Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Puddle Jumpers

The boys are truly growing quicker than I ever dreamed possible. It seems like we were just playing outside while Tucker looked on from his bouncy seat. Now he's bouncing right along with Carter. Everything Carter does, Tucker does. If Carter says it, Tucker says it. There really is a bond between these two little boys that blesses my heart each and every day.
A few rain showers passed through our area and what do boys do? Boys find the mud. Big boys, and little boys.  When I looked out from the back porch I saw Carter making his way towards the biggest puddle he could find. It was just mere seconds and Tucker was hot on his trail. Moments later, Travis joined in the fun.  Their giggles still ring in my ear. I really don't know who was having the most fun. The boys, Travis, or me as I watched on. It's moments like these that I hear God telling me to take it in, embrace it, and forget the possible stained clothes or the fact that the sun is setting and bedtime awaits. This is the moment.
Mud was flying, giggles coming from both of the boys, Travis speeding around on the four-wheeler (dangerous... well, you know), and me just standing there in the driest spot I could find. Secretly, I was hoping that they would not even think about getting me as dirty as they were!
They weren't happy when the mud party was over, but that's how the cookie crumbles. I believe that they would go to bed dirty if I would let them. Must be a boy thing.
I sure do love these muddy fellows!!

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