Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Apple, you were w.r.o.n.g!

I love my iMac. I really, really do. However, I do not love the fact that I have purchased a new editing program and it's not working correctly. It keeps telling me to repair my iPhoto permissions. I've repaired them at least 10 times, and still nothing. I'm over it. So this morning, I threw in the towel and called Apple. Only for the customer service agent to tell me, "I don't believe it's a problem with your computer I believe your memory card should be reformatted and you'll lose all your pictures will be lost from that card if you don't have any other way to get them off."  Okay, I'm no genius Mr. Apple agent but that's not an answer you give someone that has 470 pictures on a card.

As a good customer though, I took Mr. Apple's suggestion and I attempted to load the pictures from my camera to Travis' PC. Whala! It worked, they are loading as I type. So my point is this, APPLE WAS WRONG!  So now when the pictures finish loading I'll be back on the phone with Apple trying to fix the problem.

I've said all of this to tell you, my dear followers, this.  I am here, I have lots to blog about but the pictures that go along with it are stuck on my camera until this little Apple problem I'm having is corrected. So, please... don't leave me. Keep checking in on me and eventually, prayerfully sooner then later I'll have updates with lots of adorable pictures for you all to see.  We've been to the beach, we've got Tucker goodness, newborn goodness, and lots of other just pure sweetness to share with you from Cow Bird Lane!  Hope to be back up and running soon!

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