Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Four things you might not know....

So I've been tagged by Mrs. Brittany Bell to tell you all four things.  So here it goes!! :)

~4 jobs I've had~
1. YMCA assistant (my first real job)
2. Allstate Insurance, data entry clerk
3. Receptionist for Callahan Family Practice (((I did this one twice, and would consider it a third time! :))))
4. Mother... the best one yet!

~4 movies watched over and over~
1. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
2. The Notebook
3. Smokey & The Bandit... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! :)
4. Steel Magnolias

~4 places I've lived~
1. Clay Hill, Fla. 
2. MacClenny, Fla. 
3. St. George, Ga.
4. Callahan, Fl

~4 shows I watch~
1. The Channel 4 News... exciting, I know
2. CSI
3. Law & Order 
4. American Idol

~4 places I've been~
1. The Bahamas... my first cruise with Travis, in 2001!
2. Cozumel, Mexico... my second cruise, fun fun that one was!! :)
3. St. Thomas... absolutely beautiful, can't wait to go back!
4. St. Maarten

~4 people who e-mail me regularly~
1. Jessica, my sister
2. Jill
3. Mom
4. Amanda W.

~4 favorite things to eat~
1. Chicken Strips
2. French Fries
3. Tomatoes & Rice (Southern thing), cooked by my momma or granny.
4. Fudge Rounds! :)
~4 places I'd rather be~
1. Shopping
2. On a cruise
3. A girls weekend, somewhere, anywhere... let's just go!
4. At the hospital having Tucker! :)

~4 things I look forward to this year~
1. The birth of Tucker
2. Possibly getting a new camera... fingers crossed!
3. Travis starting his new business... it's still in the works.
4. Just being happy!

~4 people to tag~

1. Kari Vennard
2. Kati Farmer
3. Rosalind
4. Karen

Now you four have been tagged... get to typing! :)

1 comment:

Mrs. Bell said...

aww you did it.. :)

Thanks for the comments on my pics.. they were all random and hardly any of them were on my new camera,, they were mostly on a minolta film, lol!! So i cant wait to go to the lake again this year and get some!!

Hurry up Tucker,, I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU!