Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's not time yet

I had my 37 week appointment today, and as I expected, no change.  It's not time for little Tucker to make his arrival just yet.  Am I disappointed, nah.  I have an exciting weekend coming up with a fun little "sprinkle" hosted by my good friends, Renee, Traci, and Tammy.  Presents are always fun, and let's not forget about the yum, yum, yummy food! :)

It's so funny to me how I am so different this go around being pregnant then I was last time.  With Carter every week I was so bummed if there was no change.  Every pain I put way to much thought in to, and this time around I'm just like, oh okay.  No baby this week.  Amazing to me how much more relaxed I am and really just kind of blowing with the wind.  

My doctor is very excited for the big event.  She is so funny.  She even told me today that if I go into labor and she's not on call to look her up in the phone book and she'd come in.  Now is that a good doctor or what?  Don't think I've not already contemplated looking up that number and storing it in my cell phone, Travis' cell phone, and posting it on our fridge!!  I was teasing with her that next weekend is my sweet little granny's birthday and how cool would that be to have my son close to that date?!  Then on the other hand, I've promised Carter we would take him to the monster truck show that is coming to town next weekend.  We promised him a trip to the state fair and thanks to my lovely swollen feet my doc put a stop to that trip.  I feel the least I could do is follow through with my promise of the monster truck show, right?!  Hang in there Tucker... we have to take big brother to the monster trucks! :)

Just wanted to update everyone on where we stand at this point.  Who knows what, God, or Tucker have in store for us in the days ahead.  I mean, he could come tomorrow for all I know.  :)  If he doesn't come before, he'll be welcomed on March 4, 2009, when they will induce me.  So I ask that you all keep us in your prayers.  Our little journey is almost complete and soon a new journey will begin!  

Thanks for checking in with us, and until next time take care & God bless!!


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Kari said...

I'm surprised her number is listed in the phone book! But, yes- you have to love a great doctor who wants to be there for you. :) I remember my dr. giving my stepmom his home number when I was oh so sick after my ectopic pregnancy... it was CHRISTMAS and very clear I was going back into the hospital.. but he wanted to know I was going back and called to have me directly admitted without going to the ER. And he took the time to care about me as his patient and not give the job to someone else. Okay- ramble over!!! LOL.

Hang in there. Hopefully, Carter will get his monster truck trip. :)