Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A to Z, a little bit about me.

Here's a few things you just might not know about me.

A-Age: 28 for 20 more days!! ;)
B-Bed size: KING, praise the Lord for my King size bed.
C-Chore you hate: Folding laundry
D-Dogs Name: Tater, and Cowboy
E-Essentials to start my day: Caffeine
F-Favorite Color: Black & White
G-Go ld, Silver, Platinum: My rings are platinum, so there's my choice.
H-Height: A whopping 5'4"
I-Instruments you play(ed): I played the piano when I was younger, the clarinet when I was in Jr. High, and now... I play, the radio! :)
J-Job Title: My job is being a mom.... best job by far!!
K-Kids: Carter, 3 & Tucker, 3 months
L-Living Arrangements: Me, Trav, Carter, Tucker & the kitties in the house on the farm!
M-Moms name: Alicia a.k.a Nana
N-Nicknames: Jen Jenny (which only my aunt and my granny can call me), babe, and momma
O-Overnight stays in the hospital: When I delivered my children.
P-Pet Peeve: When I am sweeping for someone to walk through my trash.
Q-Quote from a movie: "I can hear the ice clinking in the glass momma! A reminder of my unhe happy childhood!" Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. ***This one should make my sister laugh***
R-Right or left hand: Right
S-Siblings: Jason, & Jessica
T-Time you wake up: Most of the time it's around 7ish. I'm one of the lucky moms that has early risers (((Since my sarcasam?!)))
U-Underwear: Yes... I find them as a necessity ;)
V-Veggie you dislike: Okra...too gooey for me.
W-Ways you run late: I have kids...enough said!
X-Xrays you've had: Umm... all I can think of are of my teeth...ooh, wait. I did have my wrist xrayed once.
Y-Yummy food you make: Cake batter cookies. These are to die for... email me for the recipe, you'll be so glad you did!!!
Z-Zoo favorite: Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, any kind of cat. I always wish I could bring one home!

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Kari said...

I still haven't made those cookies.......... :)