Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ha, hee, achoo! ((& day 25 of 365))

There's been so much coughing, sneezing, sniffling in our house in the past four weeks I feel like I live in a doctors office. I truly do believe we have every cough, allergy, and fever medicine known to man. Tucker has been sick since the week of Christmas. Yesterday the doc diagnosed him with Bronchitis and an ear infection in his right ear. Carter has an upper respiratory infection and I have some kind of junk that I'm most likely making a visit to see the doc about either tomorrow or Thursday.  To top it all, Travis informs me last night that he's not feeling so hot.  My thought, let's just pack our bags head out for awhile and have our house decontaminated while we're gone. My tactics of killing germs is obviously not working.

Any mother can attest that I'm borderline about to go coo-coo-laroo! You know you've been there, don't try to be Super Woman. I can promise you, none of us are Super Woman!  This madness has to end soon. I blame it on cold weather, lack of hand washing, and all the germs of every other child that sits in the cart before us (or after us, we're too blame too), and the door handles we touch (after Mr. SoandSo or Mrs. Soandso didn't wash their hands).  I just dream of bright sunshine, warm weather, snot free days. Is that too much to ask?  I feel like I'm so behind with all the things I normally keep up. Laundry mounding, floors well, the floors look just horrific, the smell of Lysol and Clorox fill my home but I don't feel as if it's clean. The dust is two inches thick, and the playroom, oh sweet niblets, the playroom is a landfill.
If it sounds like I'm complaining, it's because I am. Remember that recent post about patience, and how the monkeys were driving me a bit coo-coo? Well, today I'm complaining because I'd love to hear that chaos instead of the moans of my helpless little 22 month old. Tucker's pitiful, Carter's pitiful, and I just want my babes to be better.  When I said I wanted calmness and quietness, I didn't mean in the form of sick, sick children. :(  Please Lord, make my babies better. Give them their spunk, the energy, their giggles back. I'll take the chaos over this sick mode any day.

Well, I'm wasting time sitting here. There are dishes soaking in bleach, floors awaiting their date with the mop, and bathrooms that are next inline for their daily dose of Clorox.  I hope I can update soon with my normal, "Chaos" posts.  It's where I'm most comfortable, GO FIGURE! ;)

Happy day my friends!



Day 24...
Today both of the boys had an appointment with the pediatrician. With our prescriptions in hand we were heading home to fight off all the "GERMans" in our body.  If this lovely little bottle of pink, smelly goo does what it's supposed to do then my children will be back to normal in just a few short days.  Please pink, smelly goo work.  I'm begging you!


Day 23...
When he is on a mission to find what he wants to eat, he's on a mission. He has no mercy on his poor sick mother. If he makes a mess, ma will clean it up.  Well, this time ma caught him in the act!!  Notice his hand in his pocket and his face of 'umm... well...' yep, that's my Tucker Bear.


Day 22...
We spend a lot of time at my mom's and my grandparents. Carter loves going there because of all the fun things he gets to do. Mom let him help her cook tonight and he thought he was Chef Boyardee! Bless his heart, it took him almost five minutes to peel this potato. To say the least, he threw in the towel after that potato he was done!


Day 21...
I love this kid. I love his eyes, I love his smile, I love his giggle, I love everything about him. If you had told me five years ago I was going to give birth to my mini-me in boy form I would have told you, you were nuts.  Here I am five years later and I'm baffled at how two people can be so much alike yet so different in so many ways.  He's compassionate, he's oh so very funny, he's full of energy, he's a cowboy through and through, and he's mine. God blessed me with a perfect, healthy, beautiful child and each day I'm thankful.


Day 20...
It seems like every time I go out the backdoor there is a new baby calf not far in the distance. This little guy was not far at all. He was right up against the fence behind the barn. I was cautious as I approached him thinking his momma was near by, but no one ever claimed him so I sat down and just enjoyed loving on him.  Cowboy was curious as well and was even whimpering, it was cute.


Day 19...
This lovely flower is from my Granny's yard, not mine.  I have always loved this tree and each year it amazes me the hundreds of blooms it bares.  The branches of the tree become so heavy they just fall to the ground.  If I tried to grow a tree as beautiful as this one, I can't say it would probably survive.  I have such a brown, almost black thumb.

Granny asked Carter if he picked wild flowers and chased butterflies.  His response, "Big Granny, my momma doesn't grow flowers."  Come Spring I'm going to prove them all wrong!!! :)


Day 18...
Poor guy was playing in the mud when he picked up a big rock, held it over his head and with all his might he went to chunk it and it bounced off his head. Me being the compassionate, loving mother that I am took a picture! He'll love me one day!


Day 17... ((So yeah, I'm playing catch up...patience!))
This was his idea of hiding from Travis.  Bless his poor heart, he couldn't figure out why on earth he didn't fit behind the couch.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will I ever be patient?

I sit here a bit frazzled, a bit overwhelmed, and a bit annoyed by the chaos that surrounds me tonight.  It's not really chaotic, I suppose, but what I would give to have just a little bit of calmness, some quietness, and maybe just a little stillness?  The boys are on some high octane sugar high, how I have no clue, but they are.  They are running ninety miles an hour, yelling and giggling at the top of their lungs, playing with the loudest (most annoying) toys they can find under this roof and my friends my nerves are shot.

I thought since it was such a beautiful, semi-warm day here that we would spend the afternoon outside. I sent Carter out before Tucker and I headed out so that I could get dinner ready to pop in the oven when we came back in. My plan was to come in, do baths while dinner was cooking and we'd have a nice ready to eat meal when we were done.  Do you think that happened?  No, nope, sure didn't.  Before I made it outside with Tucker I looked out to find Carter shin deep in mud and soaking wet.  Now keep in mind I said it was "semi-warm" meaning it was in the mid to upper 60's.  Yeah, sounds great huh? Well for Floridians that's a bit chilly, at least these Floridians on Cow Bird Lane.  I just sighed to myself as I headed out the door and silently prayed, please Lord don't let him get pneumonia he already has a cold. I made my way to him only to find him holding a rock above his head when he says, "hey mom! watch this!!!" He goes to throw it and the large, heavy rock falls on the top of his head. Anyone that knows our dear little Carter knows that the drama went flying. Tears were streaming and you'd have thought that he had cut his arms and legs off.  Granted, I know it hurt but my stars this child is dramatic.  I finally got him calmed down enough to get on his bike and head back to the yard.

Where was Tucker you might ask? Well that little red headed monkey was in the front yard yelling to me, "SHOE MOMMA, SHOE!"  He couldn't keep his rubber Elmo boots on to save his pea pickin' life.  If I put those boots on once, I promise you I put them on 10 times within a 20 minute period.  When he did have his boots on he was throwing fire wood off of the front porch and rattling on in that 22 month old language that I've yet to comprehend. It wasn't long until he spotted the four-wheeler sitting quietly calling his name. He is so addicted to that thing it's almost sad. He went in to melt down mode not long after his four-wheeler ride.

During his melt down Carter was having a melt down because he was "freezing" and he had to pee.  My afternoon outside was quickly falling apart. I escorted my two, very unhappy little boys back inside. One willing (Carter), the other was buckin' and snortin' like a mad bull.  Any other time Tucker would gladly welcome a bath. Not today. He screamed, he kicked, he bowed his back and for what reason I haven't the foggiest of foggy ideas. After bath time they both got out and it was like they had been injected with speed. Running, yelling, picking at each other, hitting each other, and ramming there metal dump trucks together as if they were demolition men.  All of this was going on while I was trying to cook dinner. I had potatoes to boil, corn and green beans to prepare, and a meatloaf baking in the oven.

The meatloaf was a complete flop. For whatever reason it completely fell apart. The potatoes were lumpy, the corn was chewy, and the green beans well they were the only thing fitting to eat.  Tucker was in his chair, then out of his chair. Everything on his plate, still in the exact spot that I spooned it out. He ate nothing. Carter, well if you call what he did eating then okay.  He pushed his meatloaf around and picked at it, nibbled on a few green beans and critiqued me on each item. He informed me that I cooked the meatloaf, potatoes, and corn too long.

As I washed dishes and the circus around me continued I thought to myself, they're driving you nuts right now but you will miss this. As I swept the floor, for the third time today, I thought to myself, will I ever miss sweeping the floor multiple times a day?  I know that I will. I know that I'll miss their tiny giggles that are already beginning to change. As I wiped the table and I looked into the living room there stood the most adorable little boy in a baby blue onesie and as his back faced me it took me back to a warm Spring afternoon, that I vividly remember. Carter walked side by side with Travis in a onesie just like that one. Honestly this was probably the first time I've ever considered the two, Carter and Tucker, to look alike. For that brief second all the chaos around me was silent as I looked over to Carter only to realize that he will soon be six. It seemed as if the little boy in the onesie was him for a moment until I was back in reality. I know it doesn't matter about the dishes that get piled high, the messes that seem never ending, and the floors that seem to produce dust and dirt every hour.  I know I'm going to miss these days. All to soon the evenings will be still. Eating dinner with Travis will be a calm, and eerily quiet. It's when I have this "ah-ha!" moment that I feel ever so guilty for even getting annoyed or frazzled.

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love. Ephesians 4:2

I purchased a daily devotional for myself and two of my dear friends. It is called "The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional" The above verse was mentioned regarding showing patience. From this devotional and the words of Ephesians 4:2 it is my prayer that God will bless me with patience. My mother has always said, "patience is a virtue". Unfortunately I don't think it's in my d.n.a.  However, I do believe that each day as a mother, since day one on August 19, 2005, that God is teaching me patience. He's showing me things that I never thought I'd tolerate, I can tolerate.  I admit that having patience with my children is something that I struggle with daily. I all to often find myself feeling guilty for the lack of attention I have at one point or another, the sharp tongue I answer with, or the chaos I take for granted. I know that through prayer and my faith in God that this too will change. Hmm, Rome wasn't built in a day, was it?!  So I'm not giving up that God is still working on me daily and will some day provide me with more patience.

Change me God. Change my thoughts, change my priorities, and change my heart. May I always remember that my boys will never be this size again and their precious pitter patter will soon be gone.  Teach me to understand that my to-do list can wait and that I must enjoy the moment that you have blessed me with.  May my attitude be humble and my words always gentle.

***As I close this, Tucker is babbling at the top of his lungs like an opera singer from the kitchen.  Good night my dear friends***

Memory Monday

Yes, I know it's Tuesday but it feels like Monday so just let me be.  This picture brings back the sound of Carter's giggle in the tub, water splashing everywhere.  We were still getting accustomed to our new home and as my little boy was taking it all in, I was beginning to get a bit apprehensive about having two little munchkins to bathe, care for, and love.  I was 7 months pregnant in this picture with Tucker.
Things have changed greatly since this photo.  Bath time is now like a three ring circus with double the dirt, double the bubbles, double the splashing and double the memories.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Day 16...
I can't believe this adorable little man is turning one soon. Today Brayden and his mommy came over for his one year birthday session. We had a great time and he thoroughly enjoyed his cake smashing!!


Day 15...
This wasn't taken today, it was taken this time last year. It's one of my most favorite photos of Carter. I love how he's working so diligently to help his Daddy put up new fence!!


Day 14....
The Dukes of Hazzard are huge in this house. Tucker was glued to his car today.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Day 13....
Plain and simple.... I love them.  The End.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Day 12...
So I wasn't 100% sure where this little contraption was even hiding until yesterday.  If I told you where I found it, you'd never believe me so we'll just leave that part out. This is my hand dandy little Weight Watchers calculator. You enter the calories, the fat, and the fiber content of what you wish to eat and it calculates how many points that particular food will set you back.  That lovely "Points Value 3" that you see is the amount of points the Fudge Round I ate after dinner cost me. Three points in the grand scheme of the crazy day I've had is nothing. Plus, I was still within my points so why not treat myself to something I really enjoy. Is this treat what the Weight Watchers coach would have me to eat, nah, but she's not here and I needed the love.  :)  Really though, that's what I like about Weight Watchers. You eat what you enjoy, you keep yourself accountable by using the points system and checking in once a week and you really do see results.  I started the program last March, fell completely off the bandwagon and gained the 10 pounds that I lost right back.  So, 10 pounds heavier, here I am again. I've got to do this, for myself. Anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Day 11...
It was family night for Carter's school at our local Burger King. When I picked him up today he was so excited about going, I couldn't dare tell him we were having pork chops. So back in the fridge the pork chops went, we'll see those tomorrow.  Burger King bound, we headed out. He was so excited. When we walked in he saw a friend he knew and they rushed off to a corner to talk it out.  It makes me smile from deep within to know he's such an outgoing, fun, loving kid.  He's like his momma, he doesn't meet a stranger!  He's growing up too quick for me. It seems like I just put him in preschool and here is reading to me now. OH! and this morning I looked in his mouth while  brushing his teeth.... low and behold the stinker has molars coming in that I didn't know about.  Am I really the only mother in America that has issues with her kid getting more teeth, and losing those little pearly whites I've looked at for the past five years.  You don't have to tell me, I know I'm weird.


I Heart Faces Challenge this week is, smiles.  When I read the challenge theme I knew immediately which photo I wanted to use.  This photo makes me smile for so many reasons. It shows Carter's bright personality, his sparkling eyes, and his typical covered in dirt or mud self!


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Monday, January 10, 2011


Day 10... A new face to love!
10/365... a new face
My dear friends Jill and Clayton welcomed their second, beautiful baby boy Mason Levi into their lives.  He is cute as a button!!  Mom and baby are doing just fine tonight as they settle in.  Mason weighs 6 pounds 11 ounces and has a quite a bit of dark brown hair.  As I watched the moments of today unfold, I stood quietly being reminded of how good God is to us each and every day. How can you witness such a miracle and not believe in God?  It blesses my soul to be able to capture such precious memories for families to share and treasure forever.

How cute is this little guy??

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Day 9...
It's been a noisy past couple of days here.  Travis has been pulling yearlings from their mothers and today was the day to finish that up. Our little cowboy in training was not going to be left behind. He made sure he was up by sunrise, ate his pancakes and bacon, and was out the door when Travis and Thomas started to work.  He thinks he's every bit of 16 or 17 years old but if I try to remind him he's only 5 I get quite the stare down and he tells me, "I can do this momma!" I watched from the outside of the corral as he walked down the lane with his arms held high yelling, "hey cow, hey cow!" Oddly  enough that's all those little babies needed to go in the opposite direction. He wasn't alone, Thomas was near by him. Thomas told me, "he worries me a little bit!" My response was the exact same words.  It frightens me a little to watch him with these creatures that are anywhere from 300-1200 pounds but he loves it. It's something he'll probably do his entire life. If he learns the proper way to do it now, prayerfully we'll avoid any accidents! ;)  I said, prayerfully!

Check this out!!

Julie, with Julie Paisley Photography is doing a giveaway on her blog!!  Hurry on over and enter for your chance to win an adorable beanie hat from Adorable Props!! Be sure to find both Julie and Adorable Props on Facebook and "like" their page to be eligible to win!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011


Day 8...
The thermometer is showing 48. I'm not sure I believe it. It feels more like 30 to me. I can honestly say, I am not a fan of cold weather. It makes me ill, it makes me grouchy, and it makes me want to stay inside and hibernate like a bear.  I'll hibernate until the grass turns green and the warmth of the sun sucks me back out into the world! Stay warm everyone.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Day 7...
We dropped Carter off at school and then it was back home to get little T some breakfast. I sat on the couch for a second watching the local news. I heard him in the kitchen, it sounded like a rat in the pantry.  I knew he would either call for me or bring me what he was wanting.  Sure enough, he rounded the corner with a sack of flour!!  I chuckled, snapped a picture with my cell phone and then I thanked God that he brought it to me rather then dumping it in the floor. Do you see my point? I mean this is Tucker the mess maker of all mess makers!!  So we safely put the flour back where it belongs and opted for a bowl of butter grits.  He thoroughly enjoyed them and I even let him make a mess!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Day 6...

Nine months of waiting, anticipation, uncertainty, are all feelings that my friends Summer and Corey have been experiencing lately. Last night around 8:00 I received a calm but slightly anxious call from Summer. She was getting ready to head to the hospital.  The night was rainy and cold. The moments ticked by, the sky lightened and the sun peeked over the buildings the new day had come. It wouldn't be long until the little miracle they prayed for, waited for, dreamed of would soon be in their arms. Having the pleasure to photograph such a miraculous day, never gets old. Each time is a blessing regardless of how well I know the family. I cried as I watched this family of two turn into a family of three.  Tayden Jason stole the hearts of his mom and dad this morning. Their lives are forever changed, the hearts forever taken by this innocent, perfect child from God.

Summer and Corey, congratulations. There aren't enough words in this world tonight to describe the joy and amazement that you feel.  It's amazing how something so small, so helpless can make you realize the true meaning of love in a mere instant! It is my prayer that the Lord will watch over and bless your family as you begin this new journey. Cherish every moment with this precious child and know that God is in complete control of his life. It is my prayer that God will keep him safe, well, and may his life be filled with abundant blessings, love, and contentment.  Thank you again for the pleasure of capturing this day for you!  Blessings to you all....


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Day 5...
I find myself standing in front of the washer in dryer wondering why on earth I can't keep white socks, white. It's during that moment of sheer confusion that I hear my mother echoing in my head, "don't go outside with just your socks on, you are ruining your socks!" As a five year old little girl I couldn't for the life of me figure out what Momma's problem was. At least my feet weren't getting dirty, just the socks were. I know now. I feel her pain, frustration, and defeat.  It doesn't matter how much clorox I pour into the washer, those socks are not coming clean.  Momma always said, "you'll have children one day and you'll understand!"  Momma, take this as my public acknowledgement to your warning.... I GET IT NOW!  :)


Day 4....

Eyes of ice blue, a face that tells a story, and a body that's carrying 86 years of life.  This is my dear grandfather who is the greatest man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Perfect, no.  Spunky, yes.  I have so many dear memories with this sweet man. It saddens me to know that he's getting older, his body more frail but I trust God's plan and know that each time I'm with him is a blessing.  Papa fell on New Years day and bruised his face and twisted his knee. The family doc came by and informed us that he is certain Papa had a mini stroke. This news is hard to hear, difficult to cope with, but I am just grateful that he's still here with us.  I'll cherish every time I get to talk to him, each time I get to kiss his head as I leave, watch him smile and light up as my boys walk in the room.  I'll cherish the way he smirks, the way he winks when he knows he's pushing Granny's buttons.  I will never be able to thank him for the countless things he's done for me, my brother and sister, and my mom.

I love you Big Papa!!  xoxo


Day 3...

The morning sun was doing it's best to top the trees. The pitter patter of Tucker's feet come down the hall followed by Carter saying, "Momma... I really just want some cereal and some of that ice cream with the cow on it!" Anyone that knows me, knows I rarely do things like that. I am a creature of habit and I like normalcy, although I'm learning... I'm not very normal! So my little sleepy eyed boy sits down at the table, still not awake but waiting for his breakfast. I placed his favorite cereal bowl in front of him along with his little self serving of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream.  You should have seen the shocked look I received, GO MOM! ;)


Day 2...

Today I ventured out to check on my dear Papa.  He loves sweet potatoes so as my mom was cooking chicken and rice, I whipped up a pan of sweet potato souffle!!!

365 Project... day 1

I'm behind schedule, go figure.  I have dedicated myself to taking a picture a day for 365 days.

My first picture is my newest find!  It's an old pie safe that I purchased New Years Day.  I absolutely love it and it's exactly what the corner of my living room needed!!!


2010... looking back!

Well my promise from New Years Eve of returning with a recap of 2010 didn't happen. Let me explain.  Little Tucker bear has been a sick little guy and on Thursday before New Years Eve we were back in the doctors office debating if we would be spending hours in the E.R. getting fluids. Long story short, we were still pushing fluids on New Years Eve, he was cranky and clingy hence the delayed blog post.

Anywho, I'm here and we're going to look back at a few of my favorite pics from 2010.IMG_8452.CR2
I adore his crystal blue eyes!!!
Carter working hard. Watching him I know he's going to grow up to be a helpful, handy man!
B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S.  Tucker looking up at Carter, already best friends!!
Our little food lover!!
First attempt at the fireplace...
Grandparents make the world go round, and we're so very thankful for my Big Granny & Big Papa.
2010 brought lots of heavy equipment, dump trucks, and two extremely large holes in our front yard. I'm glad to say 2011 we're bidding the noise, the trucks, and the impassible road farewell!
First birthday celebration for our sweet Tuck!!
His first haircut.
Learning the ropes of gardening.....
Only to have his crop eaten by the gals from the pasture.
My purpose each and every day that I wake.
He'd be such a beautiful little girl.  :)
North Carolina has one of the sweetest people ever, so we like to visit!! :)
We went to visit Mickey, oh the sweet memories that this picture brings back.
Our favorite Florida State University Graduate!!!  So proud of you Jess, Congratulations!!!
When I say get cleaned up, this is NOT what I had in mind.  We do have a tub, I promise!  This picture will forever make me smile!
He's taught me it's okay to be dirty, it's what little boys do and regardless of how hard I try... they will get dirty!
My baby graduates from Pre-K.  I gleam with pride and joy over this precious little dude.
Fireplace attempt number 2.... he conquered it this time!  Twice in one day!
Full speed ahead, 90 miles per hour, never slows down and this picture shows that!
First pony ride.
Country boy for sure!!  This was the first time he bottle fed a calf!
End of the year party, kindergarten here we come!!!
Beach lover I'm not. For my family, I will.  Family vacation=sweet, hot memories!!
The dirt finds my children, I swear they share a secret language!!
He makes my every dream come true!!  I love you T-rav!
The place we call home...
Come on baby, get to movin'!
Five years ago, my life changed forever... each day he warms my soul, reminds that it's the simplicity of life that matters.  I LOVE YOU MY SWEET CARTER BUG!!
Wake Forest, NC
Our little family!  Notice Cody's face... LOVE IT!
<3 this picture!!!
North Carolina called us again....
Wake Forest, NC
Wake Forest, NCWhat a face Jess!
Wake Forest, NC
Our new addition, Dusty.
Houdini Tucker is d.o.n.e with his crib.  Time to move on.
Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!!
We have an apple bandit!
someone wanted some apple... just couldn't decide which apple they wanted!
The future of Sunshine Cattle...
He's oh so very cute, but oh so very mischievous!!!  From this sweet face to powdering the kitchen!!
He's so stinking cute.
Kindergarten be kind to my baby!!  I miss him when he's at school but it's a blessing to see him learning and growing!!
Momma don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys....
This picture is too funny!!
She wasn't very happy.
I spent a lot of money on apples in 2010!!
<3 <3 <3
Best buds... Carter & Cody, 2010!
It's fair time!!!
We always welcome Fall and all the fun it brings!!
Lighting the night in memory of sweet Emilee!!

He strikes again... look close. See the brown all over him? Yep, craft paint all over him and our living room floor and recliner.  Thanks Tuck.
A few of my attempts at Christmas photos with my boys.
I had the pleasure of spending six days with some of the closest friends a girl can ask for, sisters!!  I love you girls more then you'll ever know. Each of you has a special place in my heart and I thank God for your place in my life.
The smiles and giggles that make the holidays that much more special.
Florida had snow flurries the day after Christmas. I attempted to see them with the boys, we were out less then five minutes and our warm Floridian blood couldn't handle it we scurried back inside as quickly as we could!!!!
***FREEZING, sorry for the snot!***
This picture cracks me up.  Bless his heart his nose was a faucet the entire 5 minutes we braved the cold yesterday!! :)  It's as cute as it is gross!!!!
Happy 86th Birthday to the greatest man I've ever known. I love you Papa.

As I look back through these pictures God speaks ever so softly in my ear, your blessed. I am. It's plain and simple. I have a wonderful, caring, compassionate family. I have healthy, full of life, unbelievable, precious children. I have the warmth and comfort of a home. I have the things I need, things I don't need, but enjoy :). I have peace, I have love, and I have meaning and purpose. I could go on and on about how blessed I am but as you can tell by the pictures, God is good.

I wish each of you a prosperous New Year. It is my prayer that we all show more love and compassion, and that we make certain that the people in our lives that we hold dear to our hearts know how truly special and appreciated they are.  Make each day of 2011 a memory. Each day will not be perfect but it is what we allow it to be. May we live our lives without regret but with gratefulness regardless of the trials we face. Look for the good in each and every circumstance. If you allow, God will bless you.

Happy New Year my dear friend!!

Blessings Always....