Friday, July 2, 2010

Most Mischievous Child... EVER!

Oh sweet Tucker bear, will there ever be a day that you don't get into some sort of trouble?  The other day I was working on some pottery pieces that I had to get done before leaving for our beach vacation. The boys had played so well all morning, and I was making great progress. I received a phone call, and while I was on the phone Tucker decided he'd get on his phone as well. Unlike me he needed more privacy then stepping into the kitchen.
He opted that the fireplace was his quiet place. Yes, you read that correctly. He opened up the fireplace, crawled inside, turned around and closed the door. Carter begins to yell, "TUCKER'S IN THE FIREPLACE, TUCKER'S IN THE FIREPLACE!" I hang up from the call I was on to find our sweet little bear smiling and waving at me from inside our fireplace.
He was covered in soot and ashes. We had cleaned out the fireplace when winter was over but there were still some ashes in there. They were all over his diaper. I just had to laugh, because I think this child could weasel his way into any and every nook and cranny he can find.
The large black spot in the back of his pretty red hair just topped it all for me, or so I thought. AFTER taking pictures, I gave him a bath and off he went. I should have known better!  Mr. Mischief went right back to the fireplace for round two! Crawled back in, turned around and all covered again in black soot.
That time, I learned for sure. Our fireplace is locked up tighter than the local bank! Try and get in there now Mr. Mischief!

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