Monday, May 4, 2009

2 months

Yes, I just typed two months!!  Tucker is officially two months old today.  Seriously, where does time go?  Why can't it just stand still so that we can savor these moments forever?

Little Tucker, well he's not so little weighing in today at a whopping 13 pounds, is quite the little fire ball.  I'm not going to lie, the past several weeks have been confusing, and a bit coo coo (for me).  I think we've been dealing with that "c" word no one likes to talk about, you know... colic. We've bounced, we've rocked, we've tried gripe water, we've tried white noise, driving in the truck, all to end up in the same place that we started in.  It's heart breaking for any mother that has ever dealt with colic, you know what I'm talking about.  To hold your child who is screaming and you feel so helpless.  Luckily, knock on wood, the past three days have been complete opposite of the past several weeks.  Our little butter bean has let his little personality shine.  

What a complete joy to wake up and see him smiling, or watch him try his best to giggle or talk. His smile is the sweetest, gummiest grin.  He gets so excited when you try to talk to him, that he works his mouth and his arms and legs as if throwing them around helps him work up the sound he needs to make a squeak.  After a couple of seconds you'll see him throw his little head back and out comes the most precious sound a baby can make, the first coos.  Watching him sleep, or lay in the floor, or hang out in the bouncy seat makes me wonder what his personality really will become.  My prediction is that he's going to be laid back, caring, calm...until you push the wrong button, and just a little love bug.  He's so huggable, I just see him being a very loving child.  Someone remind me of these words if it turns out to be the opposite, LOL! :)

As he changes with every passing day, I've started to see more of Carter in him.  Some of the pictures we have they look identical, especially in black and white pictures.  The cheeks, oh the cheeks are just so pinch worthy.  I catch myself all the time tickling his little cheeks.  Carter is fascinated by him, loves to give him kisses, and each morning his first words are, "let me see my bubba momma!"  There bond has already started and it's too sweet.

In just the few short weeks that Tucker has been in our lives, he has acquired a few nick names. My most used name is, Tucker bear. Then he gets called butter bean, butter ball, sugar man, and my granny can't stand it but I think it fits.... pig boy.  Bless his little heart, I mean it with all the love I have... my baby likes to eat, that's where that one came from! :)  My sweet little granny goes into quite a tizzy when she hears me say that.  I suppose it's not the sweetest name to give your two month old, huh?  I'll try to kick that one before he gets offended.  

Life is good as a family of four.  We are as adjusted to this new life as I suppose we ever will be, and are so grateful to have little Tucker bear with us.  He's a sweet reminder of how precious our lives are.  

Tucker Bear, 
You have already changed so much in just two short months, it's bitter sweet to watch you grow but I smile when I think of the joy you will bring in the months ahead.... I LOVE YOU!


Lindsey said...

Ahhh Jen! He is adorable. I think that he has grown since I saw you guys at the part! Love the new pictures.:) I cant believe that it has been 2 months!

Kari said...

um... love him.
Can't believe he's 2 months. wowzers!

The Clark Family said...

I can't believe it has been 2 months wow! He is a little chunky monkey but oh so cute. You look great by the way! Keep up the good work!

Dana said...

Wow, 2 months already? I bet your days are flying by!

You rock the b&w photos...has anyone ever told you that? :P

Kari said...

she does doesn't she, dana!!! i tell her that :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kari & Dana!!! I actually got chills when I read that comment... coming from you two, that makes me feel good!! ;) We should all three get together soon and do some pics!!!