Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Carter has been begging to go fishing. I told Travis we had to take him since we had nothing else planned. I love seeing Carter get so excited about spending time with Travis, doing "boy things".  Tucker, he's always along for the ride!


I must say all these boy activities, secretly have me wanting a little girl to share things with. Sure, I like to fish, ride four wheelers, play in the mud but I don't think the boys will ever be on board to go for a pedicure with me, or shopping.  For now, I suppose I'll just continue to pray and see what God has in store for us and if it's not a little package of pink, I pray for wives for my boys that will love their ma-in-law!




For now, I'll be in the mud, on the back of the four wheeler, or hanging out by the pond if you need me.

Happy to be a Momma!

Nothing beats being a mother. There are trying times but the happy, fun, memorable times out weigh those trying times by a country mile!
Tucker didn't want to have his picture made with me, so... it's just me & Cart this year!

Happy Mother's Day 2011!

Simple Saturday mornings

Simple and Saturday, do those two words even belong in the same sentence?  I love the Saturday mornings that we wake up and just hang out at the house. The morning I took this picture was just that. There were chores to be done, laundry piled high, and we were staying home. The boys and Trav went outside and when I looked out the screen door this is what I saw.
I love seeing the three of them together. It's often like I'm on the outside of their world looking in, and I love that. Granted this is just them fixing up a monster tricycle, thanks to Uncle Thomas, I still love the simplicity of the pictures.  I love my three fellas with everything I have in me.

He's going to hate me for this

I asked Carter to go out and feed Cowboy.  He had already taken a bath and was in his jammers (better known as his under-roos and t-shirt), but he ran out the back door looked for some shoes and as I saw him walk off the back porch I knew I had to grab my camera immediately to get his picture.  When I made it to the barn, he was coming out the door. He looked at me and tilted his head to the side and said, "where are you going to put these pictures?"  Does he know me, or what?!
Just look at his face, he knows he's doomed! 
He's so funny!
God love him, I just couldn't resist.  He's such a good sport. I just hope he remembers the laughs we had when his future girlfriends/wife see this photo one day!!!  I love you Carter, thanks for being such a fun kid!

Lesson learned.

When you leave your children in the care of their Uncle, don't always trust that things will stay in order.  Easter Sunday we left the children in the care of the men for just a moment and this is what happened.
Note, Tucker's wearing that same "my parents are exhausted" shirt!  It seems to be our motto!
This is what happens when you allow your uncle to watch the kids for a minute.... nice, huh?  It gets worse.

Just have a seat Tuck.


All good times come to an end.

Only the love of a Nana could love this mess!
He gave Nana a kiss... only a nana would like dirt kisses! ;)

My lesson learned, watch the kids yourself if you don't want to clean up mud!


***WARNING... lots and lots of pictures***
Easter recap, hot, fun, hot, and more fun!  The boys enjoyed baking cookies with Aunt Jessica the night before and coloring eggs. We made a special egg just for Big Papa!

Up to no good, I'm sure!

<3 just for Big Papa <3
Easter day we enjoyed a wonderful family lunch at Big Granny & Papa's. I do believe it is the first time that our entire family, cousins... everyone has been together in many, many years. The kids had a lot of fun playing together and looking for eggs.
<3 <3 <3
Little red

Looking around at the family we are so blessed with, I couldn't help but wish that Papa was more aware who each one is. He watched them all play but in my heart I know he wasn't really sure where he was or who all of these people were. Regardless of that, I was so very thankful to spend another family day with him.

Kindergarten egg hunt

Carter's class enjoyed a fun little egg hunt during school. It was so cute to watch them run around looking for the eggs with their name on it.



My parents are exhausted!

When I saw that Travis had given Tucker a hammer, my initial thought was well this probably won't end very well.  Look at him sitting there all cute and calm. Read his shirt, it's written in the stars what's about to happen here.

Is that the slightest look of mischief I see in his eyes?
Never give a 2 year old a hammer, Travis!

Then.... it happens!  Yep, you guessed it.  A bonk right to the top of Trav's head. I love the finger to the head, look of 'who me?!' on Tuck's face!!
told ya!  "Sorry Daddy, sorry!"

But who on earth could stay upset with this adorable little guy?!
love to make it better.

Moral of the story my friends, 2 year old + a hammer = NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Forever Friends

<3 these kids!!!
Friendships come and go.  There are those few that you know are super special and have that ability to be lifelong friendships. Gaige came into our lives several years ago and has been nothing but a perfect pal for Carter every since.  Carter thinks the world of Gaige and always brings up his name when we talk about planning a party, or a trip to Disney or a water park.
mean face...
When Eric called and said he would have him for a few days I was tickled to have the opportunity to surprise Carter with a visit from his very best pal!  A surprise is just what we did!!  I met Gaige and Ms. Debbie at CVS before I picked Carter up for school.  I think I was excited as the kids would be.  When Gaiged got in the truck, I told him to climb over the back seat and lay down so Carter could not see him.  When Carter got in the truck I asked him how his day was and what he would think if he could see his best friend, Gaige.  His response was something along the lines of that would be awesome.  About that time Gaige popped his head up and said, "well here I am!"
The look on Carter's face was beyond priceless. He didn't have a clue what to say, that was a rare moment!  I do remember him saying, "are you kidding me?" They played, they laughed, wrestled, chased each other and had the best time ever!  They even talked T-rav into playing duck, duck, goose.  That was the best part of the day if I do say so myself!
<3 <3 <3
I can't help but wonder how many great memories they will share together as they grow up. We thoroughly enjoyed having Gaige over, and look forward to more visits with him this summer.  The pictures from the day show that it was a energy packed, fun filled day!!!
Rugrats= nothing but sweet, sweet <3
Gaige, we love you buddy!  Can't wait to see you again soon!

Big Boy now

His smile and giggle are a true indication of how sweet and wonderful Carter is.  His giggle is simply contagious and his smile is ever so sweet.
At Carter's last dental visit I mentioned that he had been complaining of pain with his bottom front tooth. The assistant told me she'd mention it to the dentist and let me know. When he came out from his cleaning the assistant informed me that he was having pain but it wasn't caused by a cavity. The culprit was... my baby would soon be losing that little baby tooth. I know, I know... I'm a crazy nut, but I seriously teared up at the thought of that little tooth falling out.  I managed to keep my composure in the office but deep down inside this little tooth was causing me much sadness.
For nothing would Carter wiggle that tooth to aid it's way out of his head. I was okay with it until he complained so much about it hurting and the new, big boy tooth was already breaking the skin behind this little tooth.  I finally explained to him that it had to go. That little tooth need him to help him get out.
Finally on April 6, 2011, I peeked in on him while he was watching cartoons in his room. I caught him wiggling that little tooth.  When I jumped up on the bed to see the flood gates opened. Poor guy was so terrified to take that little tooth out. For the life of me I couldn't understand how he could be so afraid.  Travis soon joined us and we both tried to explain that it wouldn't hurt.
He finally fessed up told us, "but it's going to bleed!" I laughed and told him that sure it was going to bleed but that wasn't so bad. I told him we could get a wash cloth and wet it to help with the bleeding. That's all it took. He jumped down out of that bed, and off to the bathroom he went.  He wiggled, he turned, he sniffled, complained a bit more and then all of a sudden I hear him say gasp, "Ooh, Momma!  It's out!"
He held that tooth between his tiny fingers and just stared. His eyes were huge!!  It did bleed a little bit but he was okay with it. He was too amazed that he had finally pulled that little fella out of there! There he stood with that now toothless smile.  Again, I need no one to remind me of what a mush I am, but I couldn't help but tear up.  We had moved on from the days of a paci (or a pipe, as he called it), diapers were long gone, sippy cups were tossed and the only thing that kept my baby a baby was no gone.  He was officially a big boy, doing big boy things.
As I look at his little smile now with that gap, I can't help but smile and remember the road to getting that little tooth out.  Now the one that once lived next door is loose and we're heading down the same path. Cart's thought is this, "it'll come out when it's good and ready momma.  I'll just wiggle it every once and awhile."  Oh how I love this sweet child.