Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There's a new baby in town!!!!

Nothing sweeter then a new baby.  I got the call around 6:30 that the new addition had made it's arrival!!  I ran to gather Travis & Carter so we could go and welcome the little one.  Camera in hand because we all know how I love to take pictures of a new baby, off we went!!! :)

The proud parents, Jack & Georgia Donkey would like for you to meet their new little Jack, 'Lil Joe!!!  He's the cutest little donkey I have ever seen!  Actually, he's the only baby donkey I've ever seen!  I didn't expect him to be so small, nor did I expect Georgia would just let me walk right up and pet him.  

 Georgia, being the good momma that she is, stayed right with 'Lil Joe.  She was very protective if Jack, the Daddy, came around.  She was not putting up with any nonsense from him, at all!! Carter was a bit stand offish at first, but then before we left he started to warm up to the little guy.  I'm so glad that he is able to grow up on a farm.  I think it is going to instill many good lessons in his life.  

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!  

One proud donkey lover...

Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh boy, was that every creepy to write?! I must admit, turning 29 really hasn't phased me one bit. Who cares that I'm 29?  I don't feel 29, as a matter of fact in all honesty I only feel about 25.  I may be tired as all get out, but I really don't feel 29 at all.  I view my birthday as just another blessing.  One more year that God has brought me through!

This year, I just wanted a relaxing evening with some friends to celebrate.  So, Saturday night we left the little chiren' with my mother in law and off we went to Okinawa.  YUMMY!!!  We had about 17 guests and we had a great time at dinner.  Having close friends is really something special.  As I sat there and ate my dinner I thought about how lucky I was to have such a tight knit family and group of friends.  Each one there at the table had some special meaning to me.  There was my brother and his girlfriend Megan.  Renee, Mallory, and Traci... Thanks for coming gals, LOVE YOU!  The West's, Justin & Amanda and their sweet little new bundle of joy (they just found out they are expecting), Lindsey & Dennis... Lindsey, you always make me smile girl!  Klynt & Heather, talk about the life of the party these two are!!! :)  Then Uncle Chris & Auntie Dee ;).  Oh, and dare I forget the dear 'ol Trav?  He never let's a dull moment come about!!!

After dinner we went bowling.  If you ever want to laugh until your stomach aches, go bowling with  my husband, his cousin (Klynt), and Uncle Chris.  Hoo, hoo, hoo-larious! :)  Not real sure what it is about bowling that makes people just let go.  On my team, we had sweet little Mallory, so we all bowled rather well since we had the guard rails up, LOL! :)  After bowling I was so excited to be going home.  I was going to get myself some much needed rest.  And that, I did!  I slept from 12, til 9 the next morning.  Thank the Lord for Granny's! :)  Come 9:00 though, I was ready to see my babies!!!  I swear Tucker looked like he gained 3 pounds while we were gone.  Big boy!!

The birthday festivities did not stop there.  On Sunday, we had a low country boil at Papa & Mimi's house.  There were more desserts then you could imagine.  Then my actual birthday was Monday, and wow.... we had more birthday festivities!!! :)  I loaded up the boys and we headed out to moms for some swimming.  You'd think by now I'd have a tan, nope... not yet! :)  Carter had a blast swimming all day.  We had my favorite, tomatoes and rice for lunch and for dinner mom cooked a roast, mashed potatoes and mac n cheese!!  Then for my birthday cake, we had cupcakes with my favorite ice-cream, Heath Klondike bars!! :) :) :)  Carter helped make the cupcakes, and he even sang happy birthday to me three times without being told.  He's so stinkin' cute.  He also said the prayer at lunch and it went like this, "....and thank you Jesus for momma, cause I love you momma!"  That's all I needed for my birthday to be complete! Talk about making a momma proud.  :)

June 29th, has come and gone.  I say this word a lot here but the best way I know to wrap up my birthday is blessed.  I have more love from my family & friends then I probably deserve most days.  They are each a treasure in my life and I wouldn't trade any of you for nothing this world has to offer.  Now, on to year 29.  What will it hold, no one knows but I'm sure it'll be interesting!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes from everyone!

Love you!
The old gal.... knock, knock, knockin' on 30's door!!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The battle...

The past week has been a bit emotional around these parts, hence the few blog entries.  

My future sister in law, Megan, lost her brother Casey to the battle he was facing with cancer. We all owe Casey a huge Thank You.  He served in our US Army for 6 years and served two tours of duty in Baghdad.  Such a brave, and courageous young man to stand up, be proud, and fight for his country and our rights.  

Since learning of Casey's passing, I've just been in a bit of a slump.  You all know what I'm talking about.  Those days where you are here, but you're just kind of numb.  I didn't personally know Casey, but Megan is a part of the family so therefore I feel like I did know him.  

As I've been contemplating whether or not to blog about this, God laid it on my heart that I should.  Casey was a 28 year young man.  Did you read that?  YOUNG... he had his entire life ahead of him.  He has a beautiful daughter named Cara, and a sweet wife Rachel.  I can't imagine the pain and sorrow that this family is going through at this time.  Twenty eight years old.  I can't imagine his parents pain, and I'm sure they are also wondering why.  I think of Megan and try to think of the words to say to comfort her, but they don't seem to come.  My prayers are all I have to offer this family.  I pray God wraps His loving arms around them, and pray that His presence is felt by each of them.  I pray God gives them peace, and an understanding.  

So many times in the past week have I caught myself wondering why.  Why would God choose to take someone like Casey?  I know we aren't to question God and His reasoning for things, but to take someone that is so loved by so many, it just puzzles me.  I keep praying and asking God to show me, show others that He is to get the glory for this.  Puzzling is a good word to use, I suppose.  Puzzled as to that small word, why.  I know one thing that God has shown me through this time is that my witness to others needs to be stronger. My life needs to be a gleaming reflection of God's love.  I need to learn to be a stronger witness, I need to reach out more and not be afraid if others think I'm strange or whatever.  Who cares, as long as I take a stand for God.  Our lives are not promised tomorrow, yet alone our next breath. So my friends my question is this, if God called you home right now, or tomorrow morning, or next weekend as you celebrate Independence Day... will you meet God?  Will you stand before Him and here Him say, Welcome home?!  

Am I perfect?  No.  Am I a devout Christian? No.  Do I fail every day? Yes.  Do I love the Lord? Yes.  It is my prayer, that my life will continue to grow closer and closer as I walk with Jesus.  It is also my prayer that others will see Him in me.  I pray that I can be the witness and Christian God has called me to be.  I pray that if you don't know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior that you will seek Him today.

My heart goes out to the Watters family.  My thoughts and prayers are with them, as I'm sure the days that lie ahead will be tough, but may God give them an amazing peace to get through. I ask that all of you please keep this family in your prayers as well.  

Thank you Casey for your service to our country.  Thank you for being the son, brother, husband and father that you were.  God bless!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Memory Monday

Splashin' around with Daddy last year, his sweet little face still looks like a bit of a baby.  Not so much anymore! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Memory Monday...

One year ago today, was Father's Day.  We had lunch at our house, and Carter helped with the food.  These pictures are of him washing the potatoes!! :)

Doing Memory Monday has really sent me down memory lane!!  You forget how quickly things change and it becomes even more evident of how quickly your children grow when you are forced to go back and find a picture from a year ago!!  

With Father's Day on the horizon, what's everyone planning on getting the Dad in your life??

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catch of the day!!!

Just love his face in this one!!!

This morning we went to church in Maxville with my mom.  My little Carter was so excited about going to church, and then going fishing at Big Papa's pond.  This little guy loves to get dirty and do whatever it is his Daddy is getting into!  Anywho, after church we went to MacClenny for lunch, then to Wal-Mart.  

Wal-Mart, what trip is ever complete without a trip to "the place" everyone needs?  Our goal for this trip, worms.  Yes, you read that correctly we were there to purchase worms.  Travis had promised Carter that he would take him fishing this weekend.  After purchasing the worms and heading to Nana's to fish Carter was so excited to get on his fishing clothes and get to it!

Yes, that would be my son with a worm in his mouth!! YUCK!

As many of you fellow Floridians know, yesterday was H.O.T!!!  And yes, it's going to get much hotter for us.  With the heat, and my little fare skinned baby Tucker, I opted to stay indoors and visit with my mom and grandparents.  We had probably been chatting for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden at the back door we hear a loud knock followed by the door be swung open and Carter yelling, "I caught a big one, I caught a big one... COME SEE IT!"  At first, we weren't exactly sure what he was talking about then he kept on so we went to see what the commotion was all about.  This is what we saw when we came out the door.....

Now is that a smile that isn't contagious or what?

The story goes a little something like this.  Carter had his own little pole, doing his own thing. Travis baited the hook and was just letting Carter have his own fun time.  All of a sudden Travis heard the line going out and he looked and Carter's bobber was GONE!  He told Carter to hold on to the pole and whatever he did, "DO NOT LET GO!"  Carter was so excited, as he reeled and reeled as hard as he could.  Travis had to assist because this big guy got a little tangled up in the lily pads but this my friends, is Carter's first big catch!  I am so proud of him, and he's proud too!!  We will be showing this big boy off in the local paper!! :)  

Way to go Carter bug!!!  
love you... momma!

Happy days everyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A to Z, a little bit about me.

Here's a few things you just might not know about me.

A-Age: 28 for 20 more days!! ;)
B-Bed size: KING, praise the Lord for my King size bed.
C-Chore you hate: Folding laundry
D-Dogs Name: Tater, and Cowboy
E-Essentials to start my day: Caffeine
F-Favorite Color: Black & White
G-Go ld, Silver, Platinum: My rings are platinum, so there's my choice.
H-Height: A whopping 5'4"
I-Instruments you play(ed): I played the piano when I was younger, the clarinet when I was in Jr. High, and now... I play, the radio! :)
J-Job Title: My job is being a mom.... best job by far!!
K-Kids: Carter, 3 & Tucker, 3 months
L-Living Arrangements: Me, Trav, Carter, Tucker & the kitties in the house on the farm!
M-Moms name: Alicia a.k.a Nana
N-Nicknames: Jen Jenny (which only my aunt and my granny can call me), babe, and momma
O-Overnight stays in the hospital: When I delivered my children.
P-Pet Peeve: When I am sweeping for someone to walk through my trash.
Q-Quote from a movie: "I can hear the ice clinking in the glass momma! A reminder of my unhe happy childhood!" Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. ***This one should make my sister laugh***
R-Right or left hand: Right
S-Siblings: Jason, & Jessica
T-Time you wake up: Most of the time it's around 7ish. I'm one of the lucky moms that has early risers (((Since my sarcasam?!)))
U-Underwear: Yes... I find them as a necessity ;)
V-Veggie you dislike: Okra...too gooey for me.
W-Ways you run late: I have kids...enough said!
X-Xrays you've had: Umm... all I can think of are of my teeth...ooh, wait. I did have my wrist xrayed once.
Y-Yummy food you make: Cake batter cookies. These are to die for... email me for the recipe, you'll be so glad you did!!!
Z-Zoo favorite: Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, any kind of cat. I always wish I could bring one home!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Memory Monday...

When I looked for pictures for todays Memory Monday, I was reminded that it was this weekend last year that we broke ground for our new home!!  How exciting, and once again I'm in awe of how much my life has changed in the last year.  

Todays pictures are of Carter & Tater playing while Travis was clearing so the builder could start on our house.  The second picture is of Carter having a fun day at Nana's swimming in the pool!!! Oh, and he enjoyed an ice cream!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking back....

Thinking back to a year ago, I think of how much my little Carter, my baby, has changed.  He's no longer a baby, no longer a toddler, but I my friends I have myself a little boy.  I have a child that is full of excitement, full of laughter, full of questions, and full of love.  Those are all things that have not changed in the last year.  I don't truly think those things will ever change.  But, the past year I've watched my toddler turn into that little boy that all momma's dream of.  He mimics his Daddy's every move, and wants so much to be just like the 'big boys'!  Even the way he talks has changed.  His conversations are so mature sounding, and the things he pays attention to I would think a three year old could care less about.

He started preschool last year at Sonshine Christian Academy.  He first started off in the k2 class, but quickly moved to k3.  His teacher was Mrs. Rose, and what a true blessing she is.  She has a knack for teaching young children and even better, she's a Christian.  She greets the children every morning with a smile, and truly won Carter's heart right away (mine too)!  I am so grateful for her patience, her time, and her willingness to teach.  It is so bitter sweet for me to watch him learn and grow.  He came home on Tuesday with his backpack and so excited that he had a "good day" and was able to get a sticker and a stamp.  That's a big deal, trust me! :)  That means he did everything he was told on that day and did not get his name turned. Preschool has taught him to share, to be kind, to listen, and the normal things you would expect as well (colors, numbers, letters, etc.).  The thing I love most, is the days I would pick him up and then the next day he would be playing and I'd hear him start singing "this is the day, this is the day, that the Lord hath made...  I will rejoice, I will rejoice and be glad!"  Or, to hear his sweet little voice sing Jesus loves me, or The B.I.B.L.E, truly melts my heart.  There's nothing sweeter then to hear a little child praying to God, or singing praises to His name.

When I dropped him off this morning, not sure if my hormones (which are still out of whack) got the best of me or if I'm just truly a sappy person but I cried as I told Ms. Rose thank you for being such a blessing in my life.  She has taught my sweet child things that I'm sure will stick with him forever.  I feel so blessed that God has let me be a part of Carter's life.  The small things like learning the alphabet, counting, or singing a song are priceless.  This week, knowing that come August he will be in Pre-K, has really shaken me up.  I've sat back this week, let him let loose and just be.  My baby is not my "baby" anymore, and that truly saddens me.  Oh, what I would give to go back and relive the past three years.  But then the other side of me is so eager to watch him continue to grow and learn.  I think about what kindergarten will be like. Watching him get on the bus for the first time... ooh, that one's going to be tough!  All these little things I never thought would get to me, well they are.  

I used to tell my mom, "you have to let your children leave the nest.  You have to let them grow, you have to let them be on their own and make their own mistakes!!"  I sit here now knowing just how desperately my mother wished she could keep us as small children.  There is just something about a child, a small child.  Their joy, their innocence, it's refreshing.  I'm already dreading the days when my children want to go elsewhere rather then being with old mom or dad.  The silence that will fill our home, I'm sure will be deafening.  I want the very best for them both.  I want their lives to be full, content, and memorable.  I know for them to be completely happy I have to let go and watch them grow, but why must it be so hard?  So bittersweet?  If only I could make time stand still.  

My cup runneth over

Carter bug...
Momma loves you more and more with each day that God allows me to wake up to your smiling face.  I am so proud of you, and want you to know that you have my heart.  You are my best pal, and I thank you for being my little ray of sunshine.  As this summer passes and you start back to Pre-K, I pray God's blessings on you.  I know you will have so much fun, and I can't wait to see what you learn and to watch you grow even more my big boy!  You amaze me each and everyday, and the joy you bring to my life is something I hope you one day understand.  I could never explain to you how very, very much I love you.  Thank you again, for being you!!

I love you to the moon and back.... momma.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time to harvest!!!

No, I'm not talking about the facebook craze "FarmTown" I'm talking about our own little garden in our backyard.  After the days and days of rain we received recently, our poor little crops decided to pull through and now we have squash, corn, okra, cucumbers, and watermelons coming out of our ears!! Oh, and I forgot the green beans.  Whew!  Farming is hard work I tell you.  I helped pick 1.5 rows of those green beans and boy oh boy did my backside get a work out! I forgot I had muscles in certain places! ;)

It's so cute to watch Carter when he finds something to pick!  His face lights up with excitement and he has to show it to you and tell you all about it.  I'm so glad that Travis had the idea of planting the garden.  Carter is learning about how things grow and learning to be a hard worker just like his Dad.  He's going to make some girl a great husband someday! 

Tucker and I, well we pretty much just sit back and supervise.  It's what we do best!!  While we were out, Tucker made a new friend.  His first friend to be exact... meet, Hopper!

I've added in a few pictures to show you our little goods!  Anyone in need of some squash or corn?! :)  

Hope all is well.