Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's happening Higginbothams?!

I feel like I've not updated in awhile as to what's going on with us.  Travis just returned home from his nine day bear hunt to Shoal Lake, Canada.  As always, he had a super time and came home wanting to move us back to Canada.  I believe with all my heart that if I said, "fine by me", he'd be packing us up tomorrow and heading north.  He knows with all his heart, that will never happen.  For two reasons.  1.)  It's entirely TOO cold for this Floridian to live anywhere but here. Our 72 degree weather gets me sometimes!!  & 2.)  I'm not going if my momma's not going!  And, I don't see my mother moving thousands of miles away to live in frigid land either!  So, sorry Trav but you'll have to just keep taking your little trips and we'll miss you while you're gone and welcome you with big hugs when you return.  :)

I must be honest.  Leading up to Travis' departure, I was very anxious, nervous, and scared to death as to how I would handle two children for nine days by myself.  I prayed diligently for weeks prior asking God to give me the strength to get through those nine days.  As we all know little Tucker has been quite the Mr. Fussy Pants the past two months, and I was fretting how I would deal with not getting the slightest of breaks with Travis being gone.  The Saturday that Travis left, I woke up in a good mood and told myself that I could do it and we'd be just fine.  Let me tell you, nine days passed and I couldn't have asked for better kids. Tucker didn't whine at all, and Carter was the greatest little helper you could ever imagine!!! :)  Thanks kiddos!!!!!!! I wasn't the only one that had been praying for a smooth week, I think everyone that I talk to on a daily basis had also been praying that my children would survive the week with just their momma! 

What else is going on, let's see.  Like I said, things are calming down.  Sweet little Tucker is turning in to a little chubsy wubsy cutie pie that smiles and coos all the time.  He isn't as whinny/colicky as he was.  Actually, in all honesty, I think it's over... PRAISE THE LORD!!  He's doing much better.  Sleeps great, wakes once every night around 4ish.  Wakes up between 7 & 8.  He's getting serious about his fruits & veggies too!  I still only give him about a 1/2 jar each day (at night).  The kid is LOVING the pears!!!!  It's so fun to go through all these little milestones again.  It seems like forever ago that we had a baby in the house.  His smiles are so contagious and his coos are just the most precious thing ever.  To watch him try so hard to make a sound just makes me smile.  

Carter is doing good... winding up his K3 school year.  I got a letter in his bag from his teacher saying how the year was coming to an end and how blessed she was to have each student and to watch each of them grow and learn so many things in one short year.  As I read her letter, my heart started to ache.  My baby is no longer a baby.  There is nothing about him that is even remotely babyish or toddler for that matter.  I have myself a little boy!  Carter has really started to memorize songs, and there is nothing sweeter then to be riding in the car, or to be in another room and here his precious little voice start singing "Jesus Loves Me!"  Each time he does it, I stop what I'm doing or turn down the radio so that I can listen and thank God for the little blessing in my life.  

The past two months have been very trying, emotionally for me.  The changes have been a bit stressful for me, and trying to keep things exactly the same as they were has proven impossible. As I hold sweet Tucker, I can't believe that just in a few short days he will be three months old already,  and before I know it he too will be in preschool. Each day he smiles a little more, laughs a little louder, and babbles more and more.  I cherish each and every day with my sweet boys, all three of them.  

Our garden.... it has really started to produce!  We have squash, & green beans coming out our ears!  Last night we put up some of the squash and green beans.  I'm becoming quite the little kitchen gal!  Speaking of, I (yes, you read that correctly) I cooked dinner.  And a good dinner it was I might add!!  We had roast, mashed potatoes and green beans (fresh from the garden).  I was so nervous about my roast.  I called my sister for some reinforcement as to what exactly I was supposed to do.  Seer the meat, then take it out and make gravy she said.  Umm, what?!  You want me to make grave?! ME?!!!!  Umm, isn't there some package stuff I can sprinkle in there, add water and whala!  We have gravy?!  She told me that I needed to just add flour and stir.  So, I hung up the phone with her and I attempted to make gravy.  Low and behold my fellow bloggers, I MADE GRAVY!!  And it was rather tasty too!!  I put the roast in the crock pot, added my new lovely, tasty, beautiful gravy and set that sucker on high and left it!  When dinner time came, Travis took the roast from the pot and started to cut it.  Let's just say you didn't need teeth, Tucker could have eaten that roast.  I cooked it till it just fell apart, which secretly is the way I like it best!!!   We fixed our plates and sat down.  Carter said the blessing, and as always Tucker Bear decided it was time to wake up.  When I made my way back to the table Travis says to Carter, 'tell momma what you said".  Carter replied, "this stuff is GOOD!"  I just had to smile.  How sweet to have him say that, when usually what I hear from him when he sees me in the kitchen is, "Momma!  Daddy does the cookin'!"  I'm going to prove them all wrong.... I WILL LEARN TO COOK!!  It may take me ten years, but I will feed my family.... one day! :)

One other little new happening with us.  We all know that I love pictures.  I love taking pictures, and I love the story that pictures tell.  I have been asking, ah who am I trying to kid, I've been begging for a new camera for ages.  Finally, I have in my hands the lovely Canon 40D. It's not top of the line with all these extra 'look at me' features, but it is a step up from my XT. I'm very pleased with it, and hope to have some new pictures up soon!  One little mishap though.  Last Thursday my old camera (God bless her sweet soul), was on the counter with my flash attached to it.  I was in a hurry heading out the door and when I grabbed the diaper bag and swung around to head out, I knocked the entire thing off the counter!  Yep... crash, bam, boom!! There went the camera & flash.  Camera seems to work okay still, but the flash well she's seen her better days.  I'm headed to the repair shop today to see if it can be fixed or not. Hoping it can since I don't think a new one is in my near future anytime soon! :)

We have a busy summer ahead.  June will bring four birthdays, as will July.  Each and every weekend in July is usually filled with a birthday party.  :)  Fun, fun!!!  Then comes August, and our little boy will be turning 4!!!  He will also start pre-K in August, how exciting yet very bitter sweet for me.  And, we are looking forward to a trip to Disney come October!!! So, our life will not be slowing down anytime soon.  :) 

So, that my friends is an update on us.  Hope all is going great with each of you!!!!  Blessings to you and yours!


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