Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy 9 month Birthday Tucker Bear!!!

In three months, I will have a one year old running around! Yes, I said running... he took his first step yesterday. Granted I know that's not a huge deal, but it is if your a mom! Nine months have gone by quicker then I remember it going by with Carter. Is it because I'm busier as a mom of two, or too exhausted to remember that I need to remember? Did that make any sense (see my problem here)?
So much has changed in nine months with Bear. He's a big chubby wubby, cuddly bear. He's definitely still a momma's boy, and adores his big brother more then anyone else. Carter can put a smile on his face like you've never seen! He has these little rosey cheeks that I just love to kiss on. His chuckle makes me laugh so hard sometimes that my cheeks hurt! MmmMomma is the word of the day most days, but he will throw out a Da-Da occasionally. The cats can walk by and he freezes, and if they barely touch him he gets this big 'ole grin! He loves for Cowboy to lick his feet, and to watch Cowboy chase the ball. Anything and everything goes into his mouth...and I do mean everything! Socks tend to be his favorite, maybe he's a dog?! He's getting better about sleeping yet he still has me giving in to his middle of the night cry.
I snuggle with him as much as he'll let me before putting him to bed. He's so stinkin' independent. I want him to want me to rock him, he's got better things to do I suppose. I'm enjoying watching him explore and learn new things. He pulls up on anything that will support him and then lets go and teeter-totters then PLOP! down he goes. It doesn't bother him though, he goes right back and tries again. He loves toys that play music, or light up. Oh and matchbox cars, he even does the vroom sound, not perfectly but he knows that the two go together!
He had his 9 month check up earlier this week and he weighed in at a whopping 21.11 pounds and 29 inches long!! 70th percentile for his weight, and 75 percentile for his height! GO BIG GUY GO! Baby food is by far old news. This little bear wants real food, and he'll let you feed him for a minute or so but you better be putting some grub on his tray before he goes postal on you! I've not found much that he won't eat. Mustard greens, cool whip, and dirt cake (which I could not believe) are the only things he has made horrible faces about, and turned his head if I tried them again. Oddly enough, he did like the red wine vinegar I had the other day. Weird, huh? He kicks, and snorts and gets all sorts of excited when he hears anyone making him a bottle. It cracks me up, he's like an addict going through withdraws!
The trials I blogged about a few weeks ago, seem to be getting better. Thanks again to all of you that have sent encouraging words and the prayers. You are wonderful! I've come to the conclusion that I just have a child that needs my attention more so then Carter bug did. I did talk to the pediatrician to see if she thought there was anything else we should be concerned with. Her suggestion to go back on Zantac for three weeks straight, if that doesn't calm his crying and fussiness down then she is going to send us to an E.N.T specialist for the "seal bark" cough that he has. He's had this since birth, so I suppose we'll soon figure out what exactly is going on, if anything.
Bear-bear, you little cuddle bug you. You are growing too fast. What I would give to go back and hold you on the day you were born. To hear your little baby sounds, and have you snuggle on my shoulder. You are too inquisitive for that now! :) Busy boy.

You are on a new adventure each and everyday. With each day, I love you more, I appreciate you and your personality more, and I thank God for sending you into my life. Now a simple request, please stay away from the Christmas tree, have mercy on the poor cat, and be safe as you learn to take your first steps! I love you dearly Tucker Bear!
Love you to the moon and back.... Momma

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