Sunday, March 1, 2009

The flu & Monster Jam

As some of you may know, Travis & I have been battling the flu since early last week.  He started with it on Monday thinking it was a cold, then Tuesday morning he was down for the count!  I could not believe that this hideous bug had come to our home, I mean come on... I'm due to have a baby any day now!!!!  I followed him with Lysol, bleach, Clorox wipes, you name it.  I sprayed every door handle, every pillow, everything you could possibly think of.  It got to the point I think he thought I was trying to kill him, LOL!  I have washed my hands and sanitized them so much since last Tuesday that they are cracked like the desert! 

I was crossing my fingers ever so tightly and praying that myself and Carter would not catch it.  Then, there came Thursday.  I went for my doctors appointment and while I was there I started with this dry cough, and a little bit of a headache.  By 2:00, I was on the downward spiral.  I felt absolutely horrible.  I had tried so hard to avoid "the bug", but it was just greater then me.  Let me just tell you, when this little critter hits you, IT HITS YOU!!  I've taken every Tylenol cold medicine you have ever seen, and nothing seems to touch it.  The Tylenol keeps the fever at bay for all of about an hour, but then the next three you just sit there and shiver or sweat.  It's good times, yeah right!  As each day passed and I slowly became worse all I could think was, Saturday is coming and I promised Carter that we would take him to the Monster Jam.  Yesterday morning, I was up at 6:15, showered and had a burst of energy like you've never seen.  I thought, wow!  I'm going to be over this before Travis.  I was doing laundry, cleaning house, and even suggested that we go to breakfast, after all it was going to be our "last" Saturday as just the three of us.  

Breakfast?!  My two boys never decline a breakfast date.  So we got ourselves dressed and we were out the door by 7:45.  We went to Cracker Barrel and enjoyed some yummy pancakes and then headed to Wally world.  What trip to town would be complete without going to Wally world?  We hit up the medicine aisle that is for sure!   I few more varieties of Tylenol to try and "fix" us!! :)  When we came home, I still had my burst of energy, still cleaning, disinfecting and getting our house ready for baby Tucker's arrival.  Travis' mom came over and played with Carter for a bit then took him over to her house for a bit so we could catch a nap.  After our nap, I asked Travis if he felt up to taking Carter to the Monster Jam.  He didn't really want to go but I think he could tell that it was something I really wanted to do for the little guy since his world is fixing to be a bit chaotic for awhile.  

He finally agreed and we hurried to get ready.  We didn't decide to go until 5:30 and the show started at 7:30.  Luckily I was able to get tickets online, because the event was sold out when we got there!!  I would have never dreamed that many people would come out to see monster trucks!  Carter was beyond excited.  As we walked towards the stadium his little face gleamed with excitement and the roar of the trucks made him all that more excited.  As a mother, there is nothing more rewarding then to see your child's eyes light up with joy.  I was so glad that we had decided to bring him regardless that we were not feeling up to par.  Carter sat in my lap the majority of the show and insisted that my hands stay over his ears.  He would just smile, and make truck noises the entire time.  Finally around 10:00 I asked Travis if he was ready, it was time for me to find some more cold medicine and I was a bit tired.  We had to get Carter a souvenir, and he opted to go with the Blue Thunder monster truck.  He was the happiest kid on the block until he realized we were leaving.  He didn't make to much fuss, as long as we let him hold his new truck!  Our walk back to the truck was full of "monster" talk.  He talked about how big the trucks were, and why they jumped over the cars, and how fast they were.  My hopes of him enjoying the night, well let's just say it happened!

I didn't realize that we looked as "sick" as we did.... here's some proof!!! :)

On the ride home I told Travis, I was so glad we decided to go.  I knew that the monster trucks would be something I'm sure we'd be hearing about for days/weeks to come.  Sure enough, this morning, first thing he asks for... his Blue Thunder.  Travis was in the floor playing with him for a good hour.  They lined up his HotWheels cars and they were jumping them.  They had a strand of green beads (don't ask me where those came from, I have no idea), as the starting line and the tool set was just to the side to fix any flat tires, or other catastrophes!  :)  As I sat on the couch, our last Sunday as three... I found myself at peace, knowing that everything is going to be so much sweeter and my life more full in just a matter of days.  Carter knows we love him, and next year this time, I'll have three boys (Travis included) in the floor jumping HotWheels cars with monster trucks!  

What a life I have.  I wouldn't trade this life for anything the world has to offer.  From the monster trucks, dirty little boy clothes, hand prints on the walls, sippy cups under the couch (ooh, those can be bad), to the soft touch of a little hand or the great big smile and open arms that so often greet me as I enter a room..... this my friends, this is the life to live.  This is the life I love.  Can't wait to see how much sweeter it's about to become!!!

Until next time, take care & God bless!!


PS... as I finish typing this I hear from the living room... "Daddy, Daddy, play monster trucks with me!"  I think it is safe to say, we made his weekend!! :)

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