Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I knew this kid, his name is Carter....

His imagination is on fire! The stories he comes up, the adventures he plans to embark upon, the excitement in his voice, the innocence of his soul.... it all amazes me. I remember imagining things as a kid and thinking I could do anything I set my mind too. That is the same way Carter is. I'm sure all five year old boys are a lot like him, but it's fun to sit back and watch his imagination take him into another world. A world that's far different then the moment we're living in. A world where he really is a dragon slayer, or a "baseball boy". That other world was happening in our backyard on Monday afternoon.
After school he watched a few cartoons before asking to go outside. I asked him to give Tucker a few more minutes so I could put him down for a nap and I'd go out with him. He agreed, and it wasn't long and little man was out. As promised, out we went. He made a few laps with his bike and then the real adventure started. He went to my truck and came out with my umbrella. I just watched, wondering what on earth he would do with it. He then went to the box of toys outside and pulled out a spoon (from my kitchen that I've been looking for), a plastic spike (used to play horseshoes), a tire that had broken off his monster truck, and a silk flower. What a combination I thought. I could only imagine what all of this would turn into. He was on a mission.
After gathering all of his things and fighting with the umbrella he asked me to, "please help me with this umbrella!  The wind keeps pulling it away!!!" So, we rigged up the umbrella and I asked him what exactly he was doing with all of that stuff. His reply was simple, "bird hunting momma."  Oh, bird hunting.  Why couldn't I have figured that out to begin with, I mean it was very evident... right?  I let him be and I walked away. He watched patiently for birds to fly over. Occasionally he'd run out from under the umbrella with the wire he had pulled from the silk flower. It was his "stick" to catch the birds.
He waited. He watched. He talked to himself and the birds, and the dogs, and whoever else would listen for over an hour. I finally asked him how it was going and he says to me, "Momma... we're having birds for dinner, but I haven't caught any yet!" Hmm... birds for dinner?  Well, I hope that turns out the way you want it little man.  I sat down beside him and asked him about all of his tools. The tire was to help him knock the birds out of trees and off the fences. The plastic stake was a multipurpose tool, and the flower...well that was "for you momma, I mean to shoo the birds!" How sweet he is, a flower for me.
Watching and listening to him was just fun. It was better than any t.v. show I could have been watching, and it was far more entertaining than the three loads of laundry that were begging to be folded inside. I'd much rather have been sitting right there in that imaginary land of his, where he was the greatest bird hunter known to man that day. The bird hunting came to an end and all of a sudden he became the yard man. He offered to mow my yard for $50 per day, and if he had a meeting in town, he'd send me a bill and come the next day. How considerate of him, aren't you looking for a daily yard man as well?!
We played until the sun was almost completely behind the trees. There was a slight battle against bath time until he realized that to make more money with his lawn business he had to come back another day!  We  scrubbed him down, and it was soon time for bed. He curled up under his covers, asked me for his nightly song and just before I left his room he says to me, "Momma!  Can I come back and bird hunt tomorrow? Oh, and can I finish mowing your yard and get more hay?!"  You most certainly can sweet fellow, see you tomorrow.  Sure enough, tomorrow came and his first request was to mow the yard when he gets home!
As I tell you about this day filled with great adventure I'm reminded of  a song by Lee Ann Womack called, "I knew this kid his name was Michael".  There have been many days since having Carter that this song has reminded me so much of him. He has an outlook on life like you wouldn't believe. Everyday is fun, adventurous, and filled with things we can't always see. The lyrics are below. As you read them, may they make you remember the innocence of our children. The way they see the good in everything and seek out the adventure of life, and most importantly may we see the things of the world through children's eyes.
I knew this kid, his name was Michael
He was only four years old
We sat on a rock and started talkin'
And he told me things I didn't know
He said yesterday he was an Indian
And how he played with buffalo
Well, I got a sense that he had been there
And he made me really wanna go

Remember waitin' all year for December
Thought God was cryin' when it rained
And that the stars were fireflies
Dreams were real and big as life
It was forever everyday
I was tuckin' in my little girl
She held my hand and we said a prayer
I prayed, "Bless Grandma with the angels."
And she said, "Hey Mom, she's standin' over there."
Well, I couldn't see her but I don't doubt it
Maybe 'cause I'm older and less wise
What if Heaven's all around us
But only seen through children's eyes
[Repeat Chorus]

They say when you're old you're a child again
But do we have to wait 'till then 
[Repeat Chorus]

I knew this kid his name was Michael

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