Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodbye Fay, nice knowing ya!

Tropical storm Fay that had her drenching way with so many Floridians is passed over Jacksonville now, and headed out into the panhandle. God Bless you all! :) The storm wasn't the worse we've seen as far as wind, but my goodness at the rain! It's heartbreaking to see so many homes being overtaken by the water. We knew we were to expect a lot of rain but even with 4 back to back hurricanes that blew through a few years back, we didn't get this much flooding. We were so stir crazy by Friday morning, that regardless of the storm just 'getting to us', we had to get out of the house.

We went to check on our new house that we are building. Water, it was EVERYWHERE! Yeah, sure I knew it would be but to drive up and see that we have a second pond, whoa! As we got farther down the road, we noticed that midway down the driveway it was a little wet. Wet enough to wash out the road. Bad thing was, the rain wasn't letting up the worst was yet to come. We drove around the hole that was starting and went to check on the inside of the house. The wind had blown the wrap on the outside of the house away and the backdoor was thrown open and rain & wind was steady pouring in. We jumped out to check the damage, and the walls were wet, and the ceiling was wet in a few places. The kitchen was probably the worst hit. Not terribly bad, but enough that it will have to be fixed.

The rain continues to pour. We've been without power for 12-13 hours by this point. To say that we have cabin fever, or that we are stir crazy doesn't even begin to explain our current mind set. Thankfully we weren't impacted as bad as some. We just have a very, very wet yard but the water isn't really standing but in the lowest part on the back. People down the road, not even 5 miles are scurrying to get their belongings up off the ground as the water is headed into their homes. People with livestock can't even get their animals to safety. There were cows & sheep just standing on what looked like an island in the middle of the yard. To see all of this made me think back to Hurricane Katrina. We weren't by any means affected like the people of New Orleans were and it breaks my heart just to see the destruction here, I can only imagine the shock they were in.

I'm glad to see Fay gone from here. She is quite the mess maker. I hope that we get a break from the rain, soon! And I pray for all the families that are still out of power, and are facing the water at their front doors.

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