Sunday, January 11, 2009

Going once, going twice, SOLD!

Yesterday was a first for me and little Carter. We attended our first bull sale! For the past two weeks he has been so excited about going to the sale, that's all we've heard about. We woke up early and headed to Lake City. When we arrived, we signed in and then went to the barn where the bulls were. Carter was in hog heaven, or should I say bull heaven?! :) The night before he told me before he fell asleep that he didn't like it when those cows mooed at him, they are too loud he said. We weren't there five minutes and the little guy had his head perched on the gate looking through at these massive animals when one of them walked closer and stuck it's head out to smell him, and then he mooed at Carter twice! It scared the poor kid to death. Luckily, he didn't cry his eyes just looked like they were going to pop out of his head! He then giggled and said, "Momma, he's talking to me!"
We made our way down the barn looking at each animal. I personally had no clue as to what we were "looking" for, but Travis, Granny, and Papa sure did. They were looking them all over, jotting down numbers, and notes. I was just "looking" for piles of poo to avoid. I mean come on, I wasn't wearing boots so I had to keep my little feetsies clean! :) As we walked, Carter spotted two chickens and from there on he was persistent that we were to get a chicken. What on earth would we do with a chicken?!

The barn was full of bulls, and the mooing was a constant noise in the background. Watching Carter interact with his Daddy & Grandpa was something special. Not only for me, but for Papa & Travis as well. Granted, they are men and would probably never let on that they were really enjoying him being there, but they did nonetheless. The actual sale wouldn't start until after lunch so we had ourselves plenty of time to listen to the moos, and check out these bulls. Finally, they said lunch was ready and we headed in. Steaks, green beans with potatoes, salad, and a roll! Yummy, it was good and Carter, believe it or not, pigged out on that steak! ((Ironic the things they'll feed people at a bull sale, LOL!)) The whole time we were eating he kept checking with us to see if it was time to go to the sale. I never dreamed a three year old would be so fired up about a bull sale. It became very clear to me that I definitely have myself a country boy, and this would not be his last sale!

After lunch we had a few minutes before the sale started so we walked Carter up above the stalls where the bulls were being placed for the sale. Nothing like walking above eighty head of thousand pound bulls! The rails on either side were not much, I was on pins and needles thinking Carter was going to fall as he poked his head through to look at them. It was time, time to find our seats and for the sale to begin. We were on the second row in front of the where the bulls would come in. Carter was so excited. Someone, I can't remember who, had told him that when the bulls came in that people would raise their hands to bid on them. To say the least, Travis & I had to make sure little bull buyer didn't raise his hands and get us a bid in, lOL! :) He was awesome, he loved watching the bulls come in and it was just exciting to his little mind. Then came "the bull". It was the one, in Carter's mind. He was sitting in my lap and so whole heartedly said, "Momma, I want that one!" I just told him okay, and let him talk. Little did I know when the auctioneer said, "SOLD!!", that Papa had bought the bull!! Papa had no idea that Carter had told me he wanted that bull. Funny how things work out, huh?

After that bull exited, and the next one came in we noticed that Carter was really trying to keep himself awake. He was rubbing his eyes, and blinking a lot and we knew it was time for us to go. After all, Papa had bought the only bull the kid wanted so no need for us to stick around! We gathered our things and headed out the door. As any mother would do, I told him he needed to go to the bathroom before we left and he responded with, "Momma... I don't have to potty, I have to go get my bull and put him in the trailer!" He was very unhappy with me and cried as we made our way to the truck that he wasn't able to watch his bull be loaded into the trailer.

We headed for home, and we weren't on the road five minutes when our little cowboy was out. The excitement of the day, and the early rise had gotten him. When we got home, Travis took him from his seat and he opened his eyes and immediately said, "where is my bull?" Travis told him he wasn't home yet, and the little guy was completely broken hearted. Tears and all he just laid his head on his daddy's shoulder and went back to sleep. All together he slept for two hours!! I finally had to wake him and as he sat up he looked around and said, "Papa home with my bull yet momma?" I assured him that we would go to Papa's to see and if he wasn't there we would wait until they got home.

When we made it down our road to Papa's he looked up and said "they're home momma, they're home!" He was so excited that his bull had finally made it. He jumped off the four wheeler and took off to his Daddy. Granny said something to the affect of "papa's bull" and Carter quickly corrected her letting her know that the bull was his!!!

Bully-bully is now in his new home, or should I say pasture and doing just fine. He's surrounded by pretty women, what man wouldn't be happy?! I'm so thankful that Carter was able to attend his first bull sale with Papa Cotton. Although he may not remember it in five or six years, I know that it meant a lot to Papa, Travis, and even me. I love when family traditions are carried on and I know that Saturday was the start of a new tradition for my husband and son! Not much longer and Tucker will be trailing right behind them!!!

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Sära said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog becuase I'm so glad I found yours! Your stories are great and really inspire me to try writing like this. You have such a great way of documenting some of life's sweetest moments!

Creative Captures Photography said...

This just warms my heart Jenn! I'm glad Carter got his bull =)