Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deer slayer!

Travis has always wanted me to be a hunter and about 4 weeks ago, I killed my first deer!  It was against my will, but I killed her nonetheless. I was minding my own business, traveling home with the boys in tow, when I looked up and saw three deer standing to the passenger side of my truck.  I knew what was about to happen. Sure enough, doe number one darted out and I missed her. Doe number two, didn't see the greener side of the field. I stopped the truck to check for damage, only to see that my tag on the front that once read "Farm Girl" now read, "frm gl".  I was so bummed that my tag was broken. That's all the damage I could see considering it was dark outside. The boys and I, oh and Cowboy, we were all safe and sound.  Carter's only response was, "Momma, let Cowboy get out and fight that deer!" Umm, no son, we're going home!

When I got home, Travis came out to check the damage. He turned on the light to our carport only to inform me that I did more then bust my tag. I had $1400 worth of damage to the right front corner of my car. It wasn't drastic damage, but you know how that stuff adds up.  Luckily, some friends of ours are in the repair business and within 4-5 days they had my truck back to me in tip top shape!

I hope to steer clear of all animals from now on.

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