Sunday, September 11, 2011

When he's not looking

I love catching the boys doing things when they have no clue that I'm looking.  This morning, I heard the front door slam shut and I knew that our little mischief man, Tucker, had escaped once again. As I headed out to get him, I noticed he had his guitar in his hands. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned back around and went for my camera. When I came back he was strumming the remaining two strings and singing his little heart out. If I would have tried, there is no way I could have removed the smile that was on my face. He was in his own world, completely content, and loving every minute of his guitar playing. As I watched him strum a tune for our dog, Cowboy, I couldn't help but think would he still have a love for music when he's older? He didn't once have a clue I was taking these shots through the window and the front door. So glad I was able to catch these... I must say, they're some of my favorites!

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Old Road Primitives said...

How precious! One of those days that you are sure to "Remember"! Treasure those moments! Kim