Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God made me...

Today is Tuesday, Carter is at school as usual. On the way to school, we always talk about what he might learn or do during the day. When you ask him, "what did you learn today?" He usually responds with something, like, "God, played with my friends, sing songs". He goes to a local, Christian preschool that he has come to love very much. It blesses my heart to hear my little boy come home and sing songs about God, or tell me that God made the sun, the grass, the dogs. :) This morning, I was asking him all the things that God made, and the answer each time was, "God made me!" I can't begin to explain to you how very precious that statement is to me. I am forever grateful that God chose me to be this sweet little boys momma. I pray that he will grow up and know how very important it is to have a close relationship with God and to live a life for God.

God made me, and you, and we should choose each day to see the blessings such as the sun, and the birds, and the little things that our little ones point out to us that we all to often take for granted.

God bless!

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