Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just like Daddy

The boys are with me 90% of the time but when we have those few chances to jump in the truck along with Travis and do something for "boys only" the boys are ecstatic. They dress up in their cowboy pants, shirts, and boots and turn into quite the little cowboys. Carter leads the way and Tucker immediately becomes a shadow. If Carter says it, Tucker says it. If Carter climbs it, Tucker climbs it. They're quite cute if I should say so myself.

 Travis moved a few yearlings to a new pasture and the boys were right up in the middle of everything. From moving feed troughs, to picking up sticks, you name it.  

Two country boys, an empty head shoot.... this could get very interesting in a few more years when they can't squeeze through.

 See I told you... whatever one does, the other does.  Too cute.

They just love being outside and mimicking Travis' every move. I enjoy watching them and knowing that they want to be just like him. I'd be lying if I said I don't think about how close the three of them will be when they grow up. I see them working cows, fixing fences and the boys hauling Trav around rather than vice versa.

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