Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The battle...

The past week has been a bit emotional around these parts, hence the few blog entries.  

My future sister in law, Megan, lost her brother Casey to the battle he was facing with cancer. We all owe Casey a huge Thank You.  He served in our US Army for 6 years and served two tours of duty in Baghdad.  Such a brave, and courageous young man to stand up, be proud, and fight for his country and our rights.  

Since learning of Casey's passing, I've just been in a bit of a slump.  You all know what I'm talking about.  Those days where you are here, but you're just kind of numb.  I didn't personally know Casey, but Megan is a part of the family so therefore I feel like I did know him.  

As I've been contemplating whether or not to blog about this, God laid it on my heart that I should.  Casey was a 28 year young man.  Did you read that?  YOUNG... he had his entire life ahead of him.  He has a beautiful daughter named Cara, and a sweet wife Rachel.  I can't imagine the pain and sorrow that this family is going through at this time.  Twenty eight years old.  I can't imagine his parents pain, and I'm sure they are also wondering why.  I think of Megan and try to think of the words to say to comfort her, but they don't seem to come.  My prayers are all I have to offer this family.  I pray God wraps His loving arms around them, and pray that His presence is felt by each of them.  I pray God gives them peace, and an understanding.  

So many times in the past week have I caught myself wondering why.  Why would God choose to take someone like Casey?  I know we aren't to question God and His reasoning for things, but to take someone that is so loved by so many, it just puzzles me.  I keep praying and asking God to show me, show others that He is to get the glory for this.  Puzzling is a good word to use, I suppose.  Puzzled as to that small word, why.  I know one thing that God has shown me through this time is that my witness to others needs to be stronger. My life needs to be a gleaming reflection of God's love.  I need to learn to be a stronger witness, I need to reach out more and not be afraid if others think I'm strange or whatever.  Who cares, as long as I take a stand for God.  Our lives are not promised tomorrow, yet alone our next breath. So my friends my question is this, if God called you home right now, or tomorrow morning, or next weekend as you celebrate Independence Day... will you meet God?  Will you stand before Him and here Him say, Welcome home?!  

Am I perfect?  No.  Am I a devout Christian? No.  Do I fail every day? Yes.  Do I love the Lord? Yes.  It is my prayer, that my life will continue to grow closer and closer as I walk with Jesus.  It is also my prayer that others will see Him in me.  I pray that I can be the witness and Christian God has called me to be.  I pray that if you don't know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior that you will seek Him today.

My heart goes out to the Watters family.  My thoughts and prayers are with them, as I'm sure the days that lie ahead will be tough, but may God give them an amazing peace to get through. I ask that all of you please keep this family in your prayers as well.  

Thank you Casey for your service to our country.  Thank you for being the son, brother, husband and father that you were.  God bless!!



Kari said...

Oh, Jen. It's so hard isn't it. I (we..Brad, too) went through a slump just like that in March with John's passing. God has a purpose for everything he does even when its hard to understand. We will never know this side of heaven.

We can never be as perfect as Jesus... but we can strive to be!

Your prayer is the same as mine. God will do wonderful things through you. I love you. xo

Mrs. Bell said...

I have been thinking the thing, "why" mrs. donna, "why" mr. craig, but as you said we can't ? his intentions, but I have prayed for Casey's Family and will continue to, I am starting to realize as I get older how short life actually can be, and we are all growing closer to God thru the deaths of others, so maybe there is a positive in such a negative situation, I think you are a awesome person and the fact that you try to be a christian even though WE ALL fall short means the world to me, not that I matter, lol, but I love knowing I have friends who feel the same way as I do about GOD, who care's if we are called strange, God think's were awesome, lol... Hope you start to perk up! :) Love ya! xoxo

The Clark Family said...

Jen- I agree..I often find myself asking the same question..I fret over things like that..and especially when Gabe drag races and has a motorcycle..but you know what God is amazing! He has a reason for everything though we don't always know it, He is PERFECT..and like you said we are not, but we can only try to be like him..if that is your hearts desire than you will succeed..He will bless you more than you know..sometimes it is hard to give everything to him..it is just our human nature..but you are a great person and I know he sees that!