Saturday, September 4, 2010

Party til the cows come home!

We may not be partying but we can pretend, right?  We have a new friend that is slowly but surely moving her way to the top of the momma cow totem pole. Her name, I'm sad to say, is Number 8!  I don't know why we, I, have never named this sweet, precious momma but for now she's Number 8. Dare I even say she's a bit sweeter than our beloved Lulla Belle?!  SHHHHHH!!!!  Don't breathe a word that I just said that. Lulla would probably pack up and leave town. Ah, who am I kidding that large, waddle walking momma ain't going anywhere!
Anywho, back to Number 8.  She's one of those cows you can just stand right beside and love on. She's mindful of you being to close to her baby but bring her some bread and you can do whatever you please. A few nights back we went out to check on all the gals in the pasture and I grabbed an old pack of hotdog buns to feed to 8.  She saw us coming and came in a hard trot!
Tucker was holding a bun in his hand and before we could get it to her mouth she had her head turned and was gobbling up that bread. She not only gobbled up the bread but had his arm in her mouth, up to his elbow!!!  His face was hilarious. As I was laughing she decided to lick me up the side of my face. Have you ever been licked by a cow?  Probably not. So let me just tell you it's like having a piece of sandpaper pulled up your cheek.  It definitely caught me off guard that's for sure!!!
8 more than got herself a belly full of bread that night. Her little bull calf was so cute running around trying to figure out why his momma was being so friendly with these outsiders, us. He wasn't quite brave enough to taste the bread just yet. Give him time.
There are some other old faithful gals that we know will take a handout if you find them. Little Red is one of them. She's just the cutest thing. Her baby is a pig. I know, she's really a cow, but indeed she looks like a fat, pudgy pig. Her rump looks more round than I can explain to you!
I'm sure your typical farm living, country girl doesn't get as wrapped up in her cows as I do. I know they have a "purpose" but can't we all just be friends and get along?!  Before I let you go you have to see this adorable little cutie that was hiding all alone in the grass as we headed back to the house. How stinkin' cute????

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