Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That rascally rabbit

We've been over this a thousand and one times. The little redhead living in our home is mischievous!  That my friends doesn't even begin to sum this child up. The picture below is supposed to 'help' me with my mischievous little man but oh no. He's conquered that.
If there is a gate, counter, chair, couch, window sill, he will climb it. Fall decorations are taking a beating, my computer has been colored, the toilet bowl brush has to be hidden, markers are OUT.OF.THE.QUESTION, bath time is a tidal wave, and sleeping well what exactly is that? Back to that gate that is supposed to keep him out. Well, it didn't do it's job and therefore we have this.  
Yes friends, that is my computer screen covered in black permanent marker. Nice, huh?But seriously, he's so stinking cute. He just smiles this little grin, and waves at me saying, "Hey momma!" Somedays it makes my blood boil, other days it has me doubled over laughing. Every day that we face is a complete adventure!  I never know what he's going to do and if my eyes are not on him each and every second I can promise you there will be something to clean up! For example, anyone care to guess what the picture below is???
POWDER!  Sure enough, he brought the container of powder out of his room and dusted my entire dining room with it. Where was I you might ask? Sitting on the couch. Thinking he was playing with his blocks or truck. I thought that is what the banging sound I was hearing was. N.o.p.e.  Sure wasn't. It was baby powder clouding up my kitchen. On the bright side, the kitchen and dining room smelled lovely!
Caught in the act, he doesn't care. He's having a ball at my expense. He's only 18 months old.  It scares me to think what this little redheaded bundle has up his sleeve in the near future.  In the meantime, pray for me. My grey hair is popping out more and more every day! Dare I even say that I have baby fever really bad, but to think I could have three monsters precious babies is a lot to consider. 
Then you see him like this in all his sweetness.... Lord, help me.

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Sebrina said...

That smile of his is magic!!!
what a little cutie! best of luck with his "LITTLE messes"!!:)