Saturday, February 14, 2009

18 more days!!!!!

The official countdown is 25 days. BUT, my doctor has decided that if our little Tucker does not make his appearance before, he will be welcomed into our family on March 4, 2009. That gives me only 18 more days until I hold my sweet boy!!! How exciting! A week from today, I'll be having my little family "sprinkle" hosted by my good friend Renee. I'm sure that will make things even more real feeling!!! The days are drawing closer, my emotions are still a bit whacky at times, but my heart is over joyed at the thought of becoming a momma for the second time.

Yesterday we met with a very good friend of mine, Kari, who so patiently took pictures of my growing family! We had a great time. I was a bit hesitant at first when I thought about doing pictures but now after seeing them, I am so glad that I did them!! Kari captured some very sweet, precious, and priceless moments for me. Like me, she was as anxious to edit some of the pictures last night and when I woke up this morning she already had the pictures up on her blog for me to see. I was thrilled at how quickly she got them edited and very anxious to open her blog and see them! When I clicked on her blog, I immediately fell in LOVE!! I smiled like a kid in a candy store and soon after scrolling down the page, the tears begin to stream down my face. My changing, simple, life. She had caught some of the most precious moments, and I am forever grateful to her for that. The pictures showed the joy & mischief in my little Carter, the excitement in my eyes and the love in our family!   

If you have time, check out Kari's blog to see our sneak peek!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.   

Take care, and have a great day!
Jen, Trav, Carter, and Tucker


Kari said...

Ok... you just made ME cry. Can't wait for March 4th .. :)

The Libby's said...

I saw them and they are beautiful!

Dana said...

Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog...but, wow small world! I recognized your photo immediately! Your maternity photos are beautiful, she did a great job..and I completely understand why you love them :)

Hope you're loving the lens...and get plenty of use with it once the new one arrives!

Best of luck and congrats! You are so blessed to be welcoming a new miracle into your lives :)

Holly said...

Exciting! Those photos are amazing! I especially love the one with "Tucker" spelled out with the blocks, and the :O faces. :P

The Clark Family said...

Oh these are great! Jennifer you look great! I can't believe you only have 18 days left! Good luck! That tummy has really popped lately! :)