Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Friday...what do you want to know????

So this week Cman has been sick since Satruday of last week. He has been running fever, coughing his little head off and should I add that we have personally been keeping Tylenol, Motrin, and Kleenex in business! :) I must admit that being a mom is tough sometimes, but being a mom to a sick child is even tougher. Each time he gets sick, I feel helpless and lost. To see your little one just lay around when you are used to chasing after them 24/7, really makes you miss chasing them believe it or not. Wednesday we went to see the doctor and sure enough, Carter has bronchitis. He is now on antibiotics and within just two days has started back on the road to our 'normal' little man!!!

Since I've been a little m.i.a for awhile, and I didn't really have anything interesting to blog about I thought I'd let you ask the questions. We'll just have us a little fun, ask me anything you want (((well, don't ask my weight, I'm not telling... somethings are better left unknown!))) I will answer your questions come Monday. Now, I hope you all participate because I'd really like to see what you really want to know about me. :) Hopefully you all will ask some interesting questions, and prayerfully I'll have some interesting answers for you!!! Just leave me a comment, there are several of you that I know read my blog but have not signed up with blogger. If you wish to do so, you just sign up with your email address and can follow my blog that way (you don't have to blog yourself, although I do recommend it), or you can comment anonymously to ask your question. Come on, don't be scared!

May each of you have a weekend full of relaxation and warmth.... us Florida girls are in for some more chilly weather. Not sure about ya'll, but I'm ready for some beach/lake weather!! Ta ta for now my dears!!



Mrs. Bell said...

Firstly, You are a wonderful story teller, that why I love reading your blog. :) You are welcome for my words, although, I am not sure how kind they are lol.. I am quite a mean person or at least Michael says so, haha!! And I am super excited about the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Although I am not sure how hard it will be, I know it's going to be horribly sad and heart breaking if I do get accepted as a volunteer, but I am hoping the end result of giving the parents something they would not otherwise have the opportunity to have will over cast the pain I feel for them or at least outweigh it some what. Anyways, on to the fun part. I have put quite some though into my question. And I hope you don’t mind because I am going to steal your blog and do the same, I think it's a great idea. =)

My question is,

What is the one thing/person/object/item that you would take with you, if dessereted on a island, lol... You could only have 1 thing.. Pick.. :)

Makes things complicated doesn’t it.. lol..

Luv ya girl,
Have a great weekend...


The Reinolds said...

So.. my question is a photography related one. Think on this one.

Which of these would you prefer:
1. An awesome subject (great eyes, great skin, height of an emotional moment, etc) with so-so lighting.
2. So-so subject (missed the pinnacle of the emotional moment, etc) with awesome lighting.

Which would you prefer? That's my question.. :)