Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love letters

I was in the card section of Wal-Mart looking for a card for my sister. The boys were doing their typical Wal-Mart show down when all of a sudden Carter says, "Momma, I need a card".  I asked him I knew he needed a card to send to Aunt Jessica, but he quickly informed me that he needed a card for someone else.  Well, who you might ask? His little love Delaney.  Delaney is the daughter of my friend Kari.  Carter has had a crush on Delaney since we first met them.
I let him pick out a card that I deemed appropriate, AFTER he picked up one that played some raunchy song. I figured that was a little ahead of their time.  :)  As we were leaving the card section I was already thinking about blogging this moment. I thought it was so cute.  
As soon as we got home he wanted to address his card, and make it all pretty for Delaney.  When he finished it I told him we would be sure and mail it the next day.  Sure enough, we mailed it and then he says to me, "Momma, I need another card", for who Carter... "I need one for Emily now!"  Oh sweet niblets, I think I'm in trouble.  Mr. Casanova is on the loose!


Lindsey said...

Tell Little man to slow down! Her daddy and uncles might have to have a talk with him! LOL Sooo sweet. :)

Kari said...

Loved it... was so sweet!