Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tucker Billy

I think Tucker has more names then the top 10,000 baby name book. Here are just a few he goes by:
Tucker Bear
Tuck Tuck
***Turning his back from me to start the pouting process***
Tasmanian Tucker
Evil Kenevil
Sugar Bear
Tucker Billy... this is Granny Vera's name for him. <3 sweet <3
***Threw his self backwards, then looked to see if I was watching. When he realized I was he flashed me this little grin***
This list could go on and on. For every little personality he lets shine through, he gets a new name. There honestly could be hundreds. He goes from super dee duper sweet, to super rotten in about 2.5 seconds flat. He is all smiles and before you can blink an eye he is throwing himself down and then looks to see if you caught him or not. As you can tell by the 'who me' smile I caught... he was waiting to see if I was watching. CAUGHT YOU TUCKER!  It was all an act.  We've got you figured out you little red headed monster sweet heart!!!
***Typical Tucker***
Love you Tucker Bear!!

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