Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Days I Remember...

My first time at blogging.  As I sat and thought of a title, I thought of how fast the days since having my son, Carter, have flown by.  Prior to having him I was sure that I had the perfect life.  Was I ever wrong!  The moment I held him, I was over come by a love that was and is stronger then I ever dreamed possible.  The days of us cuddling him, and jumping to his every whimper turned in to days of making sure he wasn't climbing on chairs, or pulling on things that could hurt him.  He has yet to slow down, actually, I think he has kicked into high gear!  Those 'cautious' days, turned into the days of first steps, then running.  Now each day is filled with that never ending question, "Why?".   He is so inquisitive and learning something new lights up his face, as does mine!  Each day he shows me something new, tries me a little more then the day before, asks "why" 5 more times then the day before, but at the end of the day when he crawls into my lap and wraps his arms around me, I think about how quickly the day passed.  I have to remind myself that even on the days that I thought couldn't get any harder, that this is my life and I must enjoy every second because all to quickly he will grow up.  The writing on the walls, the scribbling on his feet, hand prints on the door, cookies in the couch, these are all the things that make the days I'll remember.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and they will be the big things." -unknown.

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