Monday, February 2, 2009

My answers

Morning! Hope you all had a good weekend. Our was very relaxing and low key, aren't those needed sometimes?! :)

There were only two questions from the Fun Friday, ask me anything. Only two, but both are kind of deep!! :) Thanks Brittany & Rosalind & Chris. :)

Brittany asked me what is the one thing, or person I would take with me to a deserted island. How hard is this question, seriously. I mean I would want my husband, my children, my camera, my cell phone, my pillow, my blanket, SOAP, the list is a mile long, but she only allowed me one thing only!! Hmm, that puts me in quite the pickle of a situation now doesn't it? I'll be honest with you, I've been thinking on this since she posted early Friday morning, and I'm not sure I've still decided yet. I promised to answer the questions, so here's my final answer!! :) I would not be able to go without my computer. That would be my source of keeping in touch with my family. I could still receive pictures of my precious little ones, be able to watch them growing, playing, and being kids. I could still communicate with my husband, and quite frankly the rest of the world! :) A cell phone was an option, but in reality all I could do on that is talk. With my computer I could still see the world that I would be so far away from. It is a necessity of mine to be in touch with the people that I love and hold so dear. My computer would also still offer me the chance to BLOG about my adventures on this deserted island!!! So there's my answer. It's not a fancy one, not the greatest choice most likely but I must add, I would try my absolute hardest to stuff my point and shoot camera into my pocket so that I could get some awesome pictures to share when I return from my stay... I am allowed to return aren't I?! :)

Rosalind & Chris asked,
Which of these would you prefer:
1. An awesome subject (great eyes, great skin, height of an emotional moment, etc) with so-so lighting.
2. So-so subject (missed the pinnacle of the emotional moment, etc) with awesome lighting.

Yet again... another deep question, I've been thinking about all weekend. Can't you people have pity on me? I mean, I'm pregnant which means my brain is not functioning as it should be to begin with and you all want me to really THINK! Anywho, here's my take on what kind of picture I would prefer to take. I'm not sure I'm going to answer this the way you were hoping but here's my go at it. Awesome subjects do produce awesome pictures, most of the time. Especially when they are cooperative and they know what they are looking for. But, I think the so-so subjects sometimes offer more feeling, character, and you can see the meaning. So my answer to the Reinolds would have to be I'm going to go with that so-so subject with awesome lighting. The lighting is just going to help me capture the true feeling, and emotion within this person. When I take pictures, I enjoy capturing the unexpected moment, the unposed, I love to capture the way a mother holds her newborn child with such emotion, the way my husband plays with Carter with that true smile that makes his eyes sparkle. I love to look back at pictures of my grandpa with his hands folded and the thought in his eyes with that little smirk on his face. Pictures that most of the time, people don't even realize I've taken. Again, I don't think I answered this they way you were wanting, but it gives you more of an idea of my way of capturing precious memories. Here's just a few pictures that each time I look at them I have a million and one thoughts.

Until next time my friends, take care & God bless!!!


Mrs. Bell said...

Ahh, GOOD answer.. But I couldnt allow the camera, JUST ONE THING remember lol..

The laptop is the most sensable thing..

But luckily I do not see a deserted island in your near furture.. :)

Have a great week...

Mrs. Bell said...

What is the one thing you want people to believe about you? Meaning, when they are away from you and they mention your name to someone else what do you hope they say about you?????

Hum, good one..
But I am going with the obvious on this answer. I wan't people to say that I am kind, Thoughtful, Caring, Compassionate about what I do. I just want people to see that underneath it all, I am a good person.. :)

This was fun..

The Reinolds said...

I didn't have a set way that I wanted you to answer. :) I just thought that it would be thought provoking. My little piece of entertainment for the day. By the way, I love the emotion on your friend's face during labor!

And, you sooooo can NOT use pregnancy as an excuse. 'Cuz, I have this big 'ole round ball on the front of me that has an alien residing in it that kicks me. Which affects my brain function as well.. HAHA!!