Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time to harvest!!!

No, I'm not talking about the facebook craze "FarmTown" I'm talking about our own little garden in our backyard.  After the days and days of rain we received recently, our poor little crops decided to pull through and now we have squash, corn, okra, cucumbers, and watermelons coming out of our ears!! Oh, and I forgot the green beans.  Whew!  Farming is hard work I tell you.  I helped pick 1.5 rows of those green beans and boy oh boy did my backside get a work out! I forgot I had muscles in certain places! ;)

It's so cute to watch Carter when he finds something to pick!  His face lights up with excitement and he has to show it to you and tell you all about it.  I'm so glad that Travis had the idea of planting the garden.  Carter is learning about how things grow and learning to be a hard worker just like his Dad.  He's going to make some girl a great husband someday! 

Tucker and I, well we pretty much just sit back and supervise.  It's what we do best!!  While we were out, Tucker made a new friend.  His first friend to be exact... meet, Hopper!

I've added in a few pictures to show you our little goods!  Anyone in need of some squash or corn?! :)  

Hope all is well.



Sebrina said...

What a Big boy Tucker is and a cutie!!Carter is looking so grown up just in the last couple of months..I love the pics of them together..

Lindsey said...

Love this..Carter looks so cute out in his garden...and Tucker man is getting soooo big! :)

Jessica said...

Love the photos...especially the one of Tucker's foot...too cute.

Mrs. Bell said...

girl im bummed michael didnt get around to planting our garden this year... :( but it prolly would of drowned here with our ocean front property here lately! :)