Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm a little tea cup, short and stout....

Well he may not be an actual tea cup, but he sure is short and stout! :)  Our little Tucker is growing quite nicely!!!  

I purchased this tea cup a year ago with all intentions of one day taking pictures of my own little one in it.  And so, the day came!!!  

He wasn't too completely thrilled about it but I was able to get some cute shots.  Thanks to Trav for standing by to catch him as he started to wobble to one side or the other.  Hope you all enjoy these cute shots of our little chunky monkey!! 

Have a blessed day!


Lindsey said...

Again I love these! He is a doll baby~

Jessica said...

:) love them!

Mrs. Bell said...

I almost bought that, and have regretted not buying it many times since they never have them anymore, lol..

hes so cute!!! love love love him!