thank you for my house, thank you for my closet, okay dad now it's your turn!"  I then listened as Travis thanked God for our family, and then as they were finished Carter says, "in Jesus name, AMEN!"  Seriously, to hear him praying truly blesses my heart more then I could ever explain.  

When I walked away from the door, I myself took a minute to stop and thank God for the little things that I take for granted.  I may not be putting my little one to bed these days but he is bonding more and more with his Dad and what more could a mother ask for?

Thank you Jesus!


Friday, March 27, 2009

"...And they will be one flesh."

Genesis 2:24
24 Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh.

Marriage,  a beginning for two hearts to live as one.  A learning process for two people, sometimes a bit of a struggle but anything worth having is worth fighting for, right?

My sister, Jessica, was married on Friday morning.  She & Kyle have been an item for a while now, and on Friday the two became one.  I'm sure as they both prepared for the ceremony they had butterflies, and the normal jitters.  

The ceremony was held at Stockton Park in Jacksonville.  It was a very intimate wedding with approximately thirty guests or so.  Jessica planned everything so perfectly, and I must say the ceremony was beautiful and suited my sister & Kyle's personalities to a "t".  As I snapped pictures of the two of them throughout the day, I couldn't help but smile thinking back to the day I married Travis.  Those same butterflies and jitters, knowing I would soon be this mans wife!  The time came for the ceremony to begin and as my sister walked to meet her future husband I prayed that God would be the center of their marriage. 

These two have a close walk with the Lord, and I truly believe that as long as they continue to walk closely with Him, and seek His will for their lives and their marriage that they will grow old together.
The pastor spoke about how they should live as one.  That Kyle should love Jessica as Christ loved the church, and how Jessica should submit herself to her husband.  There is so much that makes a marriage work.  I truly believe that the two have to be best of friends, believe in each other, and respect each other.  Marriage is all about communication, honesty, and trust.  As these two begin their lives as one it is my prayer that they will always seek God's will, may they love each other more with each passing day, and may they always remember the reason(s) that they fell in love to begin with.  The days that come as difficult ones, are days to learn from.  End each day with I love you, and always remember that the other is there for you, not to be against you.  

Kyle & Jessica, 
I love you both very much.  I wish you the very best and pray God's many blessings on your marriage.  Kyle, welcome to our family.  We're a few cracked nuts from time to time, but we're good nuts! :)  Jessica, as always, you make me smile, and I'm proud to say I'm your sister. You were absolutely beautiful as you became Mrs. Kyle Hannah!!  Hope the two of you have a wonderful time on your honeymoon.  Make everyday a honeymoon! ;)  Laughter, and friendship is a great key to a great marriage!! Hope you enjoy your pictures, and we can't wait to see you soon!  I love you very much!  Take care, and God bless!

Blessings to you...

Jessica, this was the sun rising on Friday morning!  I know your love of sunsets and thought that this view from my kitchen window would be one you want to remember on such a special day in your life!  May God's blessings continue to pour over you.... I LOVE YOU! ...jen...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How does your garden grow?

I'm a little behind in posting, time seems to be a very valuable thing around here lately! :)  I couldn't dare imagine why.  Tucker, my good little sleeper...well, that is changing!  

Last week, Papa Cotton came over to the house with his tractor and plowed our garden.  I say, our, but really it's Travis & Carter's garden.  I kill any living plant that I even cut my eyes at!  So, if they plan on having a plentiful crop, I've been asked to step back and watch.  That's fine by me.  I don't really like to get dirty anyways!  Carter was so excited when Papa finished.  He thought that right then they would start planting.  Bless his heart he just couldn't understand that he had to go with Dad to buy the seeds first.  He & I had purchased some little packaged seeds at Wal-Mart the week prior and he thought that was going to be all.  

We met Travis after he finished working one evening last week.  As we pulled up to our local hardware store, Carter was so excited about getting his seeds.  He had his list in hand that he and his Daddy had made the night before.  We passed the packaged seeds and he thought those were what we were going to buy, but then we turned the aisle and he found a whole new world of seeds!  There was everything from corn, to okra, to burpless cucumbers.  Travis scooped up the seeds he wanted, and Carter made sure that Travis scooped up the watermelon seeds.  Heaven forbid we not get those watermelon seeds, the rest of the vegetables could have stayed in the buckets at the store for all Carter cared!  We made our way to the check out and once again, Carter made sure that our watermelon seeds were accounted for!

While the guys headed home to get started planting, I headed to Burger King to get Icee's for me & Carter.  When I made it home, Travis was planting, Carter was watching from the bed of the truck.  He said his Dad had it under control.  :)  We sipped down our Icee's and boy were they ever yummy!!  Travis said we were very helpful in the garden planting process!  Now it's just time to wait for some rain and watch our garden grow! 

Anyone interested in some vegetables?!

Waiting & watching...
"The BROWN thumb!"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It takes someone special to be a Dad!!

Since welcoming our new addition, some things have changed quite a bit, others haven't changed at all.  Weird how the things I thought would change, haven't and the ones I could have cared less about have changed.  

As I've been tending to Tucker, I've taken a back seat to Carter's little world for a while.  This is okay though because to see the bond that he and his Daddy have is something that is so dear to my heart.  From the night we came home from the hospital it's almost like he has a new understanding of our life without us even explaining to him.  He understands that I'm busy and that Travis is his main "go to" person now.  

Watching these two truly does bless my heart.  I have to give Travis major kudos for doing such a magnificent job with Carter.  The night we came home was night two of a week long fever that Carter would run.  Travis took on the responsibility of being "Mr. Mom" with no questions asked.  I've been the one to get up with Carter since day one of his little life.  I've always figured that since I stay home, it's more my 'job'.  I'm so grateful and proud of how Travis has jumped right in and helped out.  I knew he would but to see him do it with such patience, is pretty amazing.  

Carter has always wanted to be Travis' shadow but he is literally his little three foot tall shadow now.  Today, I watched them out the window as Travis was building a new shade for the cows, and Carter hung right with him until it was time to come in for lunch.  Keep in mind now, Travis is out there on a tractor with six HUGE poles trying to get them set in the ground, while tending to a three year old on the tractor.  Dangerous, yes... but I trust him to take the utmost care of my little ones! :)  Not the first grumble, or harsh word has come from his mouth.  He's just taken little Carter under his wings and off they go.  

This is such a blessing to see a father that is so involved in the life of his children.  I have always known that Travis would be a good Daddy, but to watch him is far more precious to see then I ever dreamed.  A mother couldn't ask for more then to have a father that loves the life he has, and isn't ashamed to tell others how his children have changed his life.  

As I type this, I'm watching him outside mowing the lawn and Carter chasing him while driving his John Deere Gator.  Both are smiling, and they have no idea I'm watching and smiling too!!!

I love you Travis.  I thank you for everything that you do for us as a family.  You are my rock,my and my very best friend. I thank God every day for sending you into my life and allowing my children to have such an amazing role model for a Dad!!!  

Counting my blessings,

Friday, March 13, 2009

He feels like the paparazzi is after him!!!

Sweet little Tucker, he is so patient with me.  Yesterday I decided since he and I were all alone while Carter was at school that it was his time to shine in front of the camera!  He was such a little trooper.  I had him at it for quite sometime.  Granted, we stopped for "accidents, fill ups, and snuggle time" he still did great.  

Just wanted to share some of the pictures with you all.  Hope you enjoy!

And let's not forget this cool kid!!!  Carter is doing very well as big brother.  He loves Tucker very much and is very protective over him.  He doesn't like for him to cry, he says it hurts his ears and that I should feed him.  As if I'm not feeding him all day anyways, LOL! :)  Travis snapped this picture the other day, and I just love it!!!!  Just like Dad!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A peak back to a week ago...

A week ago?!  Did I really just type those words???? Seriously, why is it when you have something so precious, perfect, and something you don't want to miss a moment of it seems like time just flies by?  Just one of those things I suppose.  I can't believe that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, my little baby will already be a week old!

Bringing Tucker home has brought back so many special memories, and each time I cradle him in my arms and take in his sweetness I'm reminded of just how quickly the last three years of my life have flown by!!!  Babies grow quicker then anything I can think of.  They go from being itty bitty, to sitting up, crawling, walking, running quicker then you can blink your eyes it seems.  Already I can see changes in Tucker.  He's already started the sweet little noises when he nurses, and is starting to recognize voices or at least follow the noise.  

As I think about how quickly he's going to grow, I am forever grateful for the decision I made to have my friend Kari in the room to capture the day for me.  I never underestimated her once, and when I logged on a few minutes ago to find that she had posted some of the pictures to her blog, you all know what happened.  Tears started to flow.  This time, not sad tears, not nervous tears, but tears of sheer joy and appreciation for the moments she caught.  I read through her entry, then got to the pictures and my breath was taken away from me.  Some people asked me was I sure I wanted someone catching "those" moments on camera, and like I said it was something I thought twice about.  After photographing two births myself, I knew it was memories that I HAD TO HAVE!!!   

I'm sure all of you would love to see the pictures, so take a minute and check out Kari's Blog and take a peak.... I'm sure you'll all love them too!!!  :)

Thank you so very much once again for your time, your effort, and the priceless, precious memories you've given me.  I thank God for your talent!!  I will never be able to say thank you enough for the pictures, and I know in twenty years as I watch my children become parents themselves that I will look at those pictures and have you to thank once again!!  You did an amazing job.  I pray that God will bless you as your passion for photography continues to grow!!  I am so glad that our paths crossed, not even exactly sure how we met come to think about it :), but I'm so glad that God did let our paths cross.  Thank you again, and God bless!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tucker William Higginbotham

He's here, he's perfect, and he's a RED head!!!!!!  You read that correctly, my sweet little angel is red headed and looks like his Dad.  Let me back up and give you all a little recap of little mans big day.  

~Tuesday Evening, 7:00 p.m.~
I was busy making sure everything was packed, everything was clean, and everything was where it needed to be for when my house became full of guests to meet my new little munchkin.  I'm sure most of my busyness was cause by my ever jittery nerves.  My mind was running ninety miles an hour that night.  My heart was full, but scared.  My mind kept telling me that everything would work out but something inside my heart was so scared that my life would not be the same, that it just wasn't going to 'work'.  I had emotional meltdowns all night.  Carter would reassure me, Travis would give me that quiet half smile that he does but I was still concerned.  Nothing anyone could say or do was going to calm me down.  I then received a call from my mom.  She played her motherly roll, as she so perfectly does, and once again the tears went to flowing.  I also received an email from my sister with some ever sweet words as she always does.  I responded back to her and poured out my heart and soul in that email and prayed that God would give her the words to say to me, as He so many times has, to calm me. Her response left me with tears streaming down my face.  She said that she had spent the evening praying and seeking what God would have her to share with me.  She quoted scripture and reassured me that I was going to be okay.  The email is one that I'll never forget, it was so touching that I printed it and put it in my purse to take with me to the hospital so that I could look at it throughout the day and use those words as strength.

Before Carter got ready to head off to bed, I played with him in the floor as comfortably as I could.  We were playing monster trucks, when all of a sudden I felt a little trickle of some sort.  I slipped out of the room thinking, "oh my stars, my water just broke... this can't be, I'm going to be induced tomorrow morning, this can't start tonight... no, please lord, no not now!"  I made my way back to play with Carter, along with several trips back to the bathroom to see what was going on.  What was happening to me?!  This really set in the panic on my behalf.  I mentioned it to Trav and he just gave me that look of 'honey, calm down... you are just anxious.'  I took that look seriously and figured, he's got to be right I'm losing my mind.

We all finally made our way to bed, and as I laid there trying to fall asleep I found myself praying and asking God to please watch over me and Tucker as the time drew closer and closer for us to meet each other.  I prayed and asked God to calm my fears, remind me that everything was going to be okay and to let me remember as things became chaotic in a few hours that He was in control.  I knew that in a matter of hours it was going to be show time.  I finally drifted off to sleep when I heard that little voice, "momma... momma..."  I didn't hesitate to make my way to Carter's room.  I crawled into bed with him, wrapped my arms around him tightly and told him I loved him.  I found myself again crying out to God to please comfort me, and just praying for our family.  

~Wednesday morning... 4:45 a.m.~

At 4:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning, I awoke and sat quietly in the dark in our living room waiting to make the call to labor and delivery to see what time they wanted us to come in if they had a room.  5:30 rolled around and I figured I might as well call now, so I did and much to my surprise they were ready for us.  They wanted us there at 6:30, I told the nurse we would be there as close to that as possible.  I woke Travis and told him it was show time!!!  I was trying my best to keep the smile pressed on my face and not let him know how truly scared I was. I told him to call his mom and let her know so that she could come and stay with Carter until he woke up and they could come on down.  I showered, and once again there I was praying, crying, and full of every one of those emotions that us girls go through.  

After getting ready I had to make sure everything was still ready for my house to be on display when I came home.  I had to make the bed, put all the towels from that morning in the dirty hamper, made sure Tucker's room was "ready", then I walked down the hall to kiss my little man bye.  As I opened his door and I looked in on him, there came the tears.  I crawled into his bed and just pressed my lips to his little head and thanked God for the many memories, blessings, and smiles he had brought to me in the past three years.  As I kissed him, I told God to let him understand that his momma loved him and little Tucker did too!!  I hugged him tightly and then walked out the door.  

The ride to the hospital, it was a quiet one.  I knew I couldn't talk without crying, and I think Travis wasn't really sure what to say to me either.  He knows I'm one big walking tear drop, so sometimes words just aren't necessary.  He is such a quiet supporter, and for us that just works.  We got closer and closer to the hospital and my stomach started swarming with butterflies, wasps, gnats, call it what you will but I really thought I was going to puke.  The closer we got, the more I shook, the more I started to sweat, the more my heart pounded.  Once we parked and it was time to get out of the truck, we were both still quiet.  By this point I think the fear was very, very clear on my face.  It was now about 7:10-7:15, yep we were late, we walked to L&D, pressed the button and they said to come on in to suite 3.  As we walked down that hallway, we passed suite 6 where we welcomed our first little boy into the world.  Walking down that hallway brought back so many emotions from three years earlier.  Suite 3, we had made it.  When I walked in, just like three years earlier, there laid everything they would need to welcome Tucker into the world.  All of the paper work laid out on a tray for me to fill out, the machines were all ready, the gown on the door, the covers pulled back on the bed and the nurse waiting for me.  She told me to get changed and we would get started.

After all the paperwork, and all the signing of this and that, the nurse said she would start my i.v. and then the pitocin would follow.  Oooh, pitocin, for anyone that has ever had that stuff knows it is a bit of a four letter word, LOL!  Once my i.v. was in and going, in came the doctor of the day, Dr. Laubscher.  She broke my water and around 8:45 the nurse started the pitocin.  Dr. L had said that whenever I was ready for the epidural that I could go ahead and get it because I was already 3 centimeters and that was close enough.  I opted to let the pitocin do it's part for a bit before jumping to the epidural.  Well, let's just say it did NOT take long for the pitocin to do it's job.  I don't remember exactly what time I asked for the epidural but I can promise you the back labor I was experiencing was not something I wanted to deal with very much longer.  I think it was around 10:15-10:30ish when I got it, and low and behold... IT DID NOT WORK!!!  They had to come back a second time, start over, and low and behold.... IT STILL DID NOT WORK all the way.  I was completely numb everywhere except from the bottom of my left rib cage to the top of my left hip bone.  That was still enough pain for this little lady to be beating the bed rail. Call me a wimp, low tolerance for pain but I for the life of me can not understand why any woman in her right mind would deny getting an epidural!!!  To those of you that have had natural, and I mean ALL NATURAL child birth... GOD BLESS YOUR SOULS!!!  You are far better women then I.

After our little epidural experience, Travis decided to go down to the cafeteria with his mom and Carter for a snack.  There was no need for him to rush because according to my last check I was only five centimeters.  My mom, my aunt, and Kari were in the room with me and even with that miracle drug of the epidural, I was still in quite a bit of pain.  I couldn't open my eyes, and when I did I begged that they please make my back stop hurting.  I so desperately wanted someone to figure out why my epidural wasn't working like it should.  The nurse came in and asked if I was still feeling the pain and I just nodded that yes I was, and she said that my face told her that I had to obviously be farther along then they expected.  She checked me again and said to us, "if there is anyone else that is supposed to be in this room for the delivery, they need to get here NOW!"  Travis was still downstairs eating.  My mom, Kari, and my aunt were trying to figure out his cell number when I finally yelled it out and they called him.  I could not believe that it was time, it was time for me to meet this tiny miracle that I'd been carrying and nurturing for the past 9 months.  

Travis made it to the room, and then came Dr. L.  I'm not sure how many pushes it took, all I know is that it was happening fast and there was about to be a new little miracle in my arms!!!  12:24 p.m., my little Tucker made his way into this big world.  As I finally opened my eyes to meet him, my heart full as it already was, was now over pouring with love for this little person that my husband and I created.  He was perfect, he was tiny, and he was ours!!!  He wasn't very active to start out with, so they took him straight to the warmer.  As I watched through the bed rails, I remember thanking God for taking all my fears and anxieties away.  This little person He just brought into my life is another piece of the puzzle that I was needing. 


All 7 pounds 12 ounces of him is absolutely perfect.  He looks so much like Travis, yet so much like Carter.  He has an adorable little round head, filled with this beautiful carmel/red hair.  I'm in awe.  It was time for his big brother to meet him.  Carter came in the room and just smiled!!  He told me, "momma, he's not in your stomach no more?"  He also gave Tucker the night nights he had bought for him and it was one of the sweetest things I'd ever seen.  

Our family couldn't wait to meet our little one.  Everyone, just as I was, amazed by how much he looked like his Daddy.  We had so many visitors, we truly are blessed to have such a supportive family.  After delivery as the room was filled with all the excitement of this new little member of the family there was a knock at the door.  I wondered who on earth it could be as everyone was already here.  The door opened and from behind it stepped, my sister!!!  She had driven in from Graceville to surprise me but Tucker came to fast for even her driving!  I was so touched that she made that drive for us, and to know that she had been on her way and I'm sure she was praying for me the entire way.  Just another sweet memory added to my already perfect day.  As the visitors left, and our little Carter went home with his Granny, the room became quiet and it was just the three of us.  We bonded, we talked, and Travis and I once again just sat in that silence that is us.   One of us just as content as the other.  This is our life, one more blessing added to it, and this is how it should be.  :)  It's pretty amazing to me that we don't have to be filled with chatter to know how very much we love one another and our life.  

The next morning, we were informed by the pediatrician that Tucker's left collar bone is broken, or so they believe.  He moves it, but not as much as the right.  We just have to keep him wrapped tightly for a few weeks, and it should heal fine.  Other then that everything seems to be going just great.

Life at home, well... it's life at home but with a little person in tow.  Everything I feared, everything I fretted over, it's not mattered.  Just getting into a routine of four is all that has really changed.  Travis and I tease with each other that now he has one, Carter and I have one, Tucker.  He's in charge of Carter who has taken to him like crazy, and well, Tucker is my little attachment for awhile. :)  

Tucker is an amazing baby.  He's an excellent sleeper, and a pro at nursing.  I truly could not ask for more.  My heart is more full then I imagined it could be and my life more complete then it was just five days ago.  God is so good to me.  To think that I was so worried, huh... funny how things work out.  

Thank you to all of you that have called, emailed, or came by to greet our little one.  We hope you all get to meet him soon!!  

Toodles for now, 
Jen & Tucker...~who is laying ever so peacefully on my lap~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tic toc, tic toc.....

The clock is slowly ticking, and the moment will be here!!  Tucker will be here tomorrow, how crazy is that?  Our journey has come to it's arrival and well it's now or never! :)  I have an appointment this morning with my doctor to see if there is any more progress, who knows she may just say head on over to the hospital, you're having a baby today!!  

Last night, there were contractions & other small signs of early labor.   I'm still having those lovely little twinges/cramps this morning so I'm really quite unsure of how my day today is going to go.  Last night was also very full of emotion for me.  As I felt the contractions every 15-20 minutes I wondered what on earth had I gotten myself into?  I didn't feel these with Carter, everything was planned I was at the hospital when "labor" began.  I can't lie to you.  As I laid there and my stomach tightened sheer panic and fear begin to set in.  I was doing my best to not let my feelings over take me, but we all know I'm a big mush pot... they did!!  Travis & Carter did their very best to assure me that I would be okay.  Carter said (in his ever so sweet loving little child voice), "momma, don't be scared, it's gonna be alright!"  Of course that just made me cry harder.  :)  He would rub my arm, and then reach his little head over to hug me and I would melt.  

I finally got myself together, and tried to not think about the cramping.  Then my mom called.  She's so excited as are all the other friends and family that are patiently awaiting this little ones arrival.  She had asked on Sunday if I wanted her to come over to make Tucker's curtains for his room, which we have so conveniently put off to the VERY last minute.  With us being so sick lately, I told her not to worry we'd get them done after he arrives.  So last night she says, "I was going to come anyways, but I decided since it's your last few nights as just the three of ya'll, I figured I'd let ya'll enjoy the evening alone."  Okay, so where did that send this emotional train wreck momma???  Back into tears.  Bless her heart, she felt bad.  No need for her too, I'm just emotional, overwhelmed, anxious, and ready.  It's just funny to me how a mother knows exactly what her children are thinking without even talking to them.  Once again, goes to show just how amazing our God is.  

So, I finally got myself calmed down again.  Carter reassuring me the whole time I wiped my tears that I'd be okay.  I then walked my little man to his bed and we laid down to chat.  He sang, "Skip to my lou" to me several times, told me about his glowing moose on his pj's, and then he started to lay still.  I knew he was almost out, then all of a sudden his little chubby hand reaches out from under the cover, finds my hand, pats it and says, "momma, you my best pal.  I love you!"  Amazingly, I didn't cry.  I just wrapped my arm around him, told him I loved him very much and immediately started to pray and thank God for my life.  It's so precious to me how God can use a little child at the tender age of three to bring such peace, and contentment to people.  He uses my three year old all the time! :)

My little one fell asleep, and I reached over kissed him good night.  This morning, my achy self found my way to the couch around 5:00, restless.  Not sure why I couldn't sleep, I just couldn't.  But finally sometime before the sun decided to rise, I fell back asleep and then around 7:00 I heard the pitter patter of little feet coming through the kitchen.  I opened my eyes, looked up and there stood the little smiling face that has greeted me every morning for the past three years!!  His response, "momma, what are you doing on the couch?  Let's watch a movie!"  I just smiled.  He climbed under my blanket, we turned on the t.v. to watch his morning show, Curious George and I hugged him tightly.  As we laid there, I thought of how next week my arms will be extra full with hugs, and I'm sure we'll have Tucker loving Curious George within no time.  :)

So whether our little Tucker comes today sometime, or on schedule starting tomorrow morning at 7:00, our family will be four within a matter of just a few short hours!!!!!  Praying that God watches over us both as we get ready for "show time". I ask that all of you that follow my blog, please keep us in your prayers.  I will do my best to update as soon as anything exciting happens, and I'm hoping to have internet access from the hospital as well to keep you updated through the day.  We look forward to you all meeting our newest addition!  Until next time...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

The flu & Monster Jam

As some of you may know, Travis & I have been battling the flu since early last week.  He started with it on Monday thinking it was a cold, then Tuesday morning he was down for the count!  I could not believe that this hideous bug had come to our home, I mean come on... I'm due to have a baby any day now!!!!  I followed him with Lysol, bleach, Clorox wipes, you name it.  I sprayed every door handle, every pillow, everything you could possibly think of.  It got to the point I think he thought I was trying to kill him, LOL!  I have washed my hands and sanitized them so much since last Tuesday that they are cracked like the desert! 

I was crossing my fingers ever so tightly and praying that myself and Carter would not catch it.  Then, there came Thursday.  I went for my doctors appointment and while I was there I started with this dry cough, and a little bit of a headache.  By 2:00, I was on the downward spiral.  I felt absolutely horrible.  I had tried so hard to avoid "the bug", but it was just greater then me.  Let me just tell you, when this little critter hits you, IT HITS YOU!!  I've taken every Tylenol cold medicine you have ever seen, and nothing seems to touch it.  The Tylenol keeps the fever at bay for all of about an hour, but then the next three you just sit there and shiver or sweat.  It's good times, yeah right!  As each day passed and I slowly became worse all I could think was, Saturday is coming and I promised Carter that we would take him to the Monster Jam.  Yesterday morning, I was up at 6:15, showered and had a burst of energy like you've never seen.  I thought, wow!  I'm going to be over this before Travis.  I was doing laundry, cleaning house, and even suggested that we go to breakfast, after all it was going to be our "last" Saturday as just the three of us.  

Breakfast?!  My two boys never decline a breakfast date.  So we got ourselves dressed and we were out the door by 7:45.  We went to Cracker Barrel and enjoyed some yummy pancakes and then headed to Wally world.  What trip to town would be complete without going to Wally world?  We hit up the medicine aisle that is for sure!   I few more varieties of Tylenol to try and "fix" us!! :)  When we came home, I still had my burst of energy, still cleaning, disinfecting and getting our house ready for baby Tucker's arrival.  Travis' mom came over and played with Carter for a bit then took him over to her house for a bit so we could catch a nap.  After our nap, I asked Travis if he felt up to taking Carter to the Monster Jam.  He didn't really want to go but I think he could tell that it was something I really wanted to do for the little guy since his world is fixing to be a bit chaotic for awhile.  

He finally agreed and we hurried to get ready.  We didn't decide to go until 5:30 and the show started at 7:30.  Luckily I was able to get tickets online, because the event was sold out when we got there!!  I would have never dreamed that many people would come out to see monster trucks!  Carter was beyond excited.  As we walked towards the stadium his little face gleamed with excitement and the roar of the trucks made him all that more excited.  As a mother, there is nothing more rewarding then to see your child's eyes light up with joy.  I was so glad that we had decided to bring him regardless that we were not feeling up to par.  Carter sat in my lap the majority of the show and insisted that my hands stay over his ears.  He would just smile, and make truck noises the entire time.  Finally around 10:00 I asked Travis if he was ready, it was time for me to find some more cold medicine and I was a bit tired.  We had to get Carter a souvenir, and he opted to go with the Blue Thunder monster truck.  He was the happiest kid on the block until he realized we were leaving.  He didn't make to much fuss, as long as we let him hold his new truck!  Our walk back to the truck was full of "monster" talk.  He talked about how big the trucks were, and why they jumped over the cars, and how fast they were.  My hopes of him enjoying the night, well let's just say it happened!

I didn't realize that we looked as "sick" as we did.... here's some proof!!! :)

On the ride home I told Travis, I was so glad we decided to go.  I knew that the monster trucks would be something I'm sure we'd be hearing about for days/weeks to come.  Sure enough, this morning, first thing he asks for... his Blue Thunder.  Travis was in the floor playing with him for a good hour.  They lined up his HotWheels cars and they were jumping them.  They had a strand of green beads (don't ask me where those came from, I have no idea), as the starting line and the tool set was just to the side to fix any flat tires, or other catastrophes!  :)  As I sat on the couch, our last Sunday as three... I found myself at peace, knowing that everything is going to be so much sweeter and my life more full in just a matter of days.  Carter knows we love him, and next year this time, I'll have three boys (Travis included) in the floor jumping HotWheels cars with monster trucks!  

What a life I have.  I wouldn't trade this life for anything the world has to offer.  From the monster trucks, dirty little boy clothes, hand prints on the walls, sippy cups under the couch (ooh, those can be bad), to the soft touch of a little hand or the great big smile and open arms that so often greet me as I enter a room..... this my friends, this is the life to live.  This is the life I love.  Can't wait to see how much sweeter it's about to become!!!

Until next time, take care & God bless!!


PS... as I finish typing this I hear from the living room... "Daddy, Daddy, play monster trucks with me!"  I think it is safe to say, we made his weekend!! :)