Thursday, December 3, 2009

Deck the halls

That's just what we did over the weekend. We pulled down all the boxes of Christmas decorations and started decorating. Carter was so excited this year. He keeps saying, "this is going to be a great Christmas isn't it Momma?" He was so anxious to help set up the tree, loved putting the deer in the yard, and helping stake down the snowman.

As we pulled out the Christmas tree decorations, he asked where each one came from. I gave him the story behind the most important ones and his little spirit was just amazing. He was so interested to learn about each ornament. As he pulled the gingerbread man, and the tree ornament he made last year out and placed them on the tree I caught myself about to tear up. I am so blessed to have such healthy, loving, children. I am so grateful that we are able to make memories like putting the tree up together, and that he is so excited. He pulled a gold colored ornament out of the box and asked where it came from. The ornament says Christmas 2002 on it. I told him that is the ornament that I bought the year that his Dad asked me to marry him. He turned and looked at Travis so giddy and said, "you should marry momma!" He tells us that all the time. We placed the star at the top of the tree and although it hangs a little to the side, it's right where Carter wanted it and that's where it will stay.

I'm usually very particular about the tree. Every ornament in it's perfect place so that everyone can see it. I don't like them to overlap or have more then one on a single branch. This year, it doesn't matter. There are several branches holding two or three ornaments. I can't dare move them. While Carter was placing them on the tree all he would say was, "it's just beautiful momma, just beautiful". I haven't moved the first bell on the tree. Actually there are even safety goggles from Carter's pretend Craftsman tool set hanging on the tree. Who cares. As long as my son is enjoying the tree, that's all that matters.

With no chance of ever seeing snow in this hot state we live in, we bought the pretend snow from Wal-Mart. You do what you have to sometimes, right? It's very generic, that's for sure but like I said.... Carter loves it and that's all that matters!!

Hope you and your family are ready for this Christmas!! Deck the halls!!!

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