Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something to crow about!!

Something to crow about was our theme for our local fair this year. Of course we spent many days there so I have lots and lots of pictures to share.  Sit back, and grab some coffee 'cause you're going to be here for a while!

Travis was helping with the Dairy show during the ten day run of the fair. This was right up his alley and although he might not say it, he was loving every minute of it. It's neat to see him in his own little element doing what he loves.
The boys and I enjoyed watching each one of the 4-H kids show their cows. At the end of the week is when they auctioned off the steers and hogs. As expected, we were on the sidelines watching each animal. During the hog sale Tucker decided that he was over his pacifier and tossed it over the fence to a hog!  The hog picked it up and was off. The girl showing the hog grabbed it and threw it back to me. Kind of gross, huh?!
Carter was anxious to make his way to the midway. We ventured out and I offered to be the one to ride with him since Travis is hands down, no way Jose going to ride a ride at the fair. It's not going to happen so don't ask. Riding with Carter taught me a few things. 1) I'm not a spring chicken anymore, 2) Umm, you might be getting to old, or just to chunky to ride the ferris wheel if you have to turn sideways to get off the ride (yes... this happened to me, I have the bruise to prove it!), 3) Your stomach doesn't handle spinning round and round and round like it did 15 years ago (geeze, that seems ancient), 4) the double ferris wheel did me in. It was after about that third loop that my stomach said, 'get a grip woman! You're going to hurl if you don't stop now!'   Luckily after that loop it was our turn to get off and I graciously walked away from riding anymore rides with my sweet baby boy!  Queasy and clammy led to me finding Travis leaving Carter with him and me heading home to take a shower to regain my senses!
I'm a sucker for the fair. I love it! I love the excitement, I love the memories it brings back and the memories we make each year. I love seeing Carter get all excited about riding the ferris wheel. I love seeing Tucker just watch in amazement. I love seeing Travis doing something that he enjoys so much. Last but certainly not least I love the corn dogs, funnel cakes, and popcorn!!  Hence the reason my jeans were a little tighter by the end of the week.
Always a fun time at the fair, but after about seven days I was glad to see it go. Until next year, we'll just reminisce on the memories we made this year!!!

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