Friday, August 8, 2008

Who needs a pool?

So, on Wednesday it was so stinking hot here that being outside for just a minute would make you sweat like a pig! I was on kitchen duty after dinner, while Travis & Carter man headed outside to play. Since I was actually feeling well, and not so completely nauseous that I couldn't move I did some extra cleaning while the house was quiet. About 30 minutes had passed and it was time for me to join my boys outside in the lovely Florida heat. As I headed out the backdoor, I look out and this is what I see.

My son was swimming in a water trough! I couldn't believe it, all I could do was just smile and shake my head. Carter was having the best time. It's funny how kids are so carefree, and are up for anything. Of course, Tater Porter & Cowboy (our two pups) were up for the adventure as well! I couldn't help but think as I watched him play in that water trough, how it's the little simple moments like these that we must cherish as memories! Then there is also the thought of how many other people let their kids swim in a water trough?!

Hmmm...let's just stick with the fun thought of a day I'll remember!

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