Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

I just have to catch myself sometimes when Carter says some of the stuff he says, so that he doesn't see me laughing.  Half of it is stuff he shouldn't say, and he does get reprimanded for it, but for that split second I have to turn my head and ever so quietly bust into laughter.  Lately he's been coming up with some of the funniest stuff.  It's like he knows the ever so perfect moment to say it.

Last Friday we went out to eat and then to Wal-Mart.  A pretty routine Friday night for us.  We turned on to 301 headed back into town and Carter started in with he wanted a new toy from Wal-Mart.  After cleaning, and picking up toys all week long the last thing I wanted to do was add another to the mix.  I told him that there would not be any toys he had more then enough at home.  Well, of course, this chapped him right off.  He started crying and nothing we said was going to make him happy.  Travis finally came up with the great idea that we would get him fresh boiled peanuts on the way home.  On our way home we got closer and closer to where the peanut lady should be and.... she was not there!  Oh heavens!  What should we do now.  This just sent him into another fit.  Once again, Daddy to the rescue picked up his cell phone and pretended to call the peanut lady.  He reassured Carter she would be there the next day.  Carter said, "Daddy, you promise we'll get peanuts tomorrow?  Call her back and tell her I want a water too!"  Seriously... was he putting in his order for peanuts and a drink??  Too funny!!  

On Saturday he spent the morning with Travis while I went for a pedicure with Paulette (my mother in law).  While we were there we received a phone call from Granny Vera that she had been in a car accident.  Luckily she is okay but her car, not so much.  She was pretty shaken up but is doing okay now.  When we made it to Granny's, Papa Joe being the jokester that he is, was saying, "Granny go up, and Granny go down".  Carter thought this was the funniest thing. As we were all eating lunch together and talking, Carter was at the small table behind the kitchen table talking to himself.  I turned around to see what he was saying and he was holding his hands up then down saying, "Granny go up, Granny go down!"  Then he would laugh.  It just amazes me that he was even paying attention when Papa was saying that.  

The best of all these cute little moments is the one Travis just informed me of.  Since I am no longer allowed to tuck Carter in at night (his choice, not mine), Travis is the one that gets that sweet pleasure.  When he tucked him in last night and they were saying their prayers Carter's went like this, "Thank you Jesus for Tucker, and momma, and Tucker's ninny bottles!!!!!!!"  Yes, you read that correctly, he thanked Jesus for Tucker's ninny bottles.  Now, for those of you that have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, ninny bottles are what "I" feed Tucker with. Explaining to my three year old about breast feeding was not something I had put a whole lot of thought into.  Just a recap as to where this came from, when we came home from the hospital Carter was asking how I was going to feed Tucker.  I explained to him the best I knew how that I would feed him.  He wasn't getting it, so I asked him if he knew how the baby cows ate their dinner and he said yes, they drink ninny.  Well, my quickest thinking was to tell him that I too had ninny bottles.  This cured his curiosity and that was the end of it.  No more questions, that's just how it is.  It seemed easy enough to me at the time, but now that he tells me when Tucker cries, "Momma, he just wants his ninny bottles, feed him!"  When Travis told me that he said this while saying his prayers I thought I was going to die laughing.  It was hilarious and absolutely precious at the same time.  The innocence of a child, and the things that he is thankful for.  He also asked yesterday, "Momma, why does bubba cry all the time?"  Now there my friends is the million dollar question.  My response, if I knew son, he wouldn't be crying!! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Singing HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

My friend Kari just said that Summer is here, and I believe she is totally right.  The heat is coming and it won't be leaving us anytime soon, more like October!!  It's time for swimming pools, lemonade, trips to the lake, and anything else you can find to keep yourself cool during these hot months ahead.  I'm already sporting my tatoo flip flops.  Surely you know what I'm talking about, you know the ones you wear starting every Spring when it starts to get hot and you have a permanent impression of your shoes on your feet?!  Almost makes my feet look as if they are dirty all the time.  

My ugly feet, just had to share my flip flop tan... please ignore the feet, please!

Last week while I was doing some shopping I picked Carter up a pack of three water guns.  I didn't even show them to him until today.  My mom and grandparents came over for lunch and then we all visited outside on the porch.  The wind was blowing but I can guarantee you we were still pretty warm, especially sitting in the sun.  The shade wasn't so bad.  When our company started to leave, Carter did what he always does when company leaves and started to cry.  I quickly picked up the water guns and the crying was gone!  He ran outside to have Travis fill up his gun, and I prepared my moms weapon in the kitchen!!  As we expected as soon as she made her way out the door he was soaking her with all his might!  That was the beginning of the "fill my gun, Dad."  Thank goodness that Travis is a patient father, I'm sure he filled that gun fifteen times or more.  

Hey, that's not cool! 
Once our company was on there way down the drive, the fight was on between father and son!!  I sat back in hopes of not getting sprayed, who was I trying to kid?  I opted to grab my camera to use as an excuse to keep from getting wet.  I don't really know who was having more fun, Travis or Carter?!  They must have filled up their guns five times within five minutes. 

Always sticking that tongue out!!

Where was Tucker you might ask?  What is Tucker always doing if he's not eating????  You guessed it, he was snoozing in his swing.  He's living the good life right now! :)  

Watch out Dad...
Hope that all of you are enjoying your weekend, and staying cool!

They turned their guns on me, YIKES! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm being stalked....

I'm sure if you visit my blog regularly you have noticed I've added a traffic feed on the right side. I added it just to see who was peeking in on us.  This one city continues to pop up day after day, hour after hour.  Seems to me that someone in Graceville, Florida is a tad bit obsessed with The Higginbothams and what's going on with us!  Being the detective that I can be sometimes, I've got to the bottom of this creepy case and figured out who the stalkers are.......

The Hannahs, a.k.a clowns! ;)  Let me explain, this lovely couple (better known to our family as Caca & Kyle, my sister & brother in law) live in a small town called Graceville.  From my understanding, not much goes on in this little town and when they have nothing better to do they stalk us!  

I'm totally joking by this post, it doesn't bother me one bit in the world that these two are always hanging around.  Sweet couple, great personalities, fun to be around, and well quite frankly... I miss them.  I wish they weren't in Graceville, better known to us as Grace-vegas, that's an inside joke between the three of us, but the Lord has called Kyle into the ministry and for now Graceville is there home.  Will the return "home" one day or will the Lord send them elsewhere?  I'm not really sure but I want them to know that everyone here loves them and misses them.

You may remember me posting about our adventure to the fair, well I did not give credit where credit is due.  I am here now to say a great big Thank You to Kyle & Caca for their baby sitting services as well.  They keep Carter very entertained and Kyle is quite the trooper when it comes to Carter time. Carter climbs all over him, beats on him, follows him saying "play with me Kyle, play with me!!!", and Kyle gladly jumps right to it.  At the fair, Carter was begging with anyone that would listen to ride the rides with him.  Kyle & Caca both stepped up to the plate, thanks guys!!  Carter loves his Caca & Kyle very much. When I picked him up from school yesterday I told him we were going out to Nana's.  His first question, "where's Jessica & Kyle momma?"  I told them they were in Graceville at their house, and he couldn't understand why they would not be at moms.  (((HE LOVES YOU GUYS!!)))

So Hannahs, when you read this know that Callahan is missing you & can't wait for your next visit!  It's soon to be beach time, and you both know how much C loves the beach!!!  :)  Have a wonderful day in Grace-vegas, be safe.... I LOVE YOU!


P.S.  See Kyle, you get mentioned... I've not forgot you, I'm just the mother of two small children working with only 1/3 of the brain cells I used to have :)  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trying to catch up....

I am trying my very best to catch up on posting.  I have so many things I've blogged about that just need me to add pictures, and then click that big orange button, "publish post".  Just wanted to say that I hope I'm not wearing you all out by posting non stop last night and today.  Hey, at least I'm giving you something to do if you're sitting at work bored out of your mind!  LOL!

Three posts last night and still to come, our Easter recap, & Carter's first air show with Papa Wally Gator.

Happy Monday!!!

Here are some pictures sure to make your Monday brighter....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time for tagging

This evening was a new task for me.  Travis informed me that he may need my help with the gates while he was tagging the steers.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, I know nothing about this farm living.... I suppose everyone has to learn if this is going to be their life, huh?  With both little ones in tow, Tucker in his stroller, Carter asking a gazillion and one questions we headed off to "help" Daddy.  I was thinking, oh dear heaven please don't let me get trampled by a cow or open the wrong gate.  I am such a chicken.  I get so nervous about learning new things that I am completely clueless about.  Travis has so much cow/farm knowledge and me... not so much!  I know eventually I'm just going to have to jump in and be more helpful, but I was doing my part yesterday on the "wrong" side of the fence.  I was taking pictures, isn't that just as important as tagging a cow or making sure the right gate is open?  I think so, ha ha!!  I was hoping my dear husband wouldn't notice I never made it in to the coral, but I'm sure he's aware of my reasons for lagging behind.  

((Getting them all lined up)))

Travis led the cows towards the head shoot, as Carter and I watched from the outside of the fence.  One by one they lined up to await their turn, granted they had no clue that they were waiting there turn.  There only thought was to run down the lane and hope and pray the head shoot was open enough that they could squeeze through.  When one would get to the shoot, Travis would spray them down with some sort of spray to keep the flies off them, and then if the poor thing was lucky enough to be a steer, he was tagged with two lovely green earrings (tags).  I've never been around when cows were tagged so when the first one let out this eery moo, I just made a funny face and told Travis I wasn't sure he really enjoyed that.  He just gave me that look of... to bad! 

(((And he's tagged...)))

After tagging the first one, he led him off to where the steers would spend their days, and then it was time to get the next lucky one into position.  As I watched Travis go from gate to gate, then back to the head shoot, and getting them lined up I thought to myself holy moly this is a lot of work for one guy.  Maybe I should have helped out!  

So, I offered to make my way around.  On my way to the gate Travis just said, "never mind, by the time you get here I'll be done!"  Whew!!  I got out of it again.  There's probably not many of those days left, eventually he's going to throw me over the fence and right in to the mix of it all.  :)  Maybe I can hold out until Carter's a little bigger and just always watch from the side lines!!


(((She wasn't very happy about being in there)))

I might not be very much help, but Tater & Cowboy sure are.  Those yelping critters did nothing but run and bark the entire time.  Supervisor Carter sat on top of the mower and pouted for a minute or two when he thought that I was going in there with Travis.  When he realized I wasn't he perked back up and started giving his daddy advice on what he was doing.  "watch that cow daddy!"  It's too funny to sit back and watch Carter as he acts so grown and the way he talks truly cracks me up.  

(((The yelpers)))

One by one, he tagged and sprayed and our (well my) little friends were back to doing what they do best, eating.   The girls from the other field watched from afar.  I bet they were wondering if they were next!!!

Until next time...Jen

Sprouting up....

The farmers in my life, Travis & Carter, are very proud of the little sprouts that are popping up in our yard.  Carter was so excited when we checked after several days of continuous rain to find that his watermelon seeds were popping up through the soil!!  He said, "look momma!  My watermelon grew, can I pick it?"  Seriously, how stinkin' cute is that??? Each day since then, he's asked about his watermelon.  He doesn't really seem to care one way or another about the corn that is up to his knees now!  It's also really cute to watch him run to his bedroom window or ours to peep through at his garden.  I can't wait to see him when it comes time to do some pickin'!!

Carter was walking down the corn row, when I told him to stop and make sure there weren't any bugs on the leaves.  Well, I didn't mean for him to yank the poor corn stalk out of the ground!! He brought it to me to assure me there weren't any bugs, and the we decided we'd put it back in the ground to see if it would grow.  Probably won't, but we can hope right?  :)

He also gave me a pretty little purple flower this afternoon.  What a sweet boy!!

Grow garden grow....



Grandpa, Pa, Papa, Pappy, Pop, whatever you choose to say whoever you are calling is usually a very special person to you.  At least I know in my life that name holds a very, very special meaning.  When I titled this entry, I thought of the song by The Judds called, "Grandpa".  The song has always meant a lot to me since I've always been so close to my own Grandpa.  My Papa, has been such a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.  He has been there when we needed him most, and was always reliable.  Growing up I loved being at his house, on the porch, or even riding in the woods with him.  As young as four, my mom would send me off with him to the woods when he'd go to check on my uncle and the other boys that were hunting.  I watched him work many days from daylight to dusk.  I remember looking at his hands as a little girl and thinking how old, and rough his hands looked.  Now I know those hands were hands that were providing hands, loving hands.  Each wrinkle and scar an indication of his love and dedication to his family.

When I married Travis, I was blessed with two more sets of grandparents.  Papa Joe & Granny Vera are Paulette's parents.  Then we have Papa Cotton (Neal), and Granny Noni (Naomi), which live in front of us.  Both of these couples made an instant impression on me.  Both full of an undying love for one another.  They still have the "spark" that I'm sure was there the day they married.  It is a blessing to me to know that after all these years there love is still strong, and what an example for people my age.  Marriage is worth staying together for years, until "death do us part."  Both Granny's always cooking, and welcoming you when you enter their homes.  Both Papa's full of funny stories, silly jokes, and wisdom like none other.  Like with my own Papa, I've grown to love both of these men as my own Papa.  How lucky am I to have so many Papa's in my life?
A few months back our family was struck with some news that no family ever wants to hear, our Papa Joe was diagnosed with cancer.  He is such a Godly, Christian, loving, caring, genuine, friendly man.  I remember meeting him for the first time and thinking what a sweet person he was.  He always has a smile on his face regardless of the situation.  His spirit is unbreakable I do believe.  He's fighting this battle with a smile on his face.  I don't know how some people do it, I think what I would do in his situation and I can't honestly say I think I'd still be smiling. 

We visited Papa Joe today.  His been pretty weak in the past days, and he was asking to see the boys.  I'm glad that visiting with him brightens his day and that the boys bring him so much joy. I love to watch him show Carter little hand tricks, or tell him a funny story, or listen to him pick at Granny for whatever.  Some of you may know that my children are named after their great-grandfathers.  Carter Neal, named Carter after my Papa Fred "Carter", and Neal after Papa Cotton.  Then little Tucker is Tucker William after Papa Joe.  I wanted the boys to have names with a meaning, and to name them after people that Travis & I hold so dear to our hearts.  

We don't know what lies ahead with Papa Joe and his cancer, all I do know is that he is in God's hands.  It blesses my heart to know that he is a man of God, that he is saved and that if God does call him home, he'll be ready to meet Jesus.  I ask that if you are reading this to please keep Papa Joe & Granny Vera in your prayers.  Prayer is a powerful thing, and although we may not always get our answers right away, God hears our every cry.  I pray that God will provide Papa with restful nights, and the strength he needs to get through each day.  I pray that Granny will be able to continue being a rock for Papa, and that God will give her a peace that He is taking care of everything.  I thank God for each of these men that I've wrote about tonight.  I pray many blessings on their lives for all that they've done for their families.  


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A year of blogging

Today marks my one year blogging anniversary.  When I started blogging I wasn't really sure what the purpose was, or if it was even worth my time.  I looked back through my blog entries last week and realized my 'anniversary' was coming up!  A year sure does fly by.  

My thought of whether or not this was worth my time has been answered.  It is worth every bit of time it takes me to jot down the little things that make my life tick.  As I read some of the entries over the last year, I am so grateful that I took the time to snap the picture and blog the thought. Life is so unbelievably hectic that we forget those little things.  Those little moments that made us have that gut laugh, come on you know what I'm talking about the ones that make your stomach hurt.  Or the moment that your little one said that precious little phrase, whatever it might be.  Or just the moments that make you stop in your tracks and say thank you Lord.  

My blog is a blessing to me.  It is my daily reminder that the housework can wait, but the little ones who are asking you to play or just snuggle with me, can not.  Thank you to those of you that have been keeping up with us and your comments!  It's nice to know you are there ;)!!

Now to another year of blogging....


PS...I have tons of entries to finish and post about our Easter weekend, be looking for those in the next few days!!  :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fair time=fun time!!!

As Travis and I have for the past eight years, we attended the Clay County Fair on Friday evening. Going to the fair has taken on an all new meaning for us now that we have little ones.  It was once about just getting away from the parents to hang out with friends (in my case), and for Travis well quite frankly it was his home away from home.  Things have obviously changed because now we actually purchase tickets for rides, and cotton candy, candy apples, and dare we forget the funnel cakes??  Funny enough we actually walk through the barns to "see" the animals now not just look for friends that might be hanging out in the barn area. 
Our first stop was the old pioneer area of the fair.  This area is a bit on the special side to me since some of my kin folks old homes are in this exhibit.  To walk through and see the actual homes that people lived in many, many years ago was very touching.  Amazes me still that we have to have big luxurious homes with three and four bedrooms, sometimes five, but these homes were one room homes with a family of six to 10 people or more.  We walked up on the porch, lined with rockers and there sat some distant relatives.  I just smiled thinking back to how many conversations there had been on this old porch.  How many times that the children ran up on the porch and through the door calling momma.  Simplicity, sheer simplicity. Whatever happened to that?  Walking through the old homes, and church made me wonder how did we become such a rushed society?  Why did we lose those Sunday afternoon visits with family just sitting on the porch and the kids playing in the yard, not being entertained by technology or some other game.  Things sure seemed more peaceful.  The kitchen smaller then my smallest guest bedroom.  The living area maybe the size of my master bath. I walked through the home that belonged to family and I watched my mom as we entered and she was smiling.  Then she began to tell me of how she remembered coming to this home and playing as a young child.  She talked about how she remembered where the furniture was placed and how back then this was just the norm.    

It was time for some good 'ole fair food.  Anyone on a diet better stay away and not even come within five hundred feet of a fair.  The smell just sucks you right on in!!  Don't laugh, you know what I'm talking about the smell of corn dogs, bar-b-que, sausage dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn.  The list could go on and on.  We settled for corn dogs and a coke

Carter loves everything about the fair.  The slides are by far his favorite!  He's not afraid to ride anything, and you can guarantee that after each ride he's going to say, "come on, let's do it again!" Luckily this year it was a full family event.  My parents came along for the fun as did my brother and sister and their better halves.  Jason and Megan were our babysitters for the evening although they didn't really sign up for the task, Carter just insisted that they ride with him.  I wasn't sure my stomach was up for spin around rides just yet, and Travis has never gotten on a ride in the twelve years I've known him.  So, that's how Jason & Megan came to be the designated riders.... THANKS GUYS!! :)  

After making our way through the midway we decided to check out the shows.  They always have a dog frisbee show, and this year there was a new show with alligators.  We actually missed the alligator show, but caught the tail end of it when everyone was having their picture made.  As we walked closer, Travis & I realized that the guy doing the show was the same guy from previous years at the Jacksonville fair.  When we asked if he remembered us, he said he did.  Travis' mom was a big part of the fair association a few years back and that is how we knew him.  We requested a picture with the gator and as we walked up on the stage I was thinking I'd stand to the side of my two boys as they held the gator... nope, I got to hold his head.  Lucky, lucky me!! :)  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be actually.  :)  I was good, until the crowd got a little too close and the little fella, a.k.a "Wally Gator", started to get a little squirmy.  I very quickly passed him back to Jeff, his boss! :)  

By this point we were all getting pretty worn out.  Tucker, well he was sleeping as he had been doing most of the evening.  We didn't leave the fair without that last snack, the funnel cake.  It was quite scrumptious I might add!! There was one last thing little Carter wanted to do.  He had his own money and wanted to spend it by riding the mechanical bull, so off he went with his Dad to get in line.  When I caught up to them, he was already on the bull and his face was a little uncertain.  It started to move and his eyes became big and round, I just laughed.  He had that one hand in the air and death grip with the other.  He insisted that Travis not get to far away because he wasn't going to fall off, but Dad needed to be there nonetheless.  

After his ride, it was time to end the evening.  As we walked out the gate he said, "Bye fair, see you next year!" I just love it when he says things like that.  The kid has a heart that is just bubbling with excitement.  We were all exhausted and it didn't take long for my two little fellas in the back seat to fall out.  They slept peacefully until we got home and then we tucked them into bed.  

Another year, another fair.  Tons of great memories and we can't wait to do it all over again in the fall!!  


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Growing, growing, growing!!!

Our first month as a family of four has come and gone.  It flew by, to say the least.  Each of us is adjusting quite nicely, well in all honesty Travis & I are still trying to learn (again) how to live with limited amounts of sleep.  :)  Carter is doing wonderful as big brother.  He loves his little brother so very much.  He is very caring, and somewhat motherly or should I say fatherly!! :)  We've not seen much in the way of jealousy, just the occasional hold me or "momma, will you rock me?"  You can only imagine how I answer that question, "SURE!"  

Little Tucker, huh is that an understatement! :)  Tucker is getting used to the routine of how things go here around the Higginbotham household.  Who are we kidding, he's running the show! Our first two weeks home, he slept wonderfully.  I had to pinch myself a few times when I'd wake up and he would still be sleeping.  I, as any mother who is in desperate need of sleep would do, climbed ever so quietly back into bed!!  Then.... those nights, stopped!  What happened, we were at a loss.  He was fussy, he would scream, nothing we did would calm him.  It happened each night between 9 & 12.  We finally came to the conclusion... C.O.L.I.C!!  Never truly diagnosed by a physician but come on it's not rocket science!!  Poor little guy was still having quite the pickle of a time with spitting up and gas.  I took him in today to have the pediatrician take a look.  We arrived at the appointment, did the routine weigh in & temp, and then waited patiently for the doctor.  As we waited, he kept me busy.   Two dirty diapers, and then started "that" fuss.  You know the one that says, hey ma, get it out I'm hungry!!  I tried to hold him off because I knew the doc would be in at any minute.  

Dr. Egan came in and her first words were, "WOW!  He's not missing a meal is he?"  I just had to chuckle as he was trying to suck my neck off!!  Everyone that has seen Tucker here recently has been shocked at how much he has grown in the last month.  Dr. Egan was as shocked as I was to read that the little guy (ha ha) weighed, 10lbs. 12oz!!!!!!  Yep, don't go back you read it correctly!!  10lbs. 12oz!!  I think it is safe to say he is a good eater.  Dr. Egan assured me that everything was going well with him and that his biggest problem aside from a touch of acid reflux, is that our little Tucker bear is a little piggy!!  She said that he is just over eating and then giving it back to me in a not so nice manner.  :)  After a prescription for Zantac, and some other advice from her we were off and on our way home.  It tickles me that he is such a little butterball.  Carter was always a healthy baby but not one that I would say was "chunky".  Sweet Tucker, now he's "chunky!!"  

We are so glad to have our little chunky monkey with us now.  He is a true blessing, even when he's throwing one of those true red head fits of his.  ;)  He has the sweetest little smile and is trying his best to coo.  Carter let's him know each day that he can help in the garden and he tells him of all the things he's going to teach him.  There is a bond there already!!  

Well, as all my fellas are already in bed, I think it would be wise on my part to follow close behind.  Hope all is well with each of you!!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

You break it, we fix it.... Handy Manny

Am I the only one that this sign relates too???  We all know I'm not the most even tempered, calm person but come on... don't we all have "those" days?!  When my eyes catch this sign sometimes, it's a reminder to me that I need to slow down, and if things are really crazy and hectic, I just need to pray.

What would a clean the house day be without some sort of trouble?  Come on, you know what I'm talking about.  The days when you are in the zone, you are on a roll and someone enters in to track across your freshly (still wet) mopped floors, or puts their dirty clothes on the floor instead of the hamper, or the best... you're doing the mountains of laundry that have over taken your home only to find that the washer is only washing, not spinning or draining or any of those other lovely things it's supposed to do as a washer.  

Today was one of those days.  I decided to tackle those mountains of laundry and I really was on a roll, until I noticed that the second load just wasn't finishing as quickly as I thought it should. After some inspection, I found that it was stopping after the wash cycle and not going any further.  Let me just say, in a way this was music to my ears!!  I'm beyond ready to have a new washer and dryer but each time one of these things decides to try and kick the bucket my loving husband comes back in to save the day!!!

When Travis came home I told him that I had some bad news.  He just looked at me with those eyes of, 'I don't care about your bad news, I don't want to hear whatever it is you are about to tell me.'  I then smiled really big and told him that the washer had died.  We would have to make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase a new one.  Oh no!  He wasn't having it.  He would revive the old girl if it was the last thing he did.  I think he likes to see me almost come to tears knowing he can fix that old, rickety washer & dryer.  :)  At least I have a washer and dryer though, right?  I could be using a washboard and a clothes line!

As I sat on the couch doing what I do best these days, feeding Tucker, Travis headed off to the laundry room.  I heard him working and I crossed my fingers and silently said a prayer... "please God, don't let him be able to fix it!"  Then, here comes Handy Manny to the rescue.  For those of you that don't know who that is, it's a cartoon character on the Disney channel and Carter always pretends he is Handy Manny.  He loves to sing the song, "you break it, we fix it!" When he saw Travis working on the washer he ran into the living room and grabbed his tool box and off he went.  I just smiled because he was so excited to help his Dad.  

Believe it or not, they fixed it.  Today wasn't my day for a new washer.  I guess I'll just have to overload the old girl next week and hope for the best.  At least I have two of the best handy men in the county!! :)  But, for some reason... they aren't the tidiest men, I still find myself picking up after they save the day!! 

Thanks for the help fellas, I LOVE YOU! 
(((secretly crossing my fingers for a new washer and dryer soon!!!)))


Music is in his soul

Even before I held Carter in my arms, I knew that the child had a thing for music.  I was probably about 20 weeks along in my pregnancy with him when we visited my sisters church for a musical they were having.  One of the songs was very fast and up beat and the entire time Carter bounced around and squirmed in my belly.  I couldn't help but sit there and laugh.  

Then when he started walking, the dancing also started.  The kid loves music, doesn't matter what kind either.  Christian, country, pop, he truly could care less.  So what kid that doesn't love music, wouldn't love one of America's top t.v. shows, American Idol?!  Every week when it comes on and we tell him at dinner that we'll be watching it, he gets the biggest smile and screeches, "American Idol is coming on, woo hoo!!!!"  It's rather comical.  

This week I decided to grab my camera and catch him in action!!  Enjoy!!