Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and granny.  We had lunch at moms, and then we enjoyed another one of my new favorite things to cook, pound cake!  
As each year passes now that I'm a mother I've come to realize that life is not made up of the things in your life but the relationships you share, and the memories you make. My children have brought me more joy in the past 5 years then I ever dreamed possible.  It is my daily prayer that God continue to mold me and make me the mother He would have me to be. So many days I fail terribly at this task, but by the grace of God, He picks me up and lets me stand again. I am so grateful for my duties as a mother. Although there are days I feel like I could pull out all the grey hairs on my head, or scream to the mountain tops, I know that I'm doing what I was put on this earth to do. I am thankful that my children run, make messes, whine, and drive me to that breaking point sometimes.  Am I crazy you ask?? No. I'm blessed. I'm so grateful that I can hear them bicker, or scream over a toy. I'm grateful that they can run down the hall, I'm grateful that they can laugh and giggle, and thrive. Things I once took for granted, I now see that I need to thank God each and every day for.
Mother's Day... we celebrate it once a year, but shouldn't we celebrate it day in and day out?  Just like Father's Day, or Valentine's Day, and Christmas??? All of these days should be days that we honor our parents, our Lord, and show that true love that we have for each other, not just on the days that Hallmark deems necessary.  I'm blessed to be a mother. I love my boys more then life itself. I thank God for choosing me to watch over and keep them. It is my prayer that I guide them down the right paths of life, instill in them the love of God, and teach them lessons that truly matter in life.  
I'm not perfect, I hope I never come across as thinking I am. I am who I am, and I hope that my boys view me as genuine, compassionate, honest, loving, and a Godly woman. I pray that they grow up to respect others, and themselves. I hope their lives are full of happiness, love, joy, and contentment. May they always feel at home when they come to visit, and may they always know that their mother loves them more with each day that passes. They are my heart, my soul, and my purpose.  Boys, 
Boys, seek God first in your lives. Put Him above all else, and if your life takes turns that are unexpected, look to the cross for the guidance you'll need. Our plans aren't always God's plan, remember that. You both bring me more joy then I could ever explain. You make me smile when I need it most, make me cry because I laugh so hard, and each and every day you amaze me with the new things you do. Thank you for being such wonderful children, I hope I'm the mother to you that you deserve. 
All my love to both of you, to the moon and back my sweet babies, to the moon and back!

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Jessica said...

Two things this post made me think:
1. Carter is turning into a little boy and is quickly losing the baby look.
2. Tucker is the cutest thing ever. I absolutely LOVE his messy hair :) Reminds me of my own on most mornings! lol