Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Words

My friend Heather did a post on five words the other day.  As I read it I thought what an amazing way to really think. I asked Heather to throw five words at me so that I could remind myself and let all of you know what they mean to me.  

My words are dinner, faith, laughter, autumn, remember.  Here we go... :)

Dinner...-noun 1. the main meal of the day, eaten in the evening or midday. 
I've said it a thousand times, dinner & I do not get along. I love to eat, but hate to cook.  I just can't get past it.  I suppose I need to move this dear topic to the top of my prayer list and pray that God will change my heart about something we need so in our home! ;)  On a better note dinner is the time we come together as a family.  It's the time I remember as a child that we all had conversation together.  The t.v. was off, and we talked. Laughter all around the table, good food that my mother prepared with her loving hands.  The smell of dinner, vivid in my memory.  Homemade biscuits with homemade strawberry jam, sweet chocolate moose in the fridge for desert... yum.  Dinner was, and is an important part of my life.  Not just for the food, but for the togetherness, the relationships, and the sweet memories that are made around a dinner table.

Faith...  -noun  1. confidence or trust in a person or thing
Where would I be if I didn't have faith?  Faith is believing, it's trusting.  When I first hear the word faith I think of God.  The thoughts of knowing that my God will carry me, protect me, and love me, is faith.  I truly believe that faith is a key component of life.  Some people don't have faith.  For those people, I pray that they will see the peace & joy that I have from having faith in God and they will choose to come to know Him.  Faith is also something I have in my family and friends.  I have faith that they are there for me if I need them.  I have faith that my car will get me where I need to go.  I have faith that when I swipe my debit card it says "approved".  I have faith that when I drop my sweet Carter off at school, he'll be there for me to pick him up. Faith is so much to me, and without it I would be lost.  

Laughter... -noun 1. the action or sound of laughing
Sweet laughter, my granny say it's medicine for the soul.  Laughter is a stress reliever.  It's contagious, unless you are just completely hard hearted and stubborn.  A child's laughter is the sweetest.  That giggle that comes from that little person just brightens my day.  Maybe we should record children laughing and play it in doctors offices, or in the checkout line at the grocery store, or while we're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.  Seriously, if something were to happen to either of my children, their laughter would be one of the things I would miss the most.  I think laughter is also a necessity in our life.  It's healthy, it has to be.  A good gut laugh is just what you need somedays. I've learned to laugh at myself, especially when my father in law (Papa Donnie) is around!  I might as well laugh at myself, because I'm sure he'll laugh at me.  Laughing makes you cheerful, it makes a situation lighter and just a better place to be. If you haven't laughed today, find something, anything to make you laugh.  You'll feel better, I promise! :)

Autumn... -noun 1. the season between summer and winter
By far my most favorite season of all!  I love the feeling in the air, I love the pumpkins, the mums, the scarecrows, dressing the kids up, apples, pumpkin spice candles, and hayrides!!  Oh, and how could I forget the fair?!  Mmm, it just makes me smile to think of all the fun things that come with autumn.  I love to see the leaves fall, and that feeling in the air I mentioned... it's just refreshing.  Living in Florida, we deal with our fair share of heat and when October opens up and lets that fresh autumn air our way, it's just delightful.  There's nothing better then an autumn evening.  The wind blowing ever so lightly, the cows mooing, Carter playing in the yard or shoving hay through the fence to the cows... sweet memories!!  Autumn as a child was my favorite time as well.  I loved being back in school (believe it or not, I did... I was a nerd).  I remember sitting on our front porch swing and doing my homework.  The sun would set over the pond, and I remember the way that the sun painted the sky with a deep orange and red hue. I still love an autumn sunset, it warms my soul.

Remember... -verb 1. to recall to the mind by an act of effort of memory; think of again
Remember, something I hope that I always do.  Remembering is one of the main reasons I started this blog.  I want to remember the funny little things the boys say or do.  I want to remember the way I felt the night we moved into this house.  I want to remember the sounds of pitter patter feet running down my hall.  It's amazing to me how much we as humans can remember.  Think about it, remember when you were a child.  Remember all the things you enjoyed?  I'm sure you can think back to a time when you were four or five years old.  I know I can.  I remember riding with my Papa when I was only four years old on Saturday mornings. No place to go, no place to be, just me and him spending time together.  I remember going to the movies every Saturday night during the summer while my parents were still married.  I remember the family gatherings we had every fall and winter at my grandparents home.  What would our lives be like if we didn't remember?  My family is faced with that now.  My Papa has alzheimers and his memory is fading.  It's so sad.  He sees people that he has known his entire life and he just can not remember who they are for nothing.  I sit and watch him and it breaks my heart.  I know it has to be frustrating for him.  Never sure of where he is, or where he's going. Unfamiliar faces, and trying so hard to put two and two together.  I have no idea how long blogging will last for me, but however long it lasts I hope to one day look back and be able to remember where I came from.  Remember the things that made me who I am.  Remember the sweet, priceless memories of my children.  

My photos are another memory.  No words spoken, a picture can bring back a thousand or more memories.  I could look through pictures day in and day out and remember the moment. One of my fondest memories of this year is the day I had Tucker.  I had my dear friend Kari, of Kari Vennard Photography, photograph the day for me.  I look at those pictures at least once a week.  Each time, the tears stream down my face.  As I look through them, I remember the day so vividly.  Each one is a true precious, priceless memory of that day.  I am grateful that I have those memories to cherish and pass on to my children and grandchildren one day.     
I not only use my blog and my photos as a way to remember, but little things in life make me remember.  Like the smell of Gain, makes me remember home.  The sound of a semi slowing down makes me remember the evenings I stood in the front yard waiting for my Dad or Papa to come home. The smell of Carter's book bag reminds me of school.  The smell of our yard now, reminds me of the fair... why you ask, well the cow poo has a distinct fair smell to it.  :)  The football that sits in Carter's toy box that says Baker County Wildcats, makes me smile as I remember the night I met Trav.  The green long sleeve shirt that still hangs in Travis' closet reminds me of the first night I met him.  Hearing an old classic country song, or Saturday night gold rush (Lindsey V & Jill.... I know you know what I'm talking about), reminds me of the Saturday nights we found ourselves on an old country dirt road with good friends and good times.  

Life.  It's about making memories, days to remember!!

Thank you Heather for these five words.  Anyone else interested in five, let me know and I'll set you up! 

Aww, shucks...for me?!

So I'm a bit behind on this.  My blogging friend Jessica gave me the Kreativ Blogger award.  The past few weeks my amount of blog traffic has increased, and Jessica is one of my followers now. Her blog is also one that I check in on regularly.  Thanks for thinking I'm a creative blogger! :)
On to the award.  To accept the award though, I have to do a few things....


1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

So here are my seven things...
* I would love to go to Tuscany.
* I was NOT raised on a farm, and still have no clue about what to do here.
* I am a nail biter!  So sad, but true.  Oddly enough, I don't bite my nails when I'm pregnant... weird!
* I have an undying love, addiction call it what you will to Lucky Charms cereal.  Never even tried Lucky Charms until after I delivered Tucker.  So for the past 7 months it has been a necessity in this home.
* I have an addiction to bags.  Diaper bags, purses, totes, I can't help it.  I want every shape, every style, every color, every designer, knock off, I don't care.  I just have to have them.
* I would like to go back to school (when the boys get in school) for nursing.  I would love to work in Labor & Delivery.
* I would like to go on a mission trip to South Africa and work at The Promise House.
I listen to this local station every day and they always talk about The Promise House.  During the Spring I felt the desire to go.  Granted, I knew we did not have the funds for me to do this at this time, but I talked to Travis about it and it is something I want to save up for and eventually one day do.  I have always been told I'm an encourager and a giver and I feel this is something God is telling me I should do. My sister is interested in going with me, so what an experience that would be!!!

Now for the seven bloggers I nominate.

Lesli's blog is always a joy.  I love her outlook and the way she is focused on God's will for her life.
2.  Sonja @ For the Love of Stilettos Sonja's blog makes me smile.  She has great taste, and a great attitude!
3.  Jenna @ Life with the Reynolds Family  Jenna is a good 'ole country gal like myself.  She has an adorable son, and is a great blogger!
4.  Jessica @ The best days with you  She's a bit new to blogging and I'm trying to get her as addicted as I am! ;)  Sisterly love, sisterly love.  Check her out, she needs some fans!  She has a heart of gold.  She and her husband have a love for youth, and plan to work in youth ministry when Kyle graduates in December.
Believe it or not, I know Jessica in real life! :)  We worked together when I was expecting Carter and she Molly.  She recently welcomed baby Luke, just before Tucker arrived.  She is also new to the blogging world and is an EXCELLENT blogger!  She is a Christian stay at home mom, and has two very adorable cuties.  She is also doing photography now, which gives the two of us plenty to talk about!
6. Courtney @ One Fine Wire  Another great read.  She also has a design blog for anyone interested in dolling up their blog.  Her work is beautiful!!!
7.  Heather @ This is the day  There is nothing like finding other moms who believe the same as you.  Heather has a heart for God, her blog is always uplifting!!

Take the time to read these blogs.  Each one is wonderful, and all of the ladies are great!  I'm sure you'll enjoy them!!  Now to those of you nominated, Congratulations!!!

Wordless Wednesday....almost.

This little guy is feeling much better today.  Thanks to all of you for your many prayers over the past few weeks.  It's been a long month, and we are hoping that our run with colds, stomach bugs, salmonella, and all the other junk we've had is over for quite some time.  

Mr. Smiley is still trying to figure out the crawling thing.  He knows he can get to where he wants to be by rolling so why put all that work into crawling?!  What about his hair, isn't it just the greatest?  Love the color and every morning he wakes up with his little chicken doo! ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And once again...

I have a sick baby.  Seriously, let's get to the bottom of this already and be done!!  Both of the boys had their routine check up appointments yesterday.  It was the first time that Carter would see the new group.  He wasn't hesitant at all, probably because I didn't tell him he'd be getting shots.  I have to play my cards right.  They called us back and we patiently waited in the room. Talk about trying to keep a four year old (who was in his Buzz Lightyear underwear), and a seven month old entertained in a small room... workout!  The doctor came in and Carter jumped to his feet.  Mr. Personality was all excited to meet Dr. Egan.  She asked to see his muscles and he held out his little tiny arm and waited for her to feel.  She assured him he had huge muscles.  :)  She then went through all the routine questions about eating, sleeping, behavior, etc.  Carter told her eats all his vegetable (1/2 true), all his fruit (true), all his protein.  She looked at me after each question and I would either nod yes, or no.  With the protein I said he gets his protein from milk, and chicken nuggets.  Dr. Egan just laughed and said she hears that all the time!  He weighed 39 pounds, and was 41" tall.  The doctor told us to get in some more protein to get his muscles even stronger, and that the sleeping issue well... her words were, "He's playing you mom!"  So, no more playing this momma!!! :)

On to Tucker bear.  He weighed in at a whopping 19lbs. 5oz. and he was 28".  Big boy, big appetite, what can I say.  She asked if he was eating baby food and cereal.  I said, "what isn't he eating?"  The kid loves table food.  He has a few jars of baby food left, but you try to feed him those and he bucks and snorts until you give him whatever we are eating.  Once I get these last jars out, we're done with that stage of year one.  It seems like everything is going so fast with Tucker.  Maybe because I already know what to expect, and what to do... maybe because I know this might be the last time I buy baby food, or feed him or a little one from that tiny spoon.  Dr. Egan called him our little linebacker, and gave him an a-okay bill of health.

Then it was time.  The moment I had dreaded all day.  With Carter, I knew it was going to be an issue.  That is why I told the nurse to do his shots first because if he saw Tucker fall apart, he would surely fall apart on me.  He crawled in my lap and she gave him the flu mist.  I thought to myself, YUCK... there is no way I could snort that stuff up my nose, I'd rather have a shot.  I didn't tell him that though.  I told him to sniff like he was smelling a flower, and he did.  Then he looked at me like, that didn't smell like a flower ma! Now it was time.  The real ones, the ones that would send chaos echoing down the hall. I had him look out the window across the way to see if he saw anything on the roof of the next building.  He looked, she poked, and he screamed!!  It was that scream of, 'holy moly what did you just do to me, I wasn't expecting that!'  Then, he saw her coming towards him with the second one... he bucked, he snorted, he kicked (he nearly kicked the poor girl between the legs), bowed his back, and looked at me with the most pitiful look ever.  I tried to calm him and let him know that it would only hurt for a minute.  Gator tears were streaming down his face.  I was pouring sweat by this point.  Tucker, he was just watching from the stroller like what's the big deal dude, just take it.  Little did he know he was next.  Four shots later, he sat in the chair shaking.  What kind of mother am I was the look I was getting from him.  He wanted to be mad at me, he wanted me to love on him, and he was confused.  Poor guy, pure trauma.  

We waited for the next nurse to come in to give Tucker his shots.  Carter asked why was I putting Tucker on the table, surely they weren't going to do the same thing to him!!  He told me, "Momma, don't let them give Tucker those shots, they hurt!"  "Is he going to cry momma, will that lady stick him like she did me?"  Poor guy, all I could think was I had seriously traumatized him and now I was going to make him watch his brother go through the same thing.  The nurse came in and Carter's eyes got big and he said, "he doesn't have to get them momma."  I told him to just sit quietly and we'd be out of there. Butterball (a.k.a Tucker) laid on the table kicking and smiling, until... STICK!  He looked at me, then STICK, gasp! SCREAM!!!  His face turned red, then purple and the screams got louder and louder.  Once again, I'm trying to console him, keep Carter away from the table so the nurse could finish and yet I'm sweating like it's 103 degrees in there!  The nurse finished, I said, "Thank you" and she left.  Two crying babies, 8 shots total and I said, "Thank you?!"  What mother says, thank you for shots?  

I did my best to get both of the calmed down, Tucker strapped in the stroller, made sure we had everything, snatching a few Kleenex for Carter's runny nose, and then Carter says, "momma, I really have to pee!"  So, off we go down the hall.  Tucker still screaming, Carter sniffling and everyone looking at us.  Granted, I knew I wasn't the only mom in there with crying kiddos, but my two were off the chain!!!!

Finally, we make our way to the check out desk.  I laughed and told the receptionist that we were the ones causing all the ruckus!  She looked at me and said, "wow!  I thought we had a torture chamber back there!"  Thanks lady, thanks a lot.  As if I didn't feel bad enough about inflicting pain upon my kids you go and tell me it sounded like a torture chamber.  Thanks.... see you next time!

We didn't make it out of the parking lot and they were both out.  When we made it home Carter asked why did that lady stick him with those sticky shots?  I tried to explain that they are supposed to help him from getting sick from things like the chicken pox.  He says, "Momma, I don't like chicken pox!  I like chicken nuggets!!!!"  Cute, huh?  They both seemed fine until around 7:30 last night when Tucker started vomiting.  Then came the diarrhea, and we are still dealing with fever & diarrhea this morning.  Carter, he's fine.  Tucker on the other hand, poor guy just can't seem to catch a break this past month.  He's sleeping now and has been since about 10:00.  I hope when he wakes up that we can be on the road to happier, healthier days. The nurse on call last night said that it could be a reaction to the rotavirus vaccination he was given, or that he could have picked up a stomach bug in the office  because they saw several cases yesterday.  GREAT, WONDERFUL, THANKS!!!!  

Please pray my little guy gets better soon.  Through it all, he's still smiling and blowing endless bubbles and spit at us but I know he's tired of being the poo monster.  ***Maybe, I'm tired of him being the poo monster***

Lysol, Clorox, and GermX are going to know me on a first name basis before winter gets here!!!
Happy day to all, God bless!

PS.  I've been lacking in the picture department lately... I've been up to my eyes in dirty diapers, dirty clothes, and a house that looks like a pig sty!  I'll get back on the picture wagon, soon.  I hope!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Where is the ant lion?

I have never in my 29 years of life heard of an ant lion.  I was walking across the yard a couple weeks ago when I see Travis & Carter down on their knees looking in the dirt.  I figured they lost something until I see Carter jump and say, "Ooh, he got him Daddy!"  I could only imagine what that husband of mine had shown our four year old now.  I asked them what on earth they were doing and Carter said, "Momma... looking for the ant lion!"  The WHAT?!  I had to see this for myself.  So sure enough, they find a poor, innocent little ant and put him in this little hole in the dirt.  The ant wanders in circles and then all of a sudden the dirt moves and the ant is gone! Travis' explanation, the ant lion.  Umm, yeah, okay.  Still not believing a word they said, Travis scooped up a hand full of dirt, and showed me the ant lion.  It is a very small little insect, bug, not really sure what category he falls under but he looks nothing like a lion.  I suppose he gets his name for the way he gobbles up the ants, I don't know.

Yesterday while Mimi & Papa were visiting, the ant lion hunt was on!!!  Sure enough, there were several to be found.  Oh, the joys of being a country gal.  Nothing better to do on a Sunday evening then sipping sweet tea (I'll take water, thank you), and feeding the ant lions!  You should try it someday, it's soooooo exciting! :)

Our beautiful sunset yesterday!  I just love our sunsets!

Father & Son, or are they twins?!

Yesterday I passed Tucker off to Travis for a minute and when I came back I was just flabbergasted at how much they look alike.  I know Carter looks just like me, but I don't "see" it as much as I do as when I look at these two.  It makes me smile!!  How cute are they?!  There's no denying this baby now is there?!  :)

***Not sure why my pics keep getting cut off....ugh!***

Lester's Big Day, or maybe not.

Several months back Travis decided that he was going to start selling beef.  It only makes sense to do so, since we do live on a farm with beef cows.  Four little steers made their way to our home and day by day they were fed fresh hay, brew, and feed.  They went from being little things to huge, pudgy, fat (we'll call them healthy), fellas.  We ended up with only three because one was just crazy.  Everything about him was out of control.  He successfully messed up three gates within his first week of being here.  To say the least, he was out of here in no time.  

Each time we pulled in the driveway if it was close to time for their feed, they were sure to let us know they were there waiting.  They would moo, just as if they were talking to us.  Knowing that these guys had a purpose, I did my best not to get to close with them.  I didn't feed them like I do our sweet Lulla Belle.  

Last night, Papa & Mimi come over for dinner.  There was also a purpose for their visit.  They were there to decide poor old Lester's fate.  Lester you ask.  Well, somehow (and I'm not sure how), but Lester is the first steer that will make his way to the "end" today.  He's actually on his way there now.  Sad, I know but it's how it goes.  I don't even know how he got the name Lester.  I didn't know anyone even named him until last night.  I think Papa might have come up with that one.  Mimi & Papa filled out their form as to how they wanted their meat cut & packaged.  I chose to wash dishes and take Carter outside rather then being a part of this discussion.  

I am trying to be a good 'farm' wife.  I'm just wondering when on earth this farm living won't affect me anymore?!  Poor old Lester.  May he make a good steak & burger! :0  

A new look

My blog has become a part of my daily/weekly routine.  I usually blog at least once a day, sometimes though things get to hectic and it just doesn't work out that way.  I have thought several times how I would like to get a design made so that I'd have my own feel.  I just haven't taken the time to really look into having someone design one for me.  

This morning I log on to my email and see that I have an email from Jenna.  Her email was to inform me that I was the winner of a pre-made blog design by LeeLou Blog Design.  I can't wait to share my new look with all of you!  Thank you Jenna for such a great giveaway!  I am so excited to have a new look to The Days I'll Remember!!  

Happy Monday to all!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It has to be perfect

I've mentioned here several times lately about how our sweet Papa Joe is not doing well.  His spirits are still up, and he still greets each and every visitor with a cheerful hello.  The family is all coming together and helping out whenever possible and however we can.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take Granny to pick up her hearing aids.  Bless her sweet soul, she hasn't been able to hear us for over a week.  When I say she hasn't been able to hear us, I mean nothing.  She was excited to get her hearing aids yesterday.  If she told me once she told me ten times, "I'll be so glad to quit saying huh, and what?"  I just smiled.  Our ride to the office was a quiet one because she and I both knew it would be a difficult conversation.  

Like you turned on a switch, she could once again hear!!  As I watched her talk to the office staff, I thought how I take for granted the little things that I use everyday.  My hearing, my eyes, my nose.  She had been a week without hearing, but now she was back in business!  It was almost like she had a little extra pep in her step.  We finished some errands and headed back home.  I sat at the table eating with her and I asked, "Granny, did I take your seat?"  She jumped up, headed to the calendar and said, "No, it's not the 15th!"  I just smiled and told her I asked if I had taken her seat.  We both laughed and she then said that her hearing aids were obviously not working!!  We decided that we'd keep that little incident a secret, just between us.  Not long after company left, she called me to the living room where she was sitting by Papa. She was so cute.  She said, "Joe, ask Jennifer what I did in the kitchen?"  I told her it was supposed to be our secret and she said, "I can't keep a secret from Papa!"  So we told him and he just laughed.  He said, "some things never change!"  I thought how precious it was that they still share everything together, even when it's laughing at one another!

Today, I picked her up around noon and before we left she leaned over and kissed him and told him she'd be back soon. Her hair appointment was scheduled for 12:30, we had plenty of extra time. On the way there she asked if we could stop for lunch, she was so hungry.  We enjoyed lunch together at Burger King and she was talking about how she needed to go the bank, and to get a card for Papa.  Tomorrow is their anniversary, and she needs a card before going home today.  I promised her that we'd get it all taken care of.  As I'm sure many grandma's do she kept saying, "if you don't mind".  I finally told her I didn't mind that I'd take her where ever she needed to go and it didn't matter how long it takes.  "Well, if your sure.  I have to find the perfect card for Joe.  Not just any card but a special card" she said.  We sat at the red light and for a moment, I couldn't say anything.  She's so in love with him.  God brought them together, He's walked with them, their bond is unbreakable and I truly believe with each day that passes she loves him more, and he loves her more.  

"It has to be perfect!"  That phrase from her means more to me then just her feelings about a card.  It's an indication of their love for one another.  The dedication and the 59 years they will celebrate tomorrow, a blessing.  I'm sure their lives have had a fair share of hardship, but whose doesn't?  59 years they've gone to bed together, started the day together, prayed together, worshiped together, laughed together, and cried together.  I know that when God calls Papa home that Granny will be broken.  A piece of her will be gone, but it is my prayer that she cling to the promise she has and knows that she will see him again.  She will walk hand in hand with him and their days will never end.  

I'm so thankful for the last two days that I have had the opportunity to be there for Granny and to spend time with them both.  I ask that if you are reading this that you please keep them in your prayers.  Pray for Granny's strength, Papa's courage and peace.  For the children I pray that they find their strength in God.  It's a difficult time, but may God get the glory through it all.  


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Before the day slips away...

Praise the Lord my sweet Tucker slept all night.  He went to bed last night at 8:15.  It is now 7:09 a.m. and my baby is still sleeping.  I slept for nine hours last night!!!  I'm like a kid in a candy store this morning!  I've been up since 6:00 because I was so rested!

When I got out of bed, I showered.  Then I headed to the kitchen, washed some dishes and then thought of "Before the Day".  This is such a powerful song to me.  I could play it over and over again.  All to often we let our days slip away before we stop and tell God how very much we love Him.  The day passes before we stop and take the time to say, thank you Lord for your many blessings on my life!  As the songs says, if we would just be still... and know that He is God. As Americans, we have so much going on.  Work, school, ball practice, dance, be here, be there, but we, I in particular, need to begin my day talking to God.  

I pray that last night was a start of a new trend at our house.  Nights full of contentment and much needed rest.  I have enjoyed being up before my family this morning.  Having time to just relax, smell the coffee brewing, watching the sun rise over the trees, and most of all taking the time to thank God that I'm alive and well.  

Take a minute today and listen to this song.  It is so true and wonderful.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

God bless!! 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Memory Monday

One year ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to do maternity pictures for my dear friend Jill. She was patiently awaiting the birth of her son, Madox.  She was such a joy to work with, and being a part of her journey to motherhood was a true blessing to me.  It is hard to believe that a year has already passed since we took these pictures.  I remember the afternoon as if it were yesterday.  There was a nice cool breeze in the air, and lots of mommy chat going on between Jill & I.  
My favorite shot of all!!!

Now, as she is several months into this whole mommy thing, she's doing just perfect.  Being a mom is definitely her calling!


Sweet baby Madox is just a doll.  He is a perfect combination of his mommy & daddy. Sometimes when I look at recent pictures of him I see Jill, other times I see Clayton. Regardless, he is one cute kid!!!
Jill, thanks again for asking me to do your maternity pictures.  I can not believe that was a year ago, already.  Where does the time disappear too?  Hope this post makes you smile as much as it did me!  I needed a smile today! :)

To cook or not to cook...

Am I the only woman in America that can stand in front of the pantry or freezer and not come up with anything to eat for dinner?  I don't like to cook.  I know it's my 'place' as a wife to cook, but seriously I despise it.  I've never enjoyed, never took any interest in it, and quite frankly thinking about it even drives me nuts. 


I stand in the kitchen almost everyday thinking, "Hmm.. what to cook?  I should have something prepared for when Travis gets home, but what do you cook?"  Nothing that comes to mind sounds good.  I can stare at the frozen meat in our freezer and nothing, blank, notta. BUT... Travis comes home, sees the same stuff in the freezer or pantry and whala, presto! dinner is served.  It is so weird.  I will think of some of the same stuff he comes up with, but it never sounds good in my head.  

Here I am again today... lost.  Do we have roast, salmon, hamburgers, hotdogs, spaghetti, the list goes on and on.  Each thing sounds as blah and boring as the first.  I often wonder how my little granny who once cooked twice a day, well actually she still does, how does she decide? How do you keep a variety going, and not repeat the same old stuff over and over again?  I just get in the kitchen, get lost, frustrated, and to be honest... intimidated.  There, I said it.  Cooking intimidates me.  I'm afraid of burning it, not preparing it right, or having to watch Travis eat it out of pure sympathy for me knowing that he's just being nice.  


Why can't we just eat fast food each night?  Our arteries will understand, our heart will get the hint.  Green beans, and veggies & fruits, all that stuff is just over rated!! :)  I'm completely joking, I know I can't raise my kids on chicken nugget Happy Meals, granted they do make a person happy!  And pizza, come on Carter LOVES to see the delivery man coming down our driveway.  The sheer joy in his face, isn't that enough to eat out?!  No, no, and no.  


Help a sister out people.  I need dinner ideas.  My idea of dinner is not Travis, and even if it were who on earth can afford it?!  I watch Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, and read recipes in magazines.  They all make it sound so simple and like you have all that stuff in your pantry.  I would love to cook like my mom or my granny.  I really would.  I have sweet, sweet memories from my childhood of a big family dinner each and every night.  Homemade biscuits, fresh sweet tea (granted, I'm not a fan of tea... at all!), chicken & rice, beef stew, fresh mustard greens & cornbread.  Explain to me why it is that I did not inherit the cooking gene in my family, please?  My mom's sister, Angie, we tease her about her cooking.  We tell her it has taken her 15 years to master chicken and rice and I'm following step by step in her shoes.  One day, some day, granted it may be 15 years from now I'll cook that good 'ole southern food for my family.  I may only conquer one dish, but I'll cook something they enjoy.  Maybe if my sister ever moves back home, close enough to me, I can just have her cook then come home and put it on the table and take credit for it, LOL!!  That cooking gene I was talking about... Jessica got it all.

I must go, I have a date with the freezer.  We'll have a staring contest.  The freezer always wins!


Happy Monday, God bless!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Change me

Do you ever feel out of the loop, out of sync, like you are just going through the motions?  I have a situation in which I'm trying to deal with and quite frankly, it's getting the better of me.  I can't come to terms with the decision that needs to be made.  I'm frustrated about the situation, and the more I think about it the more upset I become.  The thoughts of where is the fairness in this, or what am I supposed to do constantly run through my head.  I'm thinking about "me" and my feelings and how I'm going to have to deal with this.

Those thoughts bring me to this.... I heard a pastor preaching one day about trials that we face. We put too much thought and blame towards another person instead of keeping our mouths shut and praying.  Am I saying that you always need to keep your mouth shut, no.  I think you need to speak your part, work to an agreement, but never keep quiet just because.  I keep trying to look at the 'other' side of the situation but the stubborn part of me can't see anything positive.  I'm really struggling with this.  The message from the pastor said, if you are having difficulty dealing with a situation, a certain person, or whatever the case may be... maybe it's you who needs to be the one with an attitude adjustment (for a lack of better words).  One of his examples was this, if a woman is longing to be a mother and she and her husband have not been blessed with a child yet, that woman will find herself being envious of another woman who has found out she is pregnant.  His point was this, you have to love as God loves.  You have to show true sincerity, you have to really have a Christian attitude and outlook towards any situation you are given.  Sometimes if we are having a dispute with a family member, friend, or loved one we want to throw all the blame on that one person.  Is that right, UMM NO!  We are all sinners, and sometimes in all reality it's ourselves that need to be the one changing.  The pastor said to ask God to change your heart first, then ask Him to change the heart of the other person.  

Whoa!  Now, that (for me) is a lot to swallow.  I'm supposed to ask for a change of heart when I'm not the one throwing a kink in the plans?  God is showing me that just because my views are one way, doesn't mean it's His way.  I suppose my stubborn, bullheaded self needs to quit finding the negatives and just pray. God will work it all out, I just have to trust & have faith in His will.  It's much easier to get all huffy puffy about things rather then stopping and saying, God, change me. Change my take on this situation.  It is my prayer that God will open the doors that are needed at this time.  May He change my heart, take away my frustration and anger and let me see the good in it all.  

Are you facing a certain trial in your life?  If so, are you willing to let go and ask God to change your heart?? 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go away germs!

Here's a look at the most used items in our house for the past week!  My hands are starting to crack from all the soap, and bleach.  I'd rather have old cracked hands then to have sick children.  BRING ON THE BLEACH!!!!
It's been almost three weeks now since Tucker started with runny nose & congestion.  Last week we dealt with salmonella, and yesterday that was confirmed with the lab results.  I took Tucker back to the pediatrician yesterday in hopes of getting something to help him sleep better due to the cough and congestion he has.  Our nights have been pretty restless for the past week.  
Tuesday night, Carter came to our room at 1:00 a.m. and at 1:30 we were giving him meds for a 102.6 fever and vomiting.  Thirty minutes later, Tucker was up for an almost two hours coughing so hard he was almost vomiting.  I am beat!  I do not like having sick babies.  No one does, but you feel so helpless when they are sick. Carter's fever broke and he slept the rest of the night. When he got up the fever came back around 10:00, more meds and he was on the couch. I called the pediatrician to see about an appointment for Tucker, and hopefully for Carter as well.  

They both seemed fine between 11:00 and 3:00.  Then it started up again.  Carter's fever came back with a vengeance, and Tucker was coughing and sneezing constantly.  When we got to the pediatricians office, Carter's fever was really getting high.  He was so hot to the touch.  The office was full of children, and almost each one of them had fever.  They all looked so tired, drained, and helpless.  There were coughs everywhere, runny noses galore, and not enough tissues or hand sanitizer!!!  To make matters worse, the air was not working very well in the office.  

Finally they called us back.  Seriously, I've never seen our pediatricians office that chaotic.  We got back to the room and the nurse took Carter's vitals he had a fever of 104.9!!  That is the highest fever he has ever had.  He was so limp, and quiet.  They tested him for swine flu, and strep throat.  Both tests were negative.  His ears were clear, and his chest was clear.  The doctor said it was something viral and that if he was still running fever by Friday or Saturday that we needed to come back to their office.  I'm starting to feel like I need to decorate one of the exam rooms as our own. We've been there four times now in the past month.  We're starting to know everyone on a first name basis.  Dr. E said to just let Carter's illness run it's course, push fluids, and lots of rest.  

As for Tucker, he has an upper respiratory infection.  She gave him a prescription for amoxicillin which we are to do for ten days.  Should have started that last night but low an behold I get to the pharmacy and the computers went down around 6:00 and Dr. E sent the Rx request over around 6:15.  So, back to the pharmacy today to get that, and hopefully by this evening Tucker will start to feel a little bit better.  

All in all, we're just a sick bunch.  Travis also has the start of a cold.  He's achy, a light cough, and you can just look at him and tell he doesn't feel well.  I've been having just a bit of allergy type symptoms and I'm hoping they don't get any worse.  Carter informed last night that I could not get sick.  I know, right?  Today I'm disinfecting everything.  Our house smells like bleach, and lysol.  At least I know it's clean.  I'll probably be repeating the cleaning through the weekend in hopes of killing whatever is after us.  Bad part is, it's not even prime flu season yet!!!  I think we'll stay in our house until next spring.  If you need us, text us, LOL!

It is so hard to see your little ones sick.  They are so pitiful.  Their eyes so tired and weary, and the way the snuggle is more like a cry for help.  Praying that my little ones, and Travis get better really soon. My prayers are also with our little cousin B & her family.  She was diagnosed with the flu yesterday and she is only five.  I know her mom is worried sick, as any mom would be.  Please keep each of them in your prayers.

And now for our, well my, most valued item....

Thank you 8 o'clock for the power to keep going.  You are my energizer!! :)  

Hope all of you are doing well, and that you and your families are well!  God bless!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Excited, Giddy, Surprised...

Do you ever have a moment when you learn something new and exciting, and you are so blown away that it almost takes your breath?  That happened to me today.  I was talking to a good friend, one that I've been through quite a bit with.  One of those friends that you don't have to talk to each and every day to know that you are still "friends".  A friend that you know is thinking about you, or praying for you, and each time you talk with them you leave knowing that you have a true friendship with them.  This friend is exactly that to me.  She is a blessing in so many ways. She knows who she is, and for now, I'll keep her a secret! :)

So today while talking on the phone I discovered some exciting news.  She is expecting!!!!! Trust me when I tell you I did not see this coming, at all.  My life has been so busy and crazy lately that I've been out of touch with most of my girlfriends and that is obvious by this phone call.  I had just put Tucker down for a nap when the call came in.  I answered and as we normally do we chatted about everything under the sun.  Sick babies, car seats, larger vehicles and the whole time I didn't see the little ques that I should have.  Then I don't remember exactly what was said, but at that moment it clicked with me and I said, "are you pregnant?!" Her response, a little giggle then a yes.  I screamed, "SHUT UP, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"  I think I ended up saying it probably 5-6 times.  Bless her heart, I hope I didn't blow her eardrum.  Luckily I didn't wake Tucker either.  I truly was surprised, excited, and giddy all at the same time.  

We continued to talk, and I still in awe tried to finish preparing dinner.  She continued to tell me about her upcoming doctors appointment, and the more she talked the more excited I became.  I was covered in chill bumps.  Seriously, I had chill bumps on my arms, neck, even my ears.  I don't think that even happened when I found out I was expecting my own children! :)

My thoughts and prayers are with my dear friend.  It is my prayer that God will watch over her, and the sweet baby she is carrying.  May the months that are ahead be ones she'll enjoy and never forget.  I also pray that any fears or concerns she has, may she lay them at God's feet.  I can not wait to meet your little one!!  Congratulations, and God bless!!!

I LOVE YOU Friend!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Should have gone back to bed!

Do you ever wake up and just know it's going to be one of those days?  Today was that day for me. Tucker did not sleep very good at all last night.  Bless his heart he has a horrible stuffy/runny nose, and now he's started coughing.  The pediatrician says wait it out.  Umm, okay I've been doing that now for two weeks!!!  Finally at 4:00, I put him in the swing so that he would stay elevated and we both finally drifted off to sleep.  

Once I finally started to sleep, the cat meowed and it's a good thing... we (I) overslept, AGAIN! So the rush was on.  Get myself some coffee, get dressed, get Carter dressed, feed him, and get out the door within 30 minutes!  Believe it or not, we made it.  Granted Tucker was still in his jammies, we still made it.  

Came home to hopefully get Tucker down for a nap by 9:30, and clean up the pig sty we are living in.  No go.  Tucker was not napping, I mean 25 minutes is not a nap that is just a tease! Dishes still need to be washed, laundry to fold, living room looks like the toy box vomited everywhere.  I did at least get Carter's sheets washed, and we won't go any further on that topic. By this time, it's time to get Carter from pre-school.  Off we go.  After picking him up I had all intentions of making my way to the grocery store, the post office, and to make hair appointments for all of us.  I accomplished one task, the grocery store.  Anyone who has shopped with two kids, one of which is sick and both in dire need of a nap, knows that grocery shopping can be quite a battle.  So, knowing this I took Carter's little shopping cart along so that he could 'help' me.  Oh stars, what was I thinking?  He had that cart in the air, driving like a race car driver, and making all kinds of race car sounds.  Everyone was looking our way, but I really didn't care.  We had only been in the store maybe three minutes when Carter lets out that announcement that you try to teach them to say quietly, "MOM...I HAVE TO POOP!"  I just looked at him with the look of are you kidding me?  Off to the lovely, disgusting, makes my stomach turn, bathroom.  Of course when he came out he thought that I would magically say it was okay for him to drink from the water fountain... NO, NO, and NO!

Now, on a mission to finish grocery shopping (peacefully), we headed back to where we left off. "Come on Carter, keep up!"  "Put that back Carter, we don't need extra rice, or juice, or onions!"  I was trying to stay up beat because I knew he was enjoying his roll as my helper. Meantime, Tucker is starting to chime in.  It's close to his feeding time, so I'm trying to shop, trying to quiet him, trying to mix a bottle, and trying to keep Carter from running other customers over with his Fisher Price cart.  Once I get the bottle ready, I wrap his sweet little pudgy hands around it and as always, he lets go.  Seriously, when will this child ever hold his own bottle?  I mean, come on already!  I need both of my hands to shop and push this cart... do your part little dude!

We make it a few more aisles without hurting anyone, when all of a sudden Tucker sneezes and you know it, his nose left a nice little surprise. I didn't have a tissue, and my wipes were in my other bag which was in the truck, genius I know.  So, we just happened to be on the paper goods aisle.  I stopped the cart, walked backwards a bit to where I had seen a Viva display with samples of their towels.  I snagged one, Carter says, "Momma, what are you doing? That's not yours."  I told him son, when there is a mess like what is on brothers nose you do what you have to do.  Once again, we're back to grocery shopping.  

People pass by us and we got the usual hellos and aren't they cute.  Every little old lady we passed today was just beside herself that Carter had a cart.  He hammed it up for each one that passed.  They were all pleasant telling me how cute the boys were, but I know as they passed they were thinking, 'whew... glad that's not me!'  At this point Tucker is starting to let me and everyone else within three aisles of us know that he is over being in the grocery store.  He wants his bed, or so I thought, and he wants it now!  

I was so frazzled by the time I made it to the checkout line that all I could think of was get me out of here, get me home and please Lord.... let them go to sleep so I can catch up.  That didn't happen either.  I get home, unload all the groceries, get Tucker down, get Carter down and within 30 minutes they are both up.  Tucker is beside himself, so cranky and miserable. Poor guy does nothing but sneeze, cough, and then time for a nose wipe.  Carter is angry with me because I bought more pull ups.  I just don't feel he's ready yet.  I mean I've washed sheets more then I've washed clothes in the past two weeks.  In due time, he'll get it.  RIGHT?  

So, without good naps we press on to the later part of our afternoon.  It's now 3:02, I started this entry somewhere around 1:30 and I'm still not done.  Tucker on my hip, grabbing every pen, pencil, newspaper, USB cord he can find. Carter telling me he's not my friend anymore because I won't let him eat snacks in his room. Dinner is at least planned, it's a new recipe. Yeah, what am I thinking on a day like today... go with something simple, right?  I can only hope to report that our evening goes smoother, with happier children, a dinner that tastes good, and a good nights sleep.  Please, if anyone is listening, please pray this day does not repeat tomorrow!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wild Olive

Tonight I was catching up with some of the blogs I like to follow when I came across Wild Olive. Fellow blogger, Courtney, at One Fine Wire had a button for Wild Olive Tees.  I clicked on it and immediately fell in love with their products.  I have several tees that I like but these are different. They are nice and feminine, and the colors are gorgeous.  Take a few minutes to check out Courtney's blog as well as Wild Olive.  Courtney also does blog design if anyone is interested in snazzin' up their blog!   

Wild Olive Tees