Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feedin' time

Cows should be called pigs. All these gals want to do is eat, eat, eat! Always looking for a handout too! It's so funny to watch them follow Travis' truck up and down the fence. If they see the tractor turn on our dirt road, the start to make their way to the trough to eat. Today was no different. 

They aren't very polite about eating either. They have no remorse when they push the smaller babies out of the way or whack one of the other gals in the head with their head. It's each gal for herself in this buffet line!

While Travis was feeding the gals, a flock of geese flew over. We also had a surprise visit from this cute little furry rabbit. He better watch himself around here. He obviously hasn't heard about my husband and four year old and there love of rabbit.  RUN little rabbit, RUN!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A dove shoot

So the fellas planned a dove shoot, and I was bound and determined I was not sitting at the house. I packed up Bear and off we went.  Granted, it was pretty difficult to keep him quiet and entertained while everyone else was hunting, we still had a good time. The change of scenery was nice, and I think Tucker enjoyed himself too! Most everyone was looking for the next set of birds to fly over, not Tucker. He was looking for the next Nilla Wafer! That's my boy!

Carter loved every minute of it. It was too cute to hear him yell to our cousin Chuck, "Chuckie, bird...shot him!" Then to see him take off after the ones that Travis shot. He's a natural little bird dog I tell ya!  

Speaking of dogs, we only have one pup now. Our Tater is no longer with us, ran away is all we can assume. We came home on Thanksgiving and he was in the yard. Came back about four hours later and he was not here. We've looked for him, no sign. So Cowboy roams alone now. Tater pup, where ever you are... take care, we love you!

Friday, November 27, 2009

B.L.A.C.K Friday

I went, and I loved every minute of it! 2:30 a.m., Tucker wakes up. I thought to myself, lovely only one more hour and I have to be ready to go out the door. I climbed back into my warm, cozy bed and then before I knew it the alarm was sounding. I jumped up, showered, started my coffee, and started the truck so it would be getting warm. I don't know how I manage to do it, but for the second year in a row I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to get my shop on! Kissed the hubby and kiddos bye, and grabbed my cup of joe and out the door I went! 

This year I was joined by my cousin Kati, and my two high school friends Amanda, and Lindsey. Kati and I stopped off at Wally World first, 4:45a.m. We parked in the garden center, and to our surprise those doors were still closed. So walking through the parking lot, freezing our tails off we enter the chaos!  People were lined up for as far as you could see. The line formed a big square through the middle of the store. I looked at Kati, and said here we go! The race was on. It was our turn to find our place in this chaos.

I was in search of good deals, Kati was in search of the same. All the stuff advertised in the paper on Wednesday, lined the aisles of the store wrapped in black plastic. People patiently awaiting the 5:00 whistle to start the shopping. I couldn't help but laugh thinking how absolutely nuts we must be to be in this store with no real desires for anything particular. We made our way to the toy department and much to our surprise, so was everyone else! Oddly enough, toys weren't in the toy department, and electronics weren't in the electronics department. Now I have to ask, why is that? Why not cut down some of the chaos and put things in there designated areas?  I mean is Wal-Mart asking for a lawsuit when a killing takes place over a computer for $300?!  Just asking.  

I did want a Radio Flyer Big Wheel for Carter. I remember playing on them as a kid, and figured he would love it as well. Umm, low and behold, it was not in the toy department, but the GARDEN CENTER!  Explain that one to me, please. Luckily, I passed a lady that had one in her cart and she pointed me in the right direction. She quickly turned around and said she did not want the one in her cart so she gave it to me!  WOO HOO... $30, can't beat it!  

By this point, I had lost Kati. I did however have myself a Big Wheel, a Hot Wheels racer thing (I don't even know what it does exactly), a helicopter thing (again, no clue), and some other small odds and ends. The one thing I was missing, a cart. I found a secure place to put all my stuff because there was no way I could carry it a long distance, and I took off for a cart. I returned to find all my items still in one place!! I then watched another lady's stuff while she grabbed a cart.  She then pointed me in the right direction for the DVD players. I found Kati, too!  

Once we joined back up with each other, we were off to the DVD players. Gridlock is the only way I know to describe the aisles. I am not one to push people out of my way, or make a scene. I heard a lady a few people back saying, "Are they going to go?  Just go already..."  Next thing I knew, she was in MY face. Very rudely she asked, "Are you going to go or just stand here?" I calmly replied well, I can't rightly go anywhere so what do you suggest?"  Her response, "just run her over!" I just sighed and told her it was not in my nature to kill people. Seriously lady... get yourself another cup of coffee, a little blue pill, or something. It's Christmas for Pete's sake, get in the spirit! I secretly hope she found no good deals, and misplaced $20!  I know, I know... that's not the attitude to have either but I only thought it, does that help?!

5:45, we were heading out of the Wally World.  Would you believe I did not wait in line not even for a minute? I walked right up and the cashier began scanning my items, ON BLACK FRIDAY! I knew at that moment it was going to be a good day!!  We headed to Chick-Fil-A for some breakfast, and then we were off to meet Lindsey and Amanda at Target. Target looked like a going out of business sale there were so many cars. Inside, it wasn't really bad though. Where all the people that belonged to those cars disappeared too, I have no idea. We picked up a few items in there, again nothing that we just had to have. Walked right up to the cashier, and out we went!

Lindsey was our rookie of the year. She had never been shopping on this dark day of the year. I think we officially have her hooked!  We made a few stops in the mall. Old Navy... ridiculous. Seriously, their prices are always pretty decent so why on earth would you wait in a line that was over 35 minutes long?!  Nope, sorry not this chick!  I did get some really good deals at Belk, and can't wait to wrap them and give them to their proud new owners!!!!

After leaving the mall, we were ready for some lunch. We enjoyed a tasty meal from Bono's, and then we were off to the Southern Women's Show! This show is always great. Tons of handmade jewelry, house decor, and good 'ole country crafts. I also love all the children's gifts that you can find there. For anyone that loves that unique gift this is by far the place to find it!

I made it home around 2:45 p.m.. I was tired, but not too terribly bad. I suppose I was still running on adrenaline! I was so tickled that I finished so much of my shopping. I had some of my shopping done prior to black Friday, but thanks to this wonderful day and great sales, I only have three gifts to purchase! I can't wait for next year. I know Kati and Lindsey are already signed up to go. As for Amanda, well we aren't counting her out but with a new little addition to their family coming soon we will just have to wait and see if she is up for the challenge! To my shopping partners, thanks for a great day! Next year, we'll do it again. 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, this is Thanksgiving Day!

Gobble 'til you wobble.... I didn't gobble much, but I sure was wobbling by the end of the day!
The best I could do for a family photo. Limited eye contact, kids not cooperating, husband not thrilled at all (in other words=hates pictures)... priceless!
I remember singing that little phrase, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, this is Thanksgiving Day!!!! again and again as a child. I loved the thought of Thanksgiving. All my cousins coming over to visit, the good food, playing outside with all the boys... being the only girl, it was my only option. As I grew older, things changed. We now have numerous houses to visit, and it makes for a long day. I still enjoy going to my grandparents home, sitting around the table but for different reasons. I enjoy knowing that they, my grandparents, are still here. I enjoy seeing my little Granny preparing food, setting the table, and so many times hearing her pray. Her prayer has a way of humbling my heart that is for sure.  

This Thanksgiving, my sister was scheduled to work Thanksgiving day, so we celebrated early. We had fried turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and all the other usual stuff that goes with it. We had more sweets then real food, but isn't that the best anyways? We enjoyed being with one another, sharing and making memories.  I was some what saddened by the fact that she wouldn't be here for turkey day, but that's how life goes sometimes. We still had fun! Carter thoroughly enjoyed having Aunt Jessica and Uncle Kyle visiting for a few days. He always misses them when they go. This visit they really earned some Carter points. They brought him the Smokey and the Bandit movie, and he literally watched for about three days straight.  He's still playing Bandit while we are in the truck. If I hear "How 'bout ya Bandit, you got your ears on?" one more time, I think I'm going to die laughing.  He's serious about it, let me tell you! 

If you have not tasted these delicious cookies, go now to the store and purchase them! They are heavenly!!!!!

Thanksgiving day we set out to eat lunch with my grandparents. This is the first year that we've had lunch with them in about six years.  It was nice to be there, and it sure brought back a lot of those childhood memories. We left not long after lunch because we still had other stops to make. We had dinner with Granny Vera. This was a very difficult holiday for her, being the first holiday without Papa. She handled it well, but you could see it in her eyes that she missed him dearly. She insisted earlier that week to go through Papa's clothes and see which grandson would want which shirt. I thought that was such a wonderful idea, and a way for the boys to hold on to Papa's memory.  Travis now has five of Papa's shirts. I must say, seeing him wear them makes me smile. I miss Papa, but I know he had a glorious time in Heaven for Thanksgiving.  

We ended our night, around 8:30. I of course found my way to the couch with the sales papers, planning my route for BLACK FRIDAY! I hope each of you had a very blessed holiday. May we remember each day to be thankful, we are too blessed to let a day pass and not say thank you!!!

Carter made this really cute little turkey hat at school and we all tried it on!  I think my sister had the best look of all!

Not real sure about the face on this pilgrim.  Carter's reasoning, "He's Happy!"

And just a little sweet goodness to make you smile....

God bless!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book Review

I was asked by a fellow blogger to review her book, "5 Life Skills Smart moms must have: Proven Strategies to Keep you Sane!" I was thrilled, and so glad I did! As I started the book I could relate, immediately to the things being discussed! Busy schedule, not enough hours in the day, or enough hands to get it all done. Come on, if you're a mom you know exactly what I'm talking about!! The book gives excellent ideas on how a busy, working/stay at home mom can make things more simple in her life.  By creating lists, goals, and setting aside time for yourself as a mother, and asking for help. At the end of each chapter there are cheat sheets which I refer to as reminders, to keep you on track of what you should be doing. I felt the book was very easy to relate too, and it helped me to identify areas in which I can improve my parenting skills, while keeping myself and family happy! If you are a mother that feels overwhelmed with too many irons in the fire, read this book! It will help you simplify your life and start enjoying things more rather then stressing! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You know your a mom of boys when...

I love having two boys. It's chaotic somedays, they are all about making messes (even the thirty year old), and you always have to expect the unexpected!!!! As I walked into the kitchen the other day, I looked up from doing the dishes to see this.  I just chuckled to myself and realized I have my own little Bo & Luke Duke! And that this scene is only something minor compared to what's to come!!!!
You know you are the mother of boys when you see the General Lee hanging from the cords of your kitchen blind. You know you are a super busy, mom of boys, when you leave it hanging there for a week!  The only reason it came down is because we had company coming for a visit. Couldn't let them see that the General was a part of my decorating theme.  Oddly enough, I couldn't show it to our house guests, but I can show it to the entire blogging world. The General isn't the only thing that hangs from the blinds.  So does SpiderMan, you know the one that McDonald's was passing out back during the Summer. Well, guess what... he's in Carter's room wrapped up in the blind cords and you've got it... he's still hanging there!  Heck, he's SpiderMan, that's what he's supposed to do right?  Maybe one day I'll free SpiderMan from his tangled web.  As for the General Lee, well he's back in the yard where he belongs, covered in black dirt! 

So you don't have boys? If you have little princesses running around your house, if you find Barbie hanging from the blinds, or my little pony, or strawberry shortcake.... you might find a reason for concern.  Or maybe you won't. Just do like me, leave it hanging you've got more important things to do! 

We have a monster

Everyone has a monster in their dryer that eats socks, right?  Well, we have finally found him!!! He's cute, chubby cheeked, red hair, and as expected he had a sock hanging out of his mouth! Nothing like what I imagined the sock monster to look like. I always assumed he looked like a dust bunny you find in the laundry room, covered in lint, paper, and other gunk you find in the dryer.  Not our sock monster. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Oddly enough, when he would drop the sock (and it was a dirty sock of Carter's, mind you) he would pick it up and put it back in his mouth. Hey, he wasn't crying so chew away my little one, chew away! 

Had I only known a dirty sock would calm him down I could have saved several dollars on teething remedies, chew toys (sounds like I'm talking about the dogs), and my sanity!!!!

There's something about this little one. He's going to be full of it, just full of it!  The days ahead should be very, very interesting!!!

New and Improved!!!

It's here, it's awesome, and I LOVE IT!!!  My new blog design thanks to Courtney at One Fine Blog Design!!  I had a vision in my head of what I was looking for, Courtney nailed it. I am so glad that I finally made the decision to really make my blog my own with my own look and feel.  Working with Courtney was a very pleasant experience. She listened to my ideas, worked with them and not once made me feel as if I was asking too much. We just started the process of my blog design about a week ago, low and behold here we are with the finished product!!

Let me know what you think!  If you are interested in blog design, please contact Courtney. She'll be more then happy to answer any of your questions!  

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am thankful

I am thankful for the delicious food that comes along with Thanksgiving. Today we celebrated Thanksgiving since my sister will have to work Thanksgiving day. Thanks a lot Cracker Barrel! We had fried turkey, ham, green beans, fresh rolls, mac 'n cheese, and desserts to die for! I'm sure I gained a couple extra pounds, but at this point what's a girl to do?! I'm not passing up food like that!! No, I still have not learned to cook. Quit hoping for it people, it's not going to happen! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am thankful

I am thankful for my day with friends. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming be a mom. The demands of little ones can be more intense then that of a boss on a real 9-5 job. I have been looking forward to our shopping day for a few weeks now. Just a day for me, Traci, and Renee to just enjoy the quiet time, the laughs, and don't forget the food! I love my children, but all mothers need a break. Downtime is good for momma to stay sane! Remember, if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!! :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh Tucker-bear

Dear little Tucker-bear, what am I doing wrong??? I ask this question numerous times a day. I usually try my best not to blog about things that are negative, sad, or that are getting me down. I really like to try and focus on the positive things in life, but sometimes that's just not going to work. I've been dealing with this for quite sometime, asking myself do I blog about it, do I not blog about it? After listening to a conversation I was having with a friend on Thursday, I realized how much I use my blog as a way of getting through things. A way to talk out my frustrations, my thoughts, plans, etc.

I hate to say I'm frustrated, but I am. I'm frustrated that I don't understand what is going on. What am I talking about? I am just a mom that can't seem to find the happy place for her child. I didn't experience this with Carter, he was always happy regardless of what was going on. Tucker, not so much. I love him dearly, I love to see that big cheeky smile of his, but it rarely happens. I know not every child is the same. Boy, oh boy, do I know that! The two of them are polar opposites.

Tucker started out from day one with troubles. Poor guy was born with a broken collar bone. Then we came home and he did wonderfully for about the first six weeks, and then it was like he fell apart on me. Nursing him became almost a fight. He was a very aggressive eater, so we switched to formula. Gas, oh the gas this poor child had. He cried constantly for endless hours a day, doctors diagnosed him with colic. We tried bouncy seats, we tried gripe water, we tried peppermint, we tried changing his formula, we did everything that anyone told us. We tried everything we read on google. The pediatrician prescribed a prescription for Zantac, it didn't help. He just cried all the time. It has let up, but he still cries for the majority of the day.

As any mom would probably tell you, after so much crying you start to find yourself coming unraveled. I'm unraveling. I feel like I'm fighting a battle that I'm never going to win. I just want him to smile, coo, play, clap, anything but cry... all the time. I know I sound ungrateful, but I'm not. I'm grateful that I have a child that is healthy. A child that doesn't have any medical problems. I am grateful that I can hear him cry, I know all to well that if God wanted too He could take my children away from me. I'm just a mom that is looking for some sort of answer. A sign, anything to tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I can do to make it better.

It's not just a whiny cry, it's a weird cry. Unhappy is the best way I know to explain it. I don't feel like he's really in pain. I've contemplated calling the pediatrician, but when I think about it I have no clue what I would tell them. Can you just imagine the nurses response when she called back and asked what the problem is? 'Oh, well, he cries'... umm, you think lady? All babies cry. So with the thought of having the nurse pretty much mark me as an idiot, I've yet to call. In the back of my mind I wonder, could there possibly be something I can't see going on? He's teething but this is a much deeper issue then teething I do believe. Colic? Could these still be signs of colic? Someone, please tell me I'm not the only mom that has ever gone through this.
I've cried, I've gotten angry, I've walked away (for that 5 minutes, to keep my sanity), only to return to him crying. I've prayed...and I truly believe that God is trying to teach me something but I obviously am not getting it. I often sit after putting him to bed at night and think about how rough the day has been. It makes me extremely sad, because I feel like our days are spent in frustration on my part and his. I don't know how to fix what is wrong, and unfortunately he can't tell me. I get angry at myself because these little baby days are speeding past me and I spend the majority of the day saying, "please stop crying... I don't know what else to do." I feel helpless. I feel like I'm not giving him something that he really needs. I get frustrated at myself for getting frustrated. Does that make sense?

I don't know what else to do. I've read article after article, nothing I read seems to fit our situation. Do I just have a extremely fussy baby, or should I push forward and look for a more logical answer? We need a change. We need to have a smiley bear, not a fussy bear. When he's not fussing or crying, he will give the sweetest most heart warming smile. He has the giggle that comes from the gut. I've cried, and looked to Travis for support and he listens. He doesn't have the answer either, but he did offer me some very supportive words the other night. He told me I was doing a great job with him, and that these days would pass and he'd grow out of it. I told him, I don't want to regret these days passing and miss them, I wanted Tucker to smile, and be happy. I told him I feel like he's allergic to me or something, and he said, "Babe... no one can make that boy smile like you. No one can make him laugh like you. He wants no one but you!" I of course, cried like a baby. I am a person of control, and I do not have control of this situation. It made me feel so much better to know that the chuckles I get out of him do mean something. He's happy deep inside that little chubby body of his. I just don't understand why he is the way he is.
I don't know why I have finally decided to blog about this. Possibly because I have met so many other Christian moms and I feel that maybe you ladies can help pray us through this situation. I know God is in control, and maybe by blogging about it I can really let it go and LET GOD! I trust Him, and know His will is best. So if you will, keep me and Tucker-bear in your prayers. Pray that I'm over thinking it all, and there's nothing wrong medically. Pray that our days will be filled with laughter, and smiles.

My dear little bear...I love you more then words can say. You may look just like your Daddy but you've got the spunk and fire of your momma. Maybe that is why we are butting heads. Who knows. Nana has always said that the "middle child" is the spunkiest, and well.. granted you are only the baby, your brother is praying for a sister. So, maybe you are just giving me that middle child spunk sooner then later! Coming from a middle child... I know the games! ;) I love you sweet baby.
xoxo, Momma

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.....

SUPER CARTER! I love it when he uses his imagination! There are so many things inside that little head of his. He has a batman cape that my mom bought for him, but today that just wasn't going to do. He only wanted his blue blanket tied around his neck, using my hair tie, and his safety goggles from his tool set.

When I took these pictures it was about 3:00 in the afternoon. Notice he is still in an oversized t-shirt? That's because it was lazy day around here. Stay in your jammies until you just have to change. Sometimes you need those jammie days. He flew from my bathroom to the living room. Then I could hear him running down the hall, then back he came to my room.

All the while, saying "never fear, UNDER DOG is here!!!" Tucker watched as if he were watching a tennis match. His head going back and forth. I'm telling you when he learns to talk, we are in t.r.o.u.b.l.e!! The two of them are going to be so mischevious!!!

We were eating breakfast and Tucker came strolling by in his walker. Carter asked if he could give him a kiss and I said, why not? He leaned down and kissed him and told him, "I love you Tucker-bear!" I smiled really big, and said you really love your brother, don't you? He told me, "yes ma'am, but I really want a sister". Unsure of how to respond at the moment, I just smiled again and he perked up and said, "I think I'll just pray and ask Jesus for a sister!" Umm.. TRAV... if we get pregnant and it's a girl, it was Carter's prayer! LOL!! Once again, the innocence of a child!

My superhero, exhausted! It's hard work being the best superhero around. Notice how he is sleeping so close to the edge of the bed. He sleeps sideways, and almost always has his head near the edge of the bed. Good thing he's a super hero so he can catch himself before he falls! ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am thankful

I am thankful that when I have guests over to our home, they feel welcome. I never really put much thought into it until this week about whether or not people feel comfortable in my home. I try to keep the sty clean, I mean the house. I try to be as friendly and show my best southern hospitality.

Earlier this week my brother in law was over and we were in the kitchen and he helped himself to some snacks from the pantry. I just smiled, thinking to myself, "thank goodness he feels comfortable enough to do that." You know, you've been to a house before where you were afraid to even sit on the furniture. You won't get that at my house. Don't bother taking off your shoes, sit wherever you can find a spot, and if there's dirt on the floor, don't assume it came from you it was probably there already. I love going to other peoples homes where I can just go to the cabinet, get out a cup and fix myself something to drink. Or, plop down on their couch and get comfy.

Tonight my sister and Kyle came in to town. I was sitting at the computer when I heard the squeak of the pantry door. I figured it was Carter, then later Kyle told me it was him looking for something to snack on. Once again, someone felt comfortable enough in my home to help their self to whatever they would like. I think that says something about a person. I'm glad it's a positive mark on my behalf.

I pray that my house always feels like home to anyone that visits!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am thankful

I am so thankful for the preschool that Carter is attending. He is learning so much. It is amazing how much he has learned just this year. He is now reciting the pledge of allegiance, the pledge to the Bible, and numerous bible verses.

I am thankful for the caring, loving, Christian staff at his school. Everyone greets you with a smile, and I feel as if I can trust them all. Carter's teacher has a very special job. I couldn't imagine teaching twenty, four year olds, twice a day. I would probably go nuts. It's so true, that teachers are special people. It takes someone with patience, compassion, and understanding to work with little ones.

I can't wait to see the Christmas program they are putting together. I know it will be a blessing.

I don't like them

I don't like spiders. There is nothing about them that I like. They really weird me out in every aspect. They make me freeze in fear, and I've been known to go into quite the crying spell when I see one. I don't know why they weird me out the way they do. Small, medium, large, and x-large spiders are all on the same level, BAD! Travis tries to convince me that they aren't all terrible, sorry I don't care what he says, I'm never going to like them.

I actually have a knot in my throat right now just thinking about them. Oh, and Halloween... those little plastic rings, WHY? Why must we have those? No cute little child dressed up as Raggedy Ann, or Buzz LightYear needs to have that horrific thing on their finger! They are worthless!!!! Just the other day I was driving and there was a spider on my windshield, I shall not tell a lie. I threw the wipers on as quick as I could, he had to go! Did I kill him, I don't know! It's not like I got out to inspect the damage. If I did, fine. If I didn't, well that's okay too at least he was no longer in my view. I will never forget the day I was doing laundry in the house we were renting when I heard, PLOP! I turned around to see a huge brown lucrusse spider. I ran out of the laundry room, slammed the door, and called Travis and told him I would never go back in that laundry room again until he proved to me it was dead. I did not say gone, I said DEAD! I found myself back in that laundry room doing laundry later that night, so you know the outcome of that spider.

I don't like the creatures, that's obvious. I do however marvel at their work. Their webs are amazing. For several weeks now I have wanted to take pictures of the ones that line the fence as we go down the driveway. Each one different, unique, and so detailed. Today, I decided I would take the time to get a picture of a few of them. I don't understand how such an icky creature could produce something so miraculous! As I walked around taking pictures, I looked down to my surprise to see that they even had little tiny webs in the grass. All that work to repeat day in and day out.

It's kind of like being a mom I suppose. You take care of your little ones each and everyday and each and every following day, you have to repeat what you did the day before. I suppose we are spinning our own webs, aren't we?! Even though I can't stand them I guess I'm like them somehow. Huh, nice.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am thankful

I am thankful for my camera! I have always liked taking pictures. I once took pictures, endless pictures of friends, family, parties, gatherings, you name it. I am a sentimental gal who loves to look back at old family photos. I enjoy seeing how drastically things have changed over the years. I love the story behind a picture.

After having Carter, a camera has become a permanent accessory to my wardrobe. You can almost always count on me having my camera with me, or my point and shoot camera in my bag or purse. You never know when you'll need it. Today I grabbed my camera to take some pictures of the boys outside playing. With each frame I took, I thought to myself, I love this camera. Is that bad that I'm in love with a camera? Granted, I still have so much to learn... me and my camera are quite a team!

I have over 17,000 pictures on my computer. My sister and brother in law ask me all the time, have you cleaned off your computer lately? Umm, no. I'm sorry but when on earth do that expect that I have time to do such a time consuming task?! Seriously, I have pictures to take, not time to take pictures off the computer! Geez! Yes, I've signed up for online back up, I have an external hard drive but I still prefer to put them on a disc. Call it O.C.D if you will.

I am so thankful that I upgraded to the Canon 40D. It has made a world of difference in my picture taking. I enjoy every minute that I use it. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am thankful

I am so thankful that we are selling our house on Green Meadows! Thank you Jesus for sending a buyer to us, in this out of whack housing market. We've been blessed to have renters in the house for the past year, but that was not going to be a long time fix. We knew we would need to sale, sooner then later.
This picture is the last we have of Jasper. Carter still asks about him, he loved this dog so much!!!

Now, if you will, take a little walk with me down memory lane. These are some of my favorite pictures from that house.
When I drive through the old neighborhood, look at the yard, the memories there fill my mind. I remember the fun parties we had with our closest friends. The many, many laughs that filled the rooms. The birthday parties, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the times we would just have friends over to hang out. The time we snagged the neighbors Christmas tree from outside their garage (we'll teach them to leave it out!), the night Travis and Klynt took the neighbors fishing poles out of his boat and he called the cops at 2 a.m.! The New Years Eve that our friend Tim attacked the blue neighbor (if you ever visited the house, you know what I'm talking about) inflatable snowman. Those were good times, I'll never forget!

This picture shows me how much the boys really do look alike, regardless of completely different hair colors!! Can you see it?

Then there are those very special, dear to my heart moments. The first night we moved in. Our first home together, it was perfect! Then we brought our Carter-bug home to that house. I couldn't stand the thought of him sleeping on the opposite side of the house from us, it was just too far! I watched him take his first steps in that house, I watched him as he laid down in the grass to smell the flowers. The day he swam in the water trough, thanks to his Daddy! Watching him run through the ditch filled with water. His sweet voice saying hello to the little kids riding by on their bikes. The enjoyment he got from waving to Travis through the kitchen window when he came home from work. His first birthday party eating his cake in the kitchen.

Probably one of top favorites from Green Meadows!

Don't get me wrong, I love Cow Bird Lane. It is a blessing to me. Here I have two precious boys to watch over. I'm certain that the walls of this house will see far more then Green Meadows. The memories here will tug at my heart strings just as the ones at Green Meadows. To make closing the chapter on Green Meadows a little easier, I'm excited to say, it may no longer be ours but the people moving in are going to make precious memories as well. I'm excited to say that my brother and his girlfriend Megan are buying our house. As crazy as it sounds, I'm so glad that it will still be in the family. I can still go there, remember the days crystal clear as if I were still there. :) I know, I'm a dork.... but, I am probably one of the most sentimental people you will ever meet!

Getting ice-cream on his birthday. This was the last time we saw the ice-cream van before we moved.

Jason & Megan... Congratulations! May the home on Green Meadows be as special to you as it was to us. I pray that God blesses your lives there for many years to come. I can't wait to watch your family grow, and watch you one day bring your first child home there. I know you will enjoy it! We are so glad to have you near by us. Carter is super excited that he will get to back to his old house at Uncle Jason's and play in his old room!!! Oh the innocence of a child. Enjoy it, cherish the memories and make each day one that you'll never forget! I love you both...God bless!!!

This picture is Carter through and through. Absolutely perfect!

His excited face! His first letter, from Aunt Jessica!!! :)

Thank you Lord for sending us a buyer for this house. Thank you for the days you allowed us to be there, thank you for the many blessings and memories you gave me from that home.