Monday, September 15, 2008

Coming home!

So this past weekend, I loaded myself and Carter into the truck with my Dad and it was off to Panama City!! Carter loved Panama City the last time we visited and was super excited to be going again. My sister moved there the beginning of this year, and is now headed back home! We are all super excited that she will once again be so close to home. You never really realize how much you miss seeing someone or hanging out with them, until they aren't around.

We started out around 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and we should have been there within about 5 hours, given we would have to make the lovely potty breaks! :) Well, what should have been 5 hours turned into what seemed like eternity! Dad, bless his heart, drove so super slow. Lucky for me though, Carter took himself a much needed nap around 10ish, and woke up as we turned off the interstate onto the homestretch to Panama City.

Once we arrived, Aunt "Caca" (that's Carter's name for Jessica), was waiting for us. We headed out to get some lunch and then drove around the town one last time! Carter had to go by and see the beach. We didn't dare take him out of the truck, not with hurricane Ike making his way to land, the water was way to choppy for a, well my three year old to even remotely get close! So, we looked from the road and bid farewell!

Packing my sisters belongings is becoming a family tradition! **Jessica, if you are reading this, you know that is said with no hard feelings at all!** As I watched my Dad and sister pack the majority of her things ever so neatly into the trailer, I couldn't help but think that regardless of how cooky my Dad is at times, and how sometimes he drives me absolutely mad, that his children are one of his upmost priorities. He takes pride in helping us, and although he would never admit it, he is SO glad that his baby girl is headed home. Although he would also never admit that he hopes she doesn't move again for QUITE some time!!! I didn't help with the big stuff, but I did vacuum the floors....give me some credit, please! :) So after 'they' did the packing, and I the 'supervising' we decided we should head out for dinner. We dined at one of our favorites, Outback! Carter was out cold before our dinner ever made it to the table. Jessica & myself weren't too far behind him once we arrived back to her apartment! We were all exhausted. Sunday morning, it was time to head out. So, with each and every little thing she owned, we packed our things and headed east. It was sad to leave her behind, but she'll be home soon enough. Carter and I are supposed to be baking a cake for her arrival! That should be interesting!! :)

I'm glad my sister is coming home. She's the first of our family to ever move away and granted Panama City is not that far, it is when you want to just have dinner, or go to a movie. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for her next. Her journey always proves to be an exciting one! The road trip/operation: Bring Jessica Home, was an interesting one. Since I've not been on a road trip with my father since I was probably 10....let's just say, it took us quite some time to get home. Who drives the back roads when there is an interstate??? That one, I'll probably question for years to come. Regardless that we didn't take the route I would have home, it was a trip I'll always remember.

I love you Caca.... hurry home, BUT without any run ins with the law, LOL! :)

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