Friday, January 23, 2009

Scrub a dub dub... there's a dinosaur in my tub!!!

Carter has decided that he's boycotting the cowboy bathroom for awhile. He has a new found love for the "big" tub in momma & daddy's bathroom. I mean what kid wouldn't? Compared to his tub, ours is like a swimming pool and he has much more room to place his toys around the edges without them falling in. This tub doesn't even require bubbles because it's so cool!!

He also has a new love for his dinosaurs. Amazing how kids can have a toy(s) for ages, and then walk in there room one day and it's like they've never seen them before. This toy that is months old, been at the bottom of the toy box is the absolute coolest toy in the world, instantly!!! He come running down the hall on Wednesday with his dinosaurs in hand and just gleaming with joy. Two little dinosaurs were quickly becoming a part of my son, literally. They don't leave his hand, or his sight!!

Time for a bath. We take off to the big tub, and he slams on brakes and says... I need my dinosaurs mom! Who was I trying to kid, seriously. Did I really think he was going to take a bath without them? I must need therapy. :) So off he runs to gather his new friends and they all jump in for a scrubbin'. He bathed them, talked to them, and I just smiled at how awesome his little conversations with these plastic critters. I let him play for what seemed like forever. Once I finally talked him into getting out he looked down at his hands and then looked at me very serious and said, "oh no momma! I have wrinkles!" So funny, how wrinkles on his finger tips are his way of knowing it's time to get out. Works like a charm each and every time!!! :)

Last night was no different when bath time rolled around. He was only going to bathe in our tub, with his dinosaurs. Oh, and there was a new guy (a $1.00 dino that I bought for him while I was at Wal-Mart yesterday). We started his water and one by one he tossed them all in. First there was Spike, then Rex, then Brutus, and last but certainly not least... "The BIG ONE!" Splashing, swimming, and getting clean he took care of each one and then I looked and he had all of them lined up in the window looking out the window at the cows. How cool are kids? He didn't realize that I was listening to him, but he was telling them to watch out for those cows, and our dog Cowboy because they would get them. When he caught me watching, he told me to "go away!" I expected that response, actually! :)
Little moments, water splashed everywhere, toys everywhere, snacks in my floor. Believe it or not, I'm becoming okay with this. Just to be able to sit back, watch, listen, and take in the awesomeness of this little person is enough to make me forget about the messes for awhile. :)

You are awesome Carterbug. Your imagination is a joy, your laughter warms my soul, and your sweet hugs are my comfort. Thanks for being my best pal! I love you sugar bear!!!!


The Reinolds said...

I love the pic of Carter and his friends looking out the window!! TOO cute!

The Reinolds said...

Also, I gave you an award.. check out my blog. :)

Abbi said...

pics are sooooo cute!!
thanks for the comment!!