Friday, July 2, 2010

Beatin' the heat!

A few weekends back we got out the trusty water slide so that the boys could enjoy being outside without feeling like they were going to pass out!  You can only imagine the excitement that Carter had when we started blowing it up. Tucker was just as excited but only because he had no clue what it was.
Both boys immediately climbed into the pool part of the slide and the fun was on!! Tucker was bound and determined to climb to the top!  He conquered it too!!  The giggles and laughter just made me smile. It wasn't long into the afternoon that I could tell Tucker was getting tuckered out! He went off for his afternoon nap and about an hour later I sent Carter in to do the same. Carter slept for three hours!
I told Travis I think we'll leave that thing up since it wears them out! :)  This was just day one of many, many more slide days.  Carter can't wait for his birthday party when all his friends come over for the "slip and slide" fun!!



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G-Zell said...

I want to go on that LOL... that is so cool!

Great pics!