Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The BIG 3-0!!!  I can not believe that my husband is.... THIRTY!  The significance of that means that in just over a year from now, I'll be celebrating that same day.  So it's thirty, not really sure why some people stress that number.  As my little granny would say, "honey, with age comes wisdom!"  I'm looking forward to thirty in a way.  Prayerfully I can meet that day with the confidence that I do have more wisdom.  Why am I talking about me?  This post is about Travis.

Late last week, I asked Carter if he would like to plan a surprise party for Travis.  Of course he was all for it.  I told him he could pick out the cake and he insisted that it would be a Mickey Mouse cake.  You can only imagine the lady's face at Publix when I picked out a Mickey Mouse cake, and told her to put "Happy Birthday Daddy" on it.  Whatever makes Carter smile, is what I was after, and it worked!! :)  

We bought streamers, and ordered pizza and decorated the house with yellow, blue, and red streamers!  It definitely had a three year olds feel to it, but precious nonetheless.  Carter was so excited as we were getting ready.  He couldn't understand why everyone was not at our house yet.  We also made a very bright sign that said, "HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY TRAVIS" to hang up at the end of our road.  It was complete with Mickey pictures, and streamers.  If anyone missed this sign and it's bright vivid colors, we may need to see about having their eyes checked!

Around 4:00, Travis came pulling up in the yard and Carter ran out to meet him with a big birthday hug.  When Travis walked in, he was surprised by our decorations and Carter started telling him all about how we had a secret.  It was so cute.  The rest of the family started to arrive shortly there after, and we had a nice little family birthday party.  

Thanks to my sister, Jessica for all her help!  It was great to have an extra set of hands to get me through the day!  Love ya, sis!!!

Happy Birthday Trav!  I thank God for you each and everyday and could not ask for a better husband or father for my children.  You are a blessing to our lives!  I pray that God continues to bless us and that we spend many, many more birthdays together.  Thank you for always being my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, and the one to bring a smile to my face when I need it most.  I LOVE YOU!

forever & always...

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Kari said...

Look at those twins! Hope Trav had a good birthday... B's is tomorrow!