Friday, April 18, 2008

Lovely Florida Weather...

Living in Florida most people think warm weather, all the time. This is not the case, well not for this Floridian. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day around 72 degrees. Yes, I must admit this is lovely weather but when your 2 year old decides that he is going to go swimming in his new swimming pool it's pretty cold.

We had a few errands to run yesterday and while we were out I bribed my son. I told him if he would be good while we were shopping I would get him a small little plastic pool. He didn't not let me forget that I promised a pool. The entire time we were in Wal-Mart he kept saying, "Carter gets a pool if he is good?" I tried to change that to a matchbox car, a ball, nothing was going to take the place of that pool. So, once I was finished getting all the little things I needed it was off to check out in the garden department. He spotted the pools, and how could I say no to a little boy that was saying, "Carter's pool momma? Wow! Thank You!" So, here I went lugging my cart, and this fairly large pool to the truck. You should have seen me trying to shove it in the back of my truck. The entire ride home, he kept saying, "Carter's pool momma? I swim?" I was thinking, he can't get in that pool today he'll freeze to death. When we got home, I unloaded it and his little face and pleas were just heartbreaking. So I filled the pool and told him to let it sit in the sun for an hour, in hopes that the water would warm up.

The struggle to go inside for an hour was just that, a struggle. He had to sit by the window closest to the pool and watch it. After that hour passed we went out and with no hesitation he jumped right in. His first response, "Oooh, momma this is cold!" I tried to tell him. He stayed in it for about an hour. His Daddy arrived home from work and just laughed at my great decision of the day. When it came time to go inside the little guy was shivering but saying, "I'm not cold!" Yeah right!!! It's 9:03 a.m. now, and he's already asked if he can get in his pool. They forget nothing!

I am certain that this little pool that cost me a whopping $11.88 will be one of my best investments of our summer. Now, if our Florida weather will just warm up and stay that way for awhile. We are ready for some SUN! :)

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