Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's back.

This time of year always brings me a seasonal tattoo.  I'm not fond of it, and though it only lasts for a month... it drives me bonkers!  I'm not one to lay out in the sun, I just find that boring. However, living in the steamy state of Florida, and being a flip flop lover I am left with this. Isn't it just lovely?
You're jealous, I know. You don't have to be upset, you can have one too if you really want one. Best part, they're free! :) Be mindful of which shoes you choose to get your new tatt, the wider the strap of the flop, the wider the white line across the top of your foot. I learned that the hard way two years ago.  It takes an act of congress to tan this little white line, when all it took was two days at Disney to accomplish it.  Lovely.  Shall I try to self tan it, LOL!  Now there's a funny thought.


Lindsey said...

On the upside your toes look really great! :) And at least they are painted!

Michelle Faith said...

OH Come on! I am jealous!! I can't get one unless I went to the fake n bake. Have not seen the sun in weeks and the rain is making me a little bit crazy...can you tell?
Such cute toes you have. :)

Susan said...

I get this too except mine stays about 10 months of the year! Us Florida gals!

Jamie~ said...

We Arizona girls get those tattoos, too, only they're here year round!

I agree with the other girls that your toes look great, though.

Jessica said...

These NC feet would love to have such a mark on them...oh, to soak up some good Florida Sunshine! :)