Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catch of the day!!!

Just love his face in this one!!!

This morning we went to church in Maxville with my mom.  My little Carter was so excited about going to church, and then going fishing at Big Papa's pond.  This little guy loves to get dirty and do whatever it is his Daddy is getting into!  Anywho, after church we went to MacClenny for lunch, then to Wal-Mart.  

Wal-Mart, what trip is ever complete without a trip to "the place" everyone needs?  Our goal for this trip, worms.  Yes, you read that correctly we were there to purchase worms.  Travis had promised Carter that he would take him fishing this weekend.  After purchasing the worms and heading to Nana's to fish Carter was so excited to get on his fishing clothes and get to it!

Yes, that would be my son with a worm in his mouth!! YUCK!

As many of you fellow Floridians know, yesterday was H.O.T!!!  And yes, it's going to get much hotter for us.  With the heat, and my little fare skinned baby Tucker, I opted to stay indoors and visit with my mom and grandparents.  We had probably been chatting for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden at the back door we hear a loud knock followed by the door be swung open and Carter yelling, "I caught a big one, I caught a big one... COME SEE IT!"  At first, we weren't exactly sure what he was talking about then he kept on so we went to see what the commotion was all about.  This is what we saw when we came out the door.....

Now is that a smile that isn't contagious or what?

The story goes a little something like this.  Carter had his own little pole, doing his own thing. Travis baited the hook and was just letting Carter have his own fun time.  All of a sudden Travis heard the line going out and he looked and Carter's bobber was GONE!  He told Carter to hold on to the pole and whatever he did, "DO NOT LET GO!"  Carter was so excited, as he reeled and reeled as hard as he could.  Travis had to assist because this big guy got a little tangled up in the lily pads but this my friends, is Carter's first big catch!  I am so proud of him, and he's proud too!!  We will be showing this big boy off in the local paper!! :)  

Way to go Carter bug!!!  
love you... momma!

Happy days everyone!

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Sebrina said...

Lovin the big fish picture!!what a tresure!!!No pics of Tucker?